Face Off Season 10 Finale preview

House Face Off Season 10 finale Channel Guide Contributor

Face Off season 10 is coming to a close with tonight’s episode. Will Melissa, Walter or Rob take the title?

As we saw last week, Rob’s screen test ended with him having to re-sculpt everything. Yes, everything. He’s freaking out & I really can’t blame him. Melissa has a medium amount of work – re-doing a chest piece & her victim makeup. Walter appears to be sitting pretty with some minor edits & additions.

I think I’m putting my bets on Rob – he’s been consistently strong over the entire season. If he can rally & get a crap ton of work done in the final hour, he could win. My heart wants Melissa to win though – Milwaukee represent!

Really, this season is anyone’s game to win or lose. Syfy was kind enough to send Channel Guide Magazine this preview clip for the finale episode. What do we see? The other thing that can either boost or totally derail an artist. A visit from their family! Let’s watch:

Want to see another preview? Head on over to Syfy.com for scenes from Team Badass. Then, tune in tonight, Wednesday, April 13 at 9pm ET/8pm CT to Syfy for the Face Off Season 10 finale!