On Demand DVD New Releases April 25-May 1

On Demand DVD New Releases April 25-May 1

Krampus A lack of holiday spirit finds an extended family, gathered together for Christmas, facing danger in the form of Krampus. This demonic force of ancient evil is hellbent on destroying nonbelievers, and the warring family must band together if they all wish to survive. Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner (PG-13, 1:38) 4/26

Ride Along 2 (pictured) Picking up about a year after the first film’s events, Ben joins his soon-to-be brother-in-law James on a trip to Miami to bust a drug dealer who James has been trying to nab. If they fail in their attempt to break up the crime ring, Ben’s wedding may not happen after all. Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn (PG-13, 1:42) 4/26 Includes gag reel.

Jane Got a Gun Natalie Portman goes Western as a woman who’ll stop at nothing — even enlisting the help of her ex-lover — in protecting her family from a ruthless band of outlaws. But Portman’s Jane is no damsel in distress; she’s a ruthless gunslinger with vengeance in mind. Also stars Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor (R, 1:38) 4/26

Son of Saul  Saul Auslander is a Hungarian prisoner working as a member of the Sonderkommando at one of the Auschwitz Crematoriums. Saul tries to carry out an impossible deed: salvage the body he believes is his son’s and find a rabbi to bury it. Geza Rohrig, Levente Molnar (R, 1:47) 4/26

The Driftless Area Pierre Hunter, a young bartender with unyielding optimism, returns to his tiny hometown after his parents’ death. He falls for the mysterious Stella, and soon finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game that involves a duffel bag full of cash, an idiotic and violent criminal, and a mystery that will determine all of their fates. Anton Yelchin, Zooey Deschanel  R, 1:35  4/26

High-Rise The residents of a state-of-the-art high rise apartment building seem to be suffering a collective breakdown, possibly caused by the building itself. Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss (R, 1:59)  4/28 Pre-theatrical release

Term Life Nick Barrow is running for his life, chased by various hitmen. As he struggles to keep himself and his daughter Cate alive, he will move to any locale in an attempt to stay alive long enough for his life insurance policy to kick in. Vince Vaughn, Hailee Steinfeld, Bill Paxton (R, 1:33) 4/29

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