Skin Wars Season 3 premieres tonight!

Skin Wars season 3 judges Channel Guide Contributor
The judges of Skin Wars season 3

Skin Wars season 3 starts tonight, Wednesday April 20 at 10pm Eastern time on GSN. All of the judges from season 1 & 2 are returning: RuPaul Charles, Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina. And of course, host Rebecca Romijn also returns to season 3.

Skin Wars season 3 judges
The judges of Skin Wars season 3

Let’s learn a little bit about this season’s artists:

Skin Wars season 3 artists
The artists of Skin Wars season 3

In this premiere episode, it looks like the artists will have to paint a costume onto a showgirl-type performer. Each one is wearing a different headdress & that needs to inform the artist’s choices in their paint job. Let’s watch a clip courtesy of GSN:

Are you guys excited for Skin Wars season 3? Based on their brief bios, it looks like Jessica is the artist to watch out for as she took 4th a the World Body painting Festival in Austria. We’ll see if the relatively amateur artists competing against her give her a run for her money.

Do you think Jessica’s experience on the national scale will help or hurt her? (Classically trained artist, anyone?) Anyone rooting for a hometown favorite? Interested in recaps? Let me know below!


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