Exclusive Clip: Monica The Medium “Roommate Wanted” Episode 2

Monica the Medium Kellie Freeze

Now that medium, Monica Ten-Kate and her BFF Krista have arrived in sunny San Diego, they need a few new roomies, and a new social circle. In this exclusive clip from Monday’s Monica the Medium “Roommate Wanted”, Monica brings forth the beloved father of a fellow student.

When I chatted with Monica about Season 2, she revealed one of the new adventures that she faces this week is attending a meetup for mediums. Monica spilled some behind-the scenes info about a new (and famous!) friend.

Monica says, “The second episode actually is when we first meet James Van Praagh. A lot of people know James — he’s world-renowned. He’s actually in a couple of episodes this season. It starts in Episode two, where you see me reach out to him knowing that he also just recently moved to San Diego as well. It’s crazy the timing — we both moved within two weeks of each other without knowing. It was actually Maureen Hancock, my mentor who lives in Boston, who’s close to James Van Praagh and has done events with him. She told me, ‘Hey Monica, did you know James Van Praagh just moved out there?’ I was like, ‘What?!?'”

Monica continues, “He invited me to a medium meet-up group, and we got coffee and got together a couple times, and then you’ll see me do an event with him. I did my first event in San Diego with James and it was probably one of my favorite things that you’re going to see this season. We even do a double link at he end of that event — where two mediums connect to spirit and give the reading at the same time! That is so interesting. I already know it’s going to be so interesting for you guys to watch.”

Monica the Medium: “Roommate Wanted” > Freeform > Monday, May 2 10pm ET/PM

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  1. Medium is just another word for a Satan worshiper. If you are not calling on God to help you, then whether you realize it or not you are calling on Satan. Pray for these lost souls. They need it.

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