1. I personally love Chi Chi and i would love to see her in the top three. But, i think the top three will be Bob The Drag Queen, Kim Chi, and Naomi. Buuuuuut since this season has been really unpredictable, Chi Chi could be in the top three instead of Naomi. Does anyone else think that, before that scarecrow outfit, Naomi hasn’t really made a big impact in this competition? Well, when it comes to runway looks. She is a really good performer though. Plus those legs… Anyways. Chi Chi truly is something else. Despite her money issues, she has managed to push through so far. I think she’s putting forth more effort than anyone else. She thinks no one understands her but I DOOO!! And her southern realness is something i live for. CHI CHI FOR THE WIN!!

    • Yeah – Chi Chi got a really good edit early, but Naomi’s been stepping it up. It’s a tough call this season!

  2. I predict Top 3 as BobTDQ, Naomi, and Chi Chi. Might as well crown Bob now. Haven’t had a black queen since Season 2 and nobody in S8 is close when it comes to charisma and nerve. His smarts are everything.

    I do hope we can see something where he does, at least, appear to look like a woman. I never ever see the illusion with Bob. Just see a cute guy with make-up on.

    • Yeah, Bob has got to do a glamour look – like Michelle requested.

      I think my top 3 would swap out either Naomi or Chi Chi for Kim Chi. The only surprise for me would be Derrick making top 3. I just don’t see that happening

  3. I want Derrick gone next week. I didn’t see anything about him and Bob having immunity. I doubt that’s the case this close to the end of the season. So far all the “hating” queens have left. They’re setting their own selves up because like Thorgy, they are giving too much attention to someone else and wish someone else’s demise, than worrying about what they need to do. Betty, Robbie, and now Thorgy. Derrick is the last hater left. He needs to go. My top 3 is Bob, Kim, and Chi Chi/Naomi. I’m really pulling for Chi Chi, but I think Naomi may slide into the top 3. This season has been unpredictable so who knows what can happen. I’m gonna keep my finger crossed though.

    • I think Chi Chi is a little bit of a wild card – she’s been given a great edit, but the finishing early during the makeover challenge made me wonder if she’s making it all the way to the final 3.

  4. Everything is playing out in unpredictable ways. I wish that Derrick would have gone home a few episodes back, but she honestly brought it in this one. So in a way I’m glad she stayed so she was able to prove herself. Her and Bob have immunity in the next episode so its just between, Naomi, Chi Chi, and Kim. Out of those three its tough to assume who will leave. Everything has played out so weirdly, I would have thought Acid would have been here instead of Derrick, but we saw how that turned out. I honestly can’t think of who will leave next. I love Naomi and she has started bringing it more as the seasons progressed and I would HATE for her to go, but right now I don’t know if she’s at the same caliber as everyone else… Kim is a little awkward at times and I feel like she may be the one to go next, yet she has an interesting sob story and she is quite talented in make up. Plus, I can see Chi Chi winning based on the sole fact of her situation with bankruptcy. It would be a sort of “rags to riches” lifestyle transformation if she gets crowned, “America’s Next Drag Superstar”, which she does have skills for. I don’t know. Im so stumped on this situation that I honestly can’t wait to see how this season turns out. Bob is defiantly top 3 though.

    • Seriously? Bob and Derrick have immunity? I don’t think that’s the case. Where did you see that? Regardless, yeah, I can’t predict who will go home next. I thought Derrick should’ve been gone awhile ago.

      • In past season the main challenge winner would get immunity on the next challenge, but they got rid of that since season 6 and I forgot, thats why I brought it up. Personally I don’t like Derrick, but he did do a lot more this episode that I’ll credit him for.

  5. I got a sense from the preview that Thorgy could be leaving when she predicted other people’s demise. That’s reality show realness for the person saying it is the next to go. It happened to Robbie Turner just last episode when she said Bob was like Jenga. It’s as much a cliche as someone saying, “I’m not here to make friends….”

    I liked Thorgy and after the first few episodes thought she’d be in the Top 3 but the last few episodes her jealousy of Bob and her energy seemed to have changed to where she was focused more on what other people were doing wrong instead of what she was bringing to the competition. Granted that could be the way the show was edited to have everything play out, but I do think it contributed to her elimination.

    I think she’ll be voted Miss Congeniality.

    • I totally agree – she seemed so positive when the Race began, but over the course of the season she’s let what other people do or don’t do wind her up.

      I’m really stumped on Miss Congeniality. I think Cynthia has/had a good chance, but I have a feeling people will forget about her. I don’t see another Katya episode happening, where a really popular queen is eliminated early so she gets MC.

      Thorgy was nice, but she also got stuck in her head. So I’m not sure if she’ll take MC.

    • I’m voting for Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Generally people don’t vote for queens who leave so early, but BobTDQ said in an interview she’s the nicest drag queen he ever met…and I loved her on the three episodes and Untucked’s in which she appeared.
      Also love her “Memoirs of My Cucu” on YouTube.

      She’s my MC.

      • I think she’s got a good shot & we don’t seem to have a Katya this year – that queen that everyone loved who gets eliminated before the finale. The question is, will people who haven’t watched Cynthia’s YouTube channel remember her to vote for her. Time will tell!

    • I think she would’ve been, if she had gotten out of her head. She did herself in, really.

    • Chi Chi is great. I’m not sure she’ll make the top 3, but she’s been doing really well. I hope someone swept up all those beads & got them back to her.

      • I loved Chi Chi’s lip sync.

        As far as top 3 I always route for the underdog which is why I’m routing for Chi Chi.

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