POLL: Who Will Win Alone Season 2?

Alone Season 2
Alone Season 2 (from left): Randy Champagne, Larry Roberts, Mary Kate Green, Mike Lowe, David McIntyre, Nicole Apelian, Tracy Wilson, Justin Vititoe, Jose Martinez Amoedo, Desmond White Photo by Brendan Meadows ©2016

With the start of Season 2 of History’s rugged survival series, Alone, it’s time to guess who you think has the skills and mental fortitude to outlast 9 other survivalists and win the season’s $500,000 prize.

Feel free to defend your choice in the comments below.

Find out what the survivalists were allowed to pack in their backpacks and find the list that the survivalists used to pick their 10 survival tools. What would you choose from the list??

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Alone Season 2 airs on History Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT.


  1. Jose isn’t going anywhere unless he gets injured. He doesn’t seem to mind the “Alone” part of it. Nicole is no joke, has the best fishing spot and at the rate she’s going will do very well. Should not have released that salmon though she should have smoked it to use later when she may need it. If she taps out I would think it would be the “alone” aspect that gets her.

    • I agree about the smoking. I caint figure out why Jose needs a boat to catch fish. I understand he’s not where their running, but he must be getting something now and then.

      • Jose thinks a good salmon run is across the water from where he is. Yes, he must be but I don’t remember an episode showing him eating

  2. Nicole is pretty much ruling the roost. She’s in a good mood most of the time. All the food she can handle. And careful with the Bears but not totally freaked out like I would be. Cool lady.
    Actually they do not pick their campsites. They draw numbers. I think she lucked out considering Jose has to buil a boat in order to catch a fish.

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