P&G Releases “Strong” Mom-themed Olympic Commercial (VIDEO)

Strong Kellie Freeze

StrongIt’s 100 days until the start of the Olympic games in Rio, and while organizers put finishing touches on the city and its venues, advertisers have already started releasing their Olympic-themed commercials.

One of the Olympic traditions that I always enjoy is Procter & Gamble’s emotional ads under its “Thanks Mom” campaign. But this year, the first commercial that it has released touts a slightly edgier message, but pulls at your heartstrings, nonetheless.

In the newly released ad “Strong,” the company again pays homage to the moms behind the athletes, but recognizes them more than a carpool driver, laundry washer and fixer of meals. This time Mom gets a shout-out for the strength that she instills. An athlete, reminiscent of American gymnast Simone Biles is featured in the ad, along with athletes from other countries and from a multitude of athletic pursuits. And instead of showing a halcyon-hued childhood, the ad shows mother and child facing life-changing moments like a tornado, car crash or bullying. How the brave moms react in these moments of peril help fortify the young athletes.

Check the video out here.

It’s a reminder to moms — of Olympians and mere mortals — that their strength becomes the strength of their children. It’s a fitting reminder before Mother’s Day.

Now go call your mom.

The XXXI Olympic Games > Rio de Janeiro, Brazil > August 5-21.


  1. Mom can motivate there children from their childhood, that may help them in Olympics too. Good-one from P&G

  2. What does Mom have to do with the Olympics? Give me a break. Moms get Mothers Day. That’s good enough. Keep moms out of the Olympics, unless you want to give them their own category of some type of sport…..like cooking.

    • Mother’s day is coming up and so are the Olympics…so it’s a way to advertise both events, and tug at the heartstrings. Maybe try not being so bitter.

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