Shameless Season 6 finale recap – “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!”

Karen Ruud

Way overdue recap on the finale, but this girl was on a very badly needed vacation! With that out of the way …

The week before the finale, we saw Frank spilling his guts to some random guy he met on The L.  Joking about wanting to put a hit on Sean, he actually made plans with the guy to do it. So did a Gallagher finally get a happy ending? With how crazy and all-over-the-board this season went, one only knows! Let’s see what really went down on the Shameless Season 6 finale recap – “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!”

We start off with Frank sneaking into the house in the middle of the night and ransacking all of Sean’s things while he and Fiona are asleep. Just a little peeing in his shoes, defiling his toothbrush, stealing his cash and mimicking shooting him. When Fiona and Sean wake in the morning, they go about their business of brushing teeth (oh, if Sean only knew) and talking what finishing touches they have to do that day for the wedding.

On her way downstairs, Fiona finds Debs and the baby finally asleep and sneaks downstairs to get everyone else ready for the day. All is finally peaceful in the Gallagher household. While Carl is being a stand-up guy and ironing his own clothes, Fiona advises him that if he and his girlfriend are getting serious, they need to use protection. Wouldn’t want another accident baby … oops, that comes up just as Debs enters the room. Debs, of course, has some snide remarks for Fiona; Fiona just wants to know if Debs is coming to the wedding so Frannie can be the flower girl. Debs says no, it’s not her first and won’t be the last. Then a screaming Sean comes downstairs, yelling that someone peed in his shoes AND stole his cash. Right away he turns to Carl, who denies it — and they discover where Frank ended up tunneling-in. Oh, and of course, Sean’s screaming wakes the baby. 

Later, Fiona reminds Debs that Frannie has a checkup at the doctor that day. Fiona asks if Debs wants her to come with, and she declines — and still declines the wedding invitation.


Sean and Fiona, finishing the final things like buying rings and having dance lessons, are all anticipating their big day.

Meanwhile here’s what’s going on elsewhere …

Frank: Frank’s using Sean’s Visa cards to wrangle some Visa gift cards to get the rest of the money to pay Bruno off for the job they had discussed. When he tracks Bruno down at work, Bruno just ignores him and pretends that he has no idea who Frank is or what he’s even talking about. Finally, Frank puts two-and-two together, and figures out that Bruno ripped him off — Bruno just states the obvious: What’s Frank going to do, call the cops?


Frank spouts off to Bruno, telling him that he messed with the wrong guy, and takes off. While looking for other means to get a gun he starts to stalk Sean.

Frank spies on Sean in his office through a window, and waits for Patsy’s to close for the night to break in. We don’t really see him again until the wedding.


Debs: At Frannie’s checkup, the doctor is really drilling Debs about a bruise the baby has, the diaper rash she’s getting and if anyone at home is helping Debs with the baby. Debs fesses up about the home life and asks if the baby is okay. The doctor says the baby is fine, but that Debs needs to start accepting more help, and that honestly she is more concerned about her well being.

Back at home she is still dealing with a very fussy baby and just doesn’t know what to do for her.


Carl: Carl’s still trying to suck up to his girlfriend Dominique’s dad, who is less than keen on him. While dress shopping, dad again threatens Carl’s life if he’s got an erection right now. Things don’t go much better while watching the ball game at their house later either, as they sit there in silence.


Lip: Trying to get sprung from the klink he calls Ian, but gets no answer. We next see him getting sprung — oddly enough, it’s Professor Youens who bailed him out. When Lip says thanks, but that he has to get off to school, Youens reminds Lip that since he took a swing at him he is now expelled. Youens tries to get him to go to rehab since he feels has a problem at such a young age, but not wanting to miss his sister’s wedding, Lip declines.

Finding his way to The Alibi, he gets shitfaced and starts rambling in the same way that Frank does. Like father, like son. Everyone wonders why Lip is there, and not at school, so he lies and says there is a holiday. As he starts to get a little obnoxious, Kev tells him to just go back to school. Lip finally breaks and tells them he can’t, he got expelled. Everyone just stares at him in shock, remarking about how disappointed they are in him and reminding him that the stool he is sitting in is so worn because Frank did a good job wearing it in.

Ian: With Caleb badgering him to get over the bipolar thing and try to get his EMT job back, Ian says he will just go get his janitor job back. Since he left them kind of high and dry, the guy won’t hire him back. He can’t seem to find a job anywhere, in fact. He goes back to where he used to dance, and after seeing an ambulance drive by he decides to go try to get his job back after all.


He makes a very compelling argument that he has a disease — a disease that could be considered a handicap, and it is illegal to not hire someone with a handicap. Just then a call comes in and both of his “coworkers” say they will take the call, with Ian. So the boss lady gives in.

Kev & V and Svetlana too: Waking from what looks to be a crazy night among the three, it looks like full steam ahead with this new trio of a relationship.


The Wedding: Finally the big day arrives, and all is going according to plan. Everyone looks amazing, especially the bride, Fiona. Just as about the ceremony is about to start, Debs shows up and things couldn’t be more perfect.

That is, until Frank shows up and states he is the one giving the bride away. Crap, there goes that happy ending.

Everyone is now yelling and begging Frank to leave — he is not welcome there. Frank’s rebuttal to Fiona: How well do you really know this guy you are marrying? After he spews out every one of his kids’ faults, he drops the bombshell of what he found after his break-in at the diner: a box full of drugs. Looks like Sean is still using. With the look of disappointment on Fiona’s and his son’s face, Will runs out of the room after Sean confesses it’s true.

Sean, of course, races after his son and leaves Fiona there in a pile of tears. With everyone trying to console her, Sean finally comes to speak to her and is more concerned about keeping the rights to his son, telling her that was the only thing that ever mattered. Heartbroken, she just asks how long this has been going on, and pretty much learns it has been for awhile now. Once a junkie, always a junkie. Although it seems she would maybe be willing to work this out, Sean is kind of just like ‘see ya later, have a nice life.’


What the heck just happened here? He was all lovey-dovey and once he was busted that’s it? Poor Fiona. Hopefully next season she will just try being single for a while.

However, others learned some lessons in the end: Debs is finally accepting people’s help with the baby, and Lip (after a heart-to-heart with Debs) finally lets Prof. Yeouns take him to rehab. However, we are left with a cliffhanger — does he actually go in?

And that is the Season 6 finale, my friends. So what are your thoughts? I think it turned out better than I thought when it first started. There were quite a few storylines that I’m not sure were even really needed, like the whole flaming Yannis thing (even though it did add some humor) — unless, of course, that was some foreshadowing of Kev getting involved in a lesbian relationship. Who knows. Guess we will see what the Season 7 premiere holds in store for the Gallagher clan.

Until then, I left out the best part: the clan throwing Frank off a bridge into the Chicago river. YUCK!