American Grit Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Moving Camp

Scott Fishman
Photo: Olugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX

Team Noah continued its dominance this week on FOX’s American Grit.

The crew in green avoided “The Circus” for the third time in a row by finishing first in the “Moving Camp” evolution. The military-inspired challenge required ingenuity and thinking on their feet.

They had to break down every piece of the camp — including the base of the tent, which consisted of an intricate puzzle. From there, the participants prepare their crate before swimming across the frigid water with it. They follow that up by crafting a wheelbarrow to transport the crate and remaining materials to a new location. Putting the wheelbarrow together was easier said than done, especially under a time crunch. The final phase: reassembling the camp the way it was.

American Grit on FOX
Photo: Olugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX

Team Tee had somewhat of an advantage in this case, because they only needed to work with only two tents, rather than four. It was a heartbreaking loss for Tony and Ivette, who came within an eyelash of getting the much-needed victory. Tee felt her duo could use a morale boaster, so she gave them reminders of what they were fighting for. Brooke, who was eliminated the week before, left her Beast Mode Barbie shirt to help keep her teammates’ heads in the game.

Frustrations have escalated for the remaining teams. Rorke is particularly unhappy with his membera’ ability to listen to instructions. A budding romance between Cam and Haze possibliy helped Cam get through “The Circus” as the chosen participant for Team Nick. The bodybuilder Marc,“The Machine” represented Team Rorke. Football player Tony stepped up for Team Tee.

True Grit FOX
Photo: Olugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX

“The Circus” was “Post Up.” Each competitor had to balance on a wooden post in 15-minute increments. The first person to finish the punishing obstacle course was Tony, who earned a 10-minute bye. Cam followed and received a five-minute reprieve. “The Machine” had to start the process right away after finishing “The Circus” last. The bulky athlete couldn’t gain his footing on the narrow third post and was forced to ring out.

True Grit FOX Jon Cena
Photo: Olugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX

You couldn’t help but cheer Tony on during the episode. The NFL player is battling through with his mom in mind. She was a nurse who has been bedridden for more than seven years.

It was also nice to see Team Tee stop the bleeding so to speak, at least for one episode. The underdogs are still in it. We’ll see if they can follow-up and build on their momentum.

Cam, 21, appeared excited at the opportunity to interact with John Cena. Getting to tell his hero why he decided to follow a similar career path was, I’m sure, a moment he will never forget. However, there is definitely some growing tension between him and his teammate, Maria. But my guess is he “too Cam to give a damn” (couldn’t resist).

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