Empire Season 2 Episode 15 Recap: Just Like Old Times

Amanda Watter

Empire-Season2-EP15-HakeemThis week’s episode of Empire starts off with Hakeem, a bunch of strippers, money and alcohol. Where’s Laura? This doesn’t sound good. Laura starts to blow up his phone but Hakeem doesn’t seem to care to return his fiancé’s texts.

The game is on between Lucious and Jamal for the ASA Awards. It’s a real fight like Balboa and Creed, but this is between blood. May the best man win.

Andre comes up with an idea to get Lucious on the board’s good side again as a way to help Cookie get the Lyons back in Empire. He proposes that Empire host a bipolar event and Andre be the spokesperson. Lucious showing his awareness for the mental illness with his music video and now his son with the event would be bonus brownie points for the board.

So Hakeem is at the sketchy strip joint because he thinks he’s lost everything. Laura pays him a little visit and at first, tells him he hasn’t lost her. She doesn’t care that he’s not CEO of Empire anymore or that he’s not up for the rapper of the year award. What she does seem to care about is that he got Anika pregnant. A good slap to the face gets that point across pretty clearly. Can’t blame the girl.

I’m very impressed with Hakeem. He wants to step up to the plate and be the father that Lucious never was to him. There’s just one small problem- Lucious threatened Anika’s life once the baby is born. Now that Hakeem knows where Lucious stands, he tells his father that if Anika leaves out of fear for her life, Lucious won’t ever see him or the baby again. I wonder if Lucious really cares enough.

Since Lucious won’t do anything to solve the problem with Hakeem and Anika possibly leaving, Cookie decides to talk to Boo Boo Kitty herself. It’s a good thing Cookie showed up when she did! Cookie is greeted by a scared Anika being wheeled out on a stretcher by two paramedics. Not understanding what’s going on, Cookie rides with Anika in the ambulance. It appears that Anika is suffering from a panic attack and the paramedics can’t give her any medication because of the baby. Cookie calms Anika down by breathing with her and telling her everything will be okay. No one is going to get their hands on that baby.


It’s official. Laura called off her engagement with Hakeem. It seems that her idea of a family doesn’t involve someone else’s baby.

Anika and the baby make it to the hospital and luckily are in good shape. Cookie calls in the rangers and surprisingly Lucious wants to stop by. Hakeem learns that Lucious had Anika’s dad commit fraud by signing the papers to make Empire go public. After hearing about what Lucious did, Hakeem and Anika’s mother don’t want Lucious to see Anika.

Empire-Season2-EP15-AndreThings didn’t end too well for Lucious and his exclusive reporter, Harper. I guess the two just didn’t have the spark like Lucious and Cookie had. Either way, Lucious wanted his story and Cookie found a way to get it published. Now Harper wants her revenge.

Right before Andre was about to speak about his bipolar disorder for the event at Empire, Harper shows Andre a photo of his grandmother, Leah Walker. Andre walks out of the event. Yeah, I’d have a little trouble speaking after seeing that too.

Maybe things aren’t over for Hakeem and Laura. Thanks to a call from Lucious, Laura visits Hakeem at the hospital while he’s with Anika. She’s impressed that he’s showing how committed he is to being there for Anika and the baby. I think she can make a few adjustments to her perfect idea of a family.

Even though Andre wasn’t there to speak, his plan kind of worked. The board wants Lucious to become co-CEO with Cookie. Bet he didn’t see that one coming. You go, Cookie! Lucious says he thinks it’s a fantastic idea, but I don’t buy it. His laughter is too mischievous for me to believe him. Watch your back, Cookie! He’s ready to stab it.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Empire? Do you think Hakeem and Laura will be able to last once the baby is born? I think they make a cute couple, so I want them to last. I just hope Anika doesn’t do something crazy like push someone down the stairs. Do you think Lucious will follow through with his threat to kill Anika? I don’t think anyone will have Lucious’ back if he does. What do you think Andre is going to do once he finds his grandmother? The press would eat that story up! I can’t understand how Lucious was able to make that music video when it was partially a lie. How do you think Lucious will work with Cookie as co-CEO of Empire? All I know is he better not touch a hair on her head! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Photos: Chuck Hodes/FOX

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