Jane the Virgin Chapter 40 recap: Who’s Your Dada?

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After last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Xo and Jane aren’t exactly on speaking terms. In fact, it seems that these two are at war. Neither will apologize and that stubbornness is going to keep them apart. Lucky for Jane, she has a salsa dancing character to create for her new novel to keep her busy. I can already tell this is going to be a dramatic, colorful episode, and I love it!

If you recall, Rogelio made the kind gesture of building the Villanueva house on set for Jane to keep her dream wedding alive. Sadly, the network executives don’t realize the true meaning behind why Rogelio built the set and they want it down. If they get their way, where will Jane have her wedding?

The big surprise from last week is that Petra has a twin sister and she’s come to visit. While Petra was living the good life with Rafael, her sister was stuck in an orphanage. By the looks of it, they didn’t give her much food — I think this girl can eat more than I can! People gave Petra’s sister, Anezka, a magazine that featured Petra and Rafael and told her that the girl looked just like her. After getting a look at her birth certificate, Anezka found out she had a twin. She had to sell her goat to get to Petra, but it was worth it for her. Poor goat.

Michael stepped up to the plate when Jane needed someone to babysit Mateo. When Jane went to go pick up Mateo, Rafael happened to see her in the hotel and went with her. Things don’t stop there for awkwardness. While Rafael was holding Mateo, he said his first words! This is usually a celebratory moment, but not for this family. Mateo decided to call Michael “dada” instead of Rafael. Yikes. That’s definitely not one to jot down in the baby book.

Since Rogelio’s Villanueva home set is in jeopardy, he makes a deal with his last writer, Dina. She agrees to write a script based off the set, but she’s getting everything she’s demanded. Rogelio must really want to make Jane’s wedding special if he’s allowing Dina to run the show.

I take that back, Rogelio is going overboard. Jane’s office has now been turned into wedding central, thanks to Dad-zilla.

Petra is willing to let Anezka live with her, but I think Petra will have to teach her a few rules — such as not stealing wallets. But I think it’s great that Petra is actually thinking about someone other than herself for once. Let’s just hope nothing bad comes out of this.

Meanwhile, Jane is stuck with an advisor that doesn’t care for her as a person, not to mention her writing. This doesn’t look good for her chances at getting an invitation letter to come back for the grad school program next year.

Rafael and Petra were able to negotiate a deal with the owner of Fairwick hotel to buy it. Everything was going along smoothly until Anezka met the owner, Barbara. Poor Barbara approaches Anezka for a hug, thinking she’s Petra, and that’s when Anezka turned into a wild cat and scratched Barbara across the face. Thankfully, Barbara accepted their apologies, but now she wants a higher price.

If Rafael dips into his new earnings he made with his brother, he’ll be able to afford it. Only problem is, he wasn’t supposed to know about it.

Rogelio might be crazy sometimes, but this time his crazy ways actually worked! He got all the Villanueva women on set to give a special performance. Thanks to Dina’s interpretation of why Xo and Jane were on the outs, Rogelio staged it with actors on set. His very opinionated delivery-man character suggested that the two were fighting because a lot of change is happening with Jane leaving. Somehow, it worked enough to get Xo and Jane together again. It also helped Jane come up with an idea for her novel to win over her advisor.


I’m down for a little salsa dance break between Jane’s character and Derek Hough any day! And I agree with the fake judges — perfect score! Seems that the only thing missing in Jane’s novel is a mother character. Now that hole has been filled — with a mother like Xo. Aww!

OMG! Rogelio and Dina?! I get it — the girl looked amazing in that dress — but was Rogelio only saying that because it was purple? I can’t picture these two having a relationship. What about Xo?!

The good news is Jane won over her advisor and is back in the program! The bad news is someone is watching Michael. I sense something bad is going to happen soon. Will Michael make it to the wedding?

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? What would you do if you were Rafael in the awkward “dada” situation? I think he handled quite well. Did you think Rogelio’s performance was going to make Xo and Jane speak to each other? I’m glad it worked out, but now I’m worried about his relationship with Dina. Do you think they’ll stick together? What are your thoughts on Anezka? She’s an odd one but maybe that’s just because she had a rough life compared to Petra’s. Who do you think is watching Michael? Could it be Rafael’s brother Derek? Maybe he knows Michael had Rafael working with him and wants to take him out. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Photos and Videos: Patrick Wymore/The CW