Animal Kingdom — TNT releases new trailer for its summer sizzler (VIDEO)

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Summer just got a whole lot hotter! Today, TNT released a new trailer for its smoldering, action-packed summer series Animal Kingdom. The ten-episode drama, based on the critically acclaimed 2010 Australian film starring Guy Pearce, Jacki Weaver and Blindspot’s Sullivan Stapleton, will air Tuesdays at 9/8CT, beginning June 7.

Credit: TNT

The two-minute montage offers viewers a tantalizing look at the family-centric crime story, which moves the tale from Melbourne to Oceanside and stars a sexed up Ellen Barkin as Janine “Smurf” Cody,” matriarch of a (literal) crime family made up of her sons — scruffy, smart-mouthed testosterone cases Craig and Deran (Vikings’ Ben Robson, Pretty Little Liars‘ Jake Weary), creepy parolee Pope (Shawn Hatosy, most recently seen on Fear The Walking Dead) and savvy, adopted Baz (Felicity’s Scott Speedman).

When Smurf gets an unexpected chance to add grandson J (Peaky Blinders‘ Finn Cole) to her devoted army — just as Pope returns to the fold — family loyalties are tested and tensions mount.

“You’re in this family now and you’re going to be seeing things and hearing things that need to stay in this family,” Barkin’s Smurf purrs to J. “We never set out to hurt anyone. We’re not greedy. But sometimes one of these rules gets broken… .”

And though Smurf believes her boys “know their limits” and that secrets are a major no-no, the tease reveals that at least some Brothers Cody aren’t too happy that Mama controls the purse strings while sitting out the heists that made her rich. So we’re imaging it’s hardly coincidental that the series tagline is an ominous “In this family, you’re protected … until you’re prey.”

Any lingering doubts about Animal Kingdom‘s pedigree? The show boasts executive producers responsible for Southland, ER, The West Wing, Shameless and China Beach. And Stapleton, who played Craig Cody in the 2010 film, says he’ll be tuning in. “I’m interested to see how they set that up,” he told Channel Guide. “It’s based on the Pettingill crime family. I can’t wait to see it.”

So tell us — are you, too, ready to enter the Animal Kingdom? Did you see the film version, too? Have you chosen your favorite Cody bro — or is it too tough to choose from so much hotness? And speaking of that, can you  believe Ellen Barkin is freaking 61?

Animal Kingdom premieres Tuesday, June 7 at 9/8CT on TNT. For more on the can’t-miss summer series, see the June issues of Channel Guide Magazine and DISH Network’s Hopper Magazine.

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