Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 recap: Mother’s Day

Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 Jane Matteo Alba Xo

This week on Jane the Virgin, Jane is thrilled to be spending her first Mother’s Day as a mom. Instead of carrying on the tradition of watching a telenovela with the other Villanueva women, Jane has new plans this year. Petra is hosting a Mother’s Day brunch and has invited Jane’s whole family, despite them not wanting to go.

Looks like Jane is the only one appreciating Petra’s nice gesture.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 Alba Xo


Unfortunately, word got out about Anezka’s little stunt and now Jane’s college officials want answers. Jane swears she didn’t write the ad for writing college essays for money and surprisingly, her advisor is on her side. However, Professor Blake has noticed a trend with Jane — drama follows her. He’ll allow her to finish up her current semester but won’t allow her to return as a teaching assistant after that.

Why, Anezka, why?!

Jane comes up with a plan to clear her name and find out who posted the ad. She emailed the address of the original post and asked if they’d like to renew the advertisement. When the person replied, they said they had, “everything what is necessary.” Clearly, this caught Jane’s attention. When speaking with Anezka, Jane caught her saying, “everything what is necessary,” just like the person who posted the ad posing as Jane. Gotcha, Anezka!

Now that Jane caught Anezka red-handed, she went to Petra with that information. They both don’t understand why Anezka would do such a thing, but Petra promises to talk to her.

When Petra asks Anezka if she had anything to do with the ad, she immediately confesses. She then proceeds to say “you’re welcome,” as if she did Petra a favor. Petra tries telling Anezka that she’s friends with Jane and never hinted for any of this to happen. It seems like Anezka likes to make trouble. She tells Petra that Jane isn’t a good friend because she heard her say Petra wasn’t a good mother.

Looks like Rafael and Petra have a lot in common with their troublemaking siblings. Derek tells Rafael that he’s going to sell the Fairwick Hotel to him for a single dollar; otherwise Derek’s going to the FBI about the insider trading. Looks like he can’t get over the fact that Rafael was using his brother in the beginning to help the cops spy on him. I don’t think Derek ever wanted to get to know Rafael. He was just setting him up from the beginning.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 Raphael


Michael’s new job as head of security for Rogelio wasn’t exactly what he was expecting it to be. Did he really think it would be anything close to chasing down international drug lords? The good news is Rogelio promoted Michael to technical advisor/personal bodyguard after he found out Michael has combat training.

I don’t know what just happened, but Petra defended her sister after she knew she posted the ad. Petra called Jane to ask her if she really did say Petra’s a bad mother. Jane tried defending herself, saying Anezka took everything out of context, but Petra didn’t care to listen. She told Jane that her sister denied posting the ad and she believes her.

Great. I was just starting to like Petra!

Michael got a little too into his new job as a technical advisor. As the fight scenes were taking place, Michael kept yelling cut. I guess he Googled a bit too much and wants this telenovela to be more historically accurate than Rogelio does.


Rogelio wanted to impress Dina and her intelligent friends at her birthday dinner. Jane helped Rogelio rehearse some “lines” about current important topics, but things didn’t go as planned. Rogelio needed Jane to show up in person to help him out. He was able to text Jane and read her answers without anyone noticing his phone under the table. Things were going fabulously …until Jane didn’t notice her autocorrect on her phone and, thus, Rogelio said the Nazis were a good thing. Epic fail.

It’s finally the day of the most awkward Mother’s Day brunch ever. The only two who seem to be able to talk to each other normally are Rafael and Jane. I wasn’t expecting it, but Rafael tells Jane about Derek blackmailing him and that he made money off of an illegal stock tip. Jane tells Michael about Derek blackmailing Rafael, but he’s not the only one listening. Petra is eavesdropping.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 Jane Matteo Alba Xo

Things got even more awkward as Jane and her family were about to leave. She brought up the ad once again and got into an argument with Petra. I guess Anezka couldn’t handle the two fighting over something she caused and fainted. It even looked like she starting having a seizure once she hit the floor. See, Anezka, this drama isn’t good for anyone.


Turns out Anezka is epileptic and a lot of stress will make her have an epileptic episode. Anezka feels bad for what she did and tells Jane that Petra was just being a good sister and covering for her. She admits that she posted the ad and agrees to write an email for Jane explaining what she did. Knowing that Petra lied, Jane has nothing to say to her. I’m glad Anezka fessed up, but I’m very disappointed in Petra.

Wait a second…is Anezka impersonating Petra?! It obviously looked like Petra and sounded like Petra when she told her nannies something. However, when she took thetowel off her hair, it looked like Anezka. I doubt Petra dyed her hair. What’s going on?!

Uh oh! Xo slept with Rogelio’s enemy, Esteban. Was she trying to get back at Rogelio for seeing Dina? Not a smart move.

I knew it! Derek is working with his mother, Mutter, and has been this whole time. Let’s just hope no one dies from their collaboration.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think it was right for Petra to stick up for her sister and lie? I think she would’ve told Jane the truth if it weren’t for Anezka running her mouth once again. Do you think Jane and Petra will ever be close now that this happened? I feel like Jane has given Petra so many chances and now she’s fed up with it. What do you think Derek and Mutter are planning on doing with the Fairwick Hotel? Will Michael be able to get back in the department and work on the case? Something tells me he’s not going to stay out of this. What do you think Anezka is doing by imitating Petra? It seems like no one has nice siblings on this show. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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