Who won Face Off Season 10? A finale recap

The top 3 Face Off Season 10 finale

In this 2-part finale, we find out who won Face Off season 10. But first our artists have to create 2 horror makeups for a short film. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is happy to be there and will be helping judge the final makeups. There’s a lot of thanking and happiness. Thank you, thank you, happy, happy. Over polite Face Off is my least favorite Face Off.

These artists will be working with up & coming directors on a different take on the same story by Christopher Denholm, Hell Hole. Their movies will be set in this random oil field with a ‘creepy’ house. The house itself is so not creepy. I’m wondering if Melissa was like “um, this house looks like about a quarter of the houses in Milwaukee.” Cause it does. I guess it’s California creepy & not Midwestern creepy.

House Face Off Season 10 finale

As this is part of the finale, our finalists will get some help from artists past. So the teams are:

Team Melissa (director: John Wynn)

Team Rob (director: Bryce McGuire)

Team Walter (director: Ryan Spindell)
Crazy Robert

The teams Face Off Season 10 finale

We get the usual “here’s my ideas & what I’m going to do” montage. It’s followed by an itty-bitty injection of drama when McKenzie & her dad enter the workroom. They have a surprise for the artists! Yay! Panic!

Rob's sketches Face Off Season 10 finale

But there’s no need to worry, artists! The surprise is that Lois Burwell is here & giving feedback! Love her – she’s so charming & British. She’s just like Mary Berry. I want to make her proud & hear her say something I made was “scrummy.” I actually have a chance to make something scrummy since I like to bake & cook. I’ve got no chance of sculpting anything. #nosculptingskillswhatsoever

Lois giving feedback Face Off Season 10 finale

Day 2 & Rob is scrapping the sculpt for his demon. Can’t have an episode of Face Off without someone starting from scratch on something. By the end of part 1, each artist has had their screen test.

Melissa's screen test Face Off Season 10 finale

Rob's screen test Face Off Season 10 finale

Walter's screen test Face Off Season 10 finale

Walter’s got minimal changes. Melissa has a few changes but nothing too major. And then there’s Rob. Poor Rob. He’s got to re-sculpt everything – both faces and the demon cowl. And this is after being told that his stuff was “really cool.”

But the amount of work left isn’t the only thing that’ll mess with the artists’ heads. When we get to the finale episode, we get to see them reunited with various family members. Rob gets his parents. Melissa gets her husband & son. Walter gets his wife. We’ll see if these reunions help or mess with the artists. Cause now they have to go back to work! No pressure! Get all that stuff done in one day kids!

First up is Melissa’s shoot.

Face Off question – do Walter & Rob’s actors really have to sit around in half application waiting for Melissa’s shoot to end? I’d love to know how all this works.

Melissa's director & judges Face Off Season 10 finale

She gets good feedback & direction for some final details from her director & overall things seem to go well for her.

Melissa's possessed guy Face Off Season 10 finale

Melissa's cyclops Face Off Season 10 finale

At the end of the day, she declares her team Team Badass.

Up next is Rob. Understandably, he’s not confidence since he changed a lot. He was confident last time & he had to recreate everything, so why be confident now? His new makeup includes oil tear ducts which he isn’t sure will work. Spoiler alert – it does! He doesn’t come up with a fun team name. He’s just happy.

Rob's demon makeup Face Off Season 10 finale

Rob's possession makeup Face Off Season 10 finale

Last but not least is Walter. He had the least amount of work asked of him for the final shoot, but he did a ton of work anyway. If I heard right, sounded like Mel called their team The A Team.

You know what this finale needed? More Robert. Why bring back the crazy German jingle creator if we’re not going to get to hear any more jingles from him?

Walter’s demon is great but I’m meh about possession girl. The symbol bit was kinda dumb. It’s a Tree of Life. I don’t know how you make that demonic, but it needed to be demonic somehow. Otherwise it’s just hippy.

Walter's demon makeup Face Off Season 10 finale

Walter's possession makeup Face Off Season 10 finale

There is a fun moment behind the curtain when Walter’s demon has a wardrobe malfunction.  Pull up your pants! Although I’ll cut him a break since he’s got to be super hot with all that stuff glued to him in the southern California sun.

Walter's demon makeup has a wardrobe malfunction Face Off Season 10 finale
Walter’s demon makeup has a wardrobe malfunction in the Face Off Season 10 finale

And we’re at the final judging panel! Everybody’s dressed all spiffy & grown up. Except for Rob. Unless that’s his good hoodie.

Melissa is up first. Her director gives her a good compliment by saying that she fought for the unusual cyclops eye & because she fought, he got a better product.

Walter’s up next. He also gets complimented by his director. And when I see his possession makeup in the film, it works better.

Side note: I love how in each of these movies the Internet works in ways the Internet never actually works.

And finally it’s Rob’s turn. Again, happy director.

