1. Ruth,

    What is going on? Where are these spammers coming from?

    Let’s call them spammers for lack of a better word.

  2. Another sign that our world is hitting all time lows and going to hell. Why are there television shows promoting these freakaloids called “drag queens”. They are an abomination in the eyes of God, and they will suffer in hell for all eternity unless they repent. Pray for these freaks, they need our prayers.

    • Another sign that our world is hitting all time lows and going to hell. Why are there commenters promoting these hate messages called “sanctimonious religious bullying”? They are an abomination in the eyes of all that Jesus taught when he preached love, tolerance and unity as new testament, and they will suffer in perpetuating a dogma of hate, fear and persecution for all growth of spirit and oneness with God unless they reject the shortsighted ignorance and shamefully violent history of religious persecution. Pray for these demonically minded proselytizers, they need our disavowal.

    • I haven’t been recapping those but I may be posting previews of certain episodes.

  3. Darlings without cable – ‘scuse me for my coughing fit –
    *coughcough* REDACTED
    *coughcoughcough* REDACTED

    • *coughcough* Don’t want to lose my screener access that makes my job easier *coughcough*


  4. Great tv show with shadies drags… This is The Best realness tv show….
    Omg,” I’m so excited and I just can’t ride it… ” Lol

  5. My cable is out so I only have your recap to let me know who went home and I can’t say I’m surprised.

    I think Naomi will be next.

    • Oh no! It should be up on LogoTV.com today. I don’t know – but I think the bottom next week will be Chi Chi & Naomi. The show has kind of given both of them a story arc & I think they could wrap either one at this point.

      I wonder if they don’t know who was eliminated, like last year. One more regular episode to go!

      • I agree with your guess that it could be Naomi or Chi Chi I am just in denial over Chi Chi because she is my favorite.

        I’m watching what I can I Logotv.com but the full story is that I’ve moved and I won’t have cable or internet for another 2 weeks when Fios shows up. Sadly their priority is not me or my need to watch Drag Race or DWTS. My 2 favorite shows that are both on Monday nights. Luckily drag race is good with the reruns.

        Until the cable is fixed I’m limited to using my BlackBerry for everything so I have to rely on your updates which I love anyway.

        • Thanks!

          Who knows, maybe we’ll all be surprised & it’ll be Kim Chi going home next week. I kinda doubt it though.

          The real shocker would be Bob, but I so don’t see that happening.

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