Jane the Virgin Chapter 41 recap: You’re Fired!

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We take a trip back to the roaring twenties on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

Things aren’t looking too good for Michael. His face is plastered on the front of the newspaper, along with being called corrupt. Some source says his connection with the Solano family comprised the entire investigation against Sin Rostro and Mutter.

Rafael is also in trouble with the release of this news story. Whoever wrote it found out about Derek’s boat and now Derek wants answers about how this person knows this information. too. Rafael was the only person he spoke to about his boat — or so he thought.

Petra is the only person with a smile on her face at The Marbella. While she still can’t get the names of the twins straight, she’s on medication for her postpartum depression. That means we’re back to seeing the old money-hungry Petra again.

Another happy camper is Petra’s twin, Anezka. She’s hardcore crushing on Rafael and doesn’t know what to do with herself. Poor girl. Her sister would literally kill her if she knew.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 41 Petra

Now that Mateo is getting older, things are getting difficult for Jane and Rafael when it comes to spending equal amounts of time with him. Since their coparenting plan isn’t the best, Rafael suggests that they get a mediator in order to help them find a good balance with the custody schedule.

Surprisingly, Jane agrees to Rafael’s suggestion. I know it’s difficult for Jane to spend so much time away from Mateo, but I think it’s good that she agreed to work things out without lawyers getting involved.

Wow! This episode is just full of bad news for Michael. Now he’s been fired from his job after the department was embarrassed by the newspaper article. Since they just purchased a new house, Jane decides she’ll pick up more shifts at work to help pay the bills. Her new job involves helping train Anezka the horrible waitress. Good luck, Jane!

Xo is interested in auditioning for a role as a silent lounge singer in Rogelio’s new production. She’s worried about their current relationship status and how this might effect it, but Jane gave her the thumbs-up to give it a shot. When Xo asked Rogelio about auditioning, he just handed her the role. Looks like his new relationship with Dina is making him a happy man.


I don’t know how Jane did it, but she managed to find herself some quick cash while training Anezka. She overheard a conversation between two guests about paying for college essays while pouring their refills of iced tea. Jane asked the lady if her son was looking for help writing his essays after hearing the woman say she’d pay someone more than $1,000.

After explaining her credentials, Jane took the offer and earned herself some quick cash. A thousand bucks? I never knew people took college essays that seriously!

Dina is furious that Rogelio hired Xo without consulting her first. No, it’s not because she’s jelly like Rogelio thinks. It’s because she doesn’t know if Xo is up to the part. She makes a valid point. Rogelio promises that she’ll be perfect, but that’s not the performance that Xo gave on set. Rogelio assures Xo that they’ll be able to fix it with special effects … but I don’t think you can raise Xo’s eyes from reading off the cue cards on his chest to making actual eye contact.

Jane-the-virgin-chapter41-Petra-b&wSmall bump in the road on the way to that easy $1,000 — Jane has to write the college essay herself. The stuck-up kid, Evan, doesn’t want to do any of it. Even his mother expects Jane to write the whole thing, because that’s why she’s paying her $1,000. I guess we could’ve seen that one coming.

It appears that Rafael doesn’t trust Petra with the twins’ trust fund like he trusts Jane with Mateo’s. Petra found out that if Rafael dies, Jane is able to control Mateo’s, while a lawyer will control the twins’. He admits that he doesn’t trust Petra as much as he does Jane, and expects that she would understand after everything she’s done.

You have to admit it, Petra — he’s right.

Rogelio has to fire Xo when the special effects didn’t work out like he hoped. Xo understands why she’s getting fired and tells him that it’s probably easier for her, so she doesn’t have to see him with Dina. Rogelio tries pushing off his feelings for Dina, but Xo can see it. She knows Rogelio has deeper feelings for Dina than he might say he does. That’s when it clicks for Rogelio and he realizes he truly does have feelings for Dina. I don’t get why it’s such a bad thing.

Rogelio talks with Dina about Xo finding out they were together. She asks him if he told her that they weren’t and that’s when things get awkward. Rogelio seems confused and tells Dina that they seemed to be together since they were seeing each other a lot and had been sleeping together. She stops him and says that this thing they have going on is just casual. You can see Rogelio was hurt by what Dina said, but he didn’t want to admit it.

After meeting with a co-parenting professional, Jane and Rafael weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on vacation times with Mateo. Jane agreed to only a week apart, while Rafael wanted a whole month. That’s a lot of time away from your son, but after seeing the way Evan’s mom didn’t care about his true passion with drumming, Jane didn’t want to do the same with Mateo. Jane agreed to let Rafael take Mateo on month-long vacations. The two hug it out and jealous Petra saw it all happen.


Petra finally told Anezka how Jane and Rafael are connected to her and the twins. She told Anezka everything from the beginning and made it clear that she’s envious of how Rafael sees Jane as the perfect one and not Petra.

I’m not sure what Anezka’s plans are but by the look on her face, something is developing in her head. Let’s hope it’s nothing extreme like we’ve seen from Petra and her mother.

Hallelujah, Michael got a job! It might only be temporary and as Rogelio’s chief of security, but hey, it’s still a job. Now Jane doesn’t have to write that essay paper for the stuck-up family or work more hours at The Marbella.

Oh, great! Anezka had to come in and rain on the parade of good news. She contacts Jane’s school as Jane and asks if she could place a classified ad for her essay writing business in the school’s paper. But Anezka, Jane doesn’t have to write the essay anymore! And she’s going to get in so much trouble now. We can see who you’re related to.

Rafael comes clean and tells Derek that he told the cops about his boat. Derek seems to take it well, but now I’m not buying it. He made a phone call in the elevator telling someone to go ahead and take someone down. Is it Michael or Rafael that he’s talking about?

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Jane the Virgin? Who do you think gave the newspaper all that information to write a story on Michael? Was it Derek? What do you think will happen with Anezka’s crush on Rafael? I don’t think Rafael will ever be interested in her but this show is always surprising me. Would you have taken the offer to write someone’s college essay? I can’t believe Evan’s mom was offering such a high price. Will Rogelio and Dina stay casual or blossom into something more? What’s going to happen to Jane after what Anezka did? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. It was sooo funny when Anezka had on the waitress uniform and the heels. She could barely balance herself in those shoes. I was waiting for her to fall on her face (lol). Where is Milos, it’s time for him to get out of jail and come back. Petra is married to him and not Rafael.
    I wonder if Wesley the weasel is striking again. Maybe Derek found Wesley from his last Solano article and hired him to do more damage.
    I hope Rafael was smart enough to consult his lawyers about the $5 Mil. he made from insider trading and had them advise him. That would be quite refreshing because Rafael has been eating it recently, one hit after another otherwise; it’s Martha Stewart all over again. Long lost brother is a snake, doing his mother’s bidding.

    • I also thought of Wesley right away! That’s the only other person outside of the families that I could think of that has some involvement. I don’t want Rafael to get in trouble. He’s been through enough already.

      • Well, lets not forget about Detective Susanna Barnett. Where is she? Is she in rehab with Luisa?(lol) One shot in the arm and she is gone. Since Susanna has been AWOL, her feeling might have been festering; thinking about her confrontation with a criminal master mind, getting shot and feeling Michael did not handle the situation properly. Susanna may have felt as if Michael could not be too objective because he has a vested interest. He was too involved as soon as Jane was inseminated. Just saying.

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