WWE Total Divas Season Five Finale Recap: C’est La Diva Part 2

Nikki Bella gets news that could change her life and career to close out season five of Total Divas.

Before we get there, the ladies of WWE enjoy the final hours of their Paris getaway. The Bellas, Natalya and Eva Marie take a visit to the Eiffel Tower after dinner. They each make wishes. Nikki hopes to marry John Cena (Shocked!), Natalya wished for TJ to be there, Eva wants to remain in love Jonathan until the end and Brie selflessly wishes for Daniel to be able to wrestle again.

Eva Marie, Bella Twins, Natalya

Tensions remain with Mandy feeling deserted by Eva Marie and Natalya when they decided to have dinner with the Bella Twins without her. Eva and Nattie eventually talk to the rookie diva about her feelings being hurt. Mandy seems okay with the Bella Twins and Nattie. However, makes it known she will forgive, but not forget in Eva’s case.

Alicia Fox overhears Natalya talking to Mandy about thinking Foxy’s idea for a photo shoot is stupid. This leads to an eventual confrontation. They all feel communication needs to be better between them. Things smooth over for the time being even though the photo shoot doesn’t happen, but the girls do find their way to the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.

Rosa MendesThe trip was the last hurrah before Rosa has baby, Jordan. She and Bobby are still at a crossroads when it comes to whether they will raise their daughter Christian or not. The two come to a compromise that they will let Jordan decide when she is older. This apparently didn’t sit well with Rosa’s mom, who ends up breaking off communication. The timing couldn’t be any worse as she misses out on one of her daughter’s biggest milestones. Rosa gives birth to Jordan and adjusts to motherhood. She comes to like Pittsburgh and wants to stay there close to Bobby’s family.

Nikki’s new pup, Winston, gets some screen time. He is a welcome addition to the household as his mom’s professional life hits a crossroads. Nikki goes in for an MRI to decide her fate. You can see how much wrestling and WWE means to the former champion when she breaks down in tears to her mom. She lets out all the frustrations of being in pain away from the ring. Mark Carrano, vice president of talent relations, breaks the bad news to Nikki backstage at a live event.

Nikki and Brie BellaHer disc is no longer bulging, but is in fact herniated. Nikki’s neck injury could be career-ending. She could have basically wrestled her last match. If you follow WWE outside of the reality series, this was something you knew was coming. It’s like reading the book before going to the movie. However, watching Nikki find out firsthand was a sad moment. It’s always hard to see someone forced to walk away from something they love doing rather than leaving on their own terms.

What is Nikki Bella without wrestling? We’ll see if she has to answer the question sooner rather than later. Viewers will get a glimpse into Nikki’s surgery and rehabilitation in season six and the upcoming “Total Divas” spinoff, “Total Bellas,” later this year.

Photos: WWE