Wait, in Rob’s movie the couple digs oil wells by hand? Really? Even in the 1920s I’m not buying that. And in the actual movie, we don’t get to see much of his demon makeup at all. I imagine that’s a little disappointing for him.

Apparently it takes about 2 minutes for the judges to come up with a winner, so let’s get to it. The winner of Face Off Season 10 is: Rob!

I figured as much. He’s been very strong all season. I hope both Walter & Melissa keep pursuing what they want to do.

What did you think of Face Off Season 10? Were you hoping Rob would win?


  1. This season was a bit dull for me, but overall, Rob was the best and most consistent. In the penultimate episode, he should have been voted out, but his strong work all season kept him in.


  2. Yes Rob was good all season and in the finals too. Mel’s makeup was too calm…..Walter’s was OK in my opinion. Truth be told I would have been good whoever won. This is two Face Offs in a row that a young up and coming artist won. More consideration should be given to the experienced ones. Anyway congratulations to Rob.

  3. Congrats Rob…well done, though I was rooting for Mel! All that aside…Glen! Glen! Glen! OMG! I would give anything to see him bare chested in the gym! No SyFy there!

  4. I could tell Rob won before he was named because in the interviews with the producers, he couldn’t conceal his excitement. His ears always turn red, too. 🙂

    I think they filmed each short story on 3 different days.

    • Yeah, when I re-watched the episode, I noticed that Melissa shot on 8/6/15, Walter shot on 8/7/15 & Rob shot on 8/8/15.

      Those poor actors in the heat – man I bet those prostheses were sweaty!

  5. Rob did such an amazing job all season long but I was worried about the final challenge. It was amazing that he redid everything and then ended up winning. For being so young, Rob has quite a future ahead of him and I can’t wait to see what he has coming up next. Congratulations

  6. Rob played into the whole classic demon thing. Species wide, we have an innate fear of creatures with pale skin, dark eyes and tall stature (this of course begs the question of why we have this fear and where in human evolution we encountered something dangerous enough to deserve fear, but it’s irrelevant right now). The other two didn’t really play into this. Walter’s look, while undeniably a work of art, simply wasn’t terrifying. It looked like a rock golem. The only scary part was the mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Mel’s look was awesome, but it didn’t have the design genius the other two had. Rob’s look played into the classic demon, except it had personal, different touches. I loved the possessed makeup as well. The movie didn’t really do a good job of showing either, though.

    • It was smart of him in his redesign to amp up the demon-ness that was missing in his first sculpt. His possession makeup was definitely better as well.

  7. Id Ben sure pretty much the entire season it waa robs season to lose but Walters final demo have me pause it waa massive and looked great on film I was hoping he didn’t win I was only mildly impressed by his creations throughout the season there waa a lack of consistency from challenge to challenge

    • Yeah, if Walter would’ve won it kinda would’ve shocked me – only because he started off weaker than the other 2. He’s really good & hit his stride by the end of the season, but Face Off usually goes with the consistent. Rob was pretty consistent. (But so was Melissa.)

  8. I had mixed feelings about the last few episodes. Rob was great all season but in the WoW challenge he should have been in the bottom-not worst but bottom. It was a cool looking cow but did not mesh with the challenge at all. In the final elimination he had the worst makeup and I feel he skated by on his performance from earlier in the season.

    When it came to the finale he was squarely in the middle. His makeups were better than Mel’s but not quite as good as Walter’s. That said the movie (through no fault of his own) was the worst. The paceing was off the characters were stilted and his demon makeup appears for about 3 combined secs.

    I like Rob but his work in the last four episodes was never the best and in atleat one case should have sent him home. It is unfair to allow past performance to weigh in a decisions for only one competitor.

    I think Walter should have won but hopefully Rob can take this win and move forward producing some incredible work worthy of the winner

    • I think the worst movie was Walter’s. I didn’t get the whole vines & pumpkin themes until I saw the movie, at which point I thought it was kinda dumb.

      As a showcase for his makeup though, Walter’s movie was WAY better than Rob’s. Walter got that full pan shot of his demon’s makeup, where Rob, who was asked to do the most to his makeup, got about 3 seconds – like you mentioned.

      Here’s hoping all of them are able to work in the industry in one form or another. I have no idea how much participating in Face Off helps one’s movie makeup career but hopefully it does something positive.

    • They foreshadowed it a bit in part 1 when only Rob got a screen with both of his makeup sketches. For Melissa & Walter, they only showed the sketch of one or the other. Yes, I was Nancy Drewing it. RuPaul’s Drag Race & ANTM taught me all I know.

  9. Absolutely the best choice. His consistency this entire season has been amazing. This ‘kid’ exemplifies what having true passion for something will do. He will never work a day in his career and he will love every minute of it.

    • He was so consistent – up until the very end when he seemed to get a little wonky. That last challenge that eliminated Mel? I think if he hadn’t been so good up to that point, he would’ve been gone.

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