WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 13: C’est La Diva

The ladies of WWE take Paris by storm in part one of the Total Divas season finale.

The hostility continues between Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes, stemming from Alicia not going to Rosa’s baby shower. Still, Rosa doesn’t want any confrontation for fear it would hurt the baby. Alicia has the same idea with not wanting to start any drama. It’s why she stays behind when Paige, Mandy Rose, Natalya and Rosa visit the Eiffel Tower.

This proves more than just a sightseeing trip. The group is greeted with a trail of rose pedals … leading to Rosa’s fiancé. He pops the question. Of course, Rosa says yes and it’s off to celebrate with …. a media event.

rosa mendes engage

The group also partakes in a photo shoot.

Alicia feels bad about missing the Rosa’s milestone later on when there is talk about it during dinner.

Alicia takes time out during a shopping trip to smooth things over with Rosa. Foxy comes clean about the family drama and other issues going on in her life. Rosa realizes she was so caught up in her pregnancy and everything else, that she didn’t really think about her friends. She hopes to change that, moving forward. The pair reconciles and the Three Amigas are back. At least for now.

While they’re at it, Alicia also apologizes to Eva for how she acted during their argument in the car the last time she saw her. They hug it out.

Nikki is trying to use the French getaway as a temporary escape from her injuries and how they can impact her career. Brie is kind of raining on her parade a bit by waking her up early to work out, as well as criticizing her eating too many macaroons and drinking glasses of wine.

Brie eventually sees where Nikki is coming from, having just ended her historic reign as Divas champion and now having to worry about what’s next for her. She feels Nikki deserves a time to relax. Brie decides to indulge some by having — gasp! — French fries.

Earlier in the show, Paige made note of Natalya mentioning that TJ’s, er, family jewels are the only ones she has ever seen. She sets up a painting session for some of the divas with — ahem — a male model. Paige instructs the dude to leave nothing to the imagination at a certain point. Natalya’s reaction is priceless.

Natalya Total DivasMandy isn’t feeling the love when it comes to Eva. After making a pact to stay together during the trip, Eva goes off to hang out with the Bella Twins, without inviting Mandy, reducing Mandy to tears.

Paige, Rosa and Alicia try to comfort her and lend some advice from their experiences. Considering what occurred, Mandy says she saw Eva’s true colors and doesn’t plan to forget how she treated her. Team Red and Gold may be no more.

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Photos: WWE