• My guesses are these: 1. Good lip syncher and 2. need his ‘epiphany’ story line arch to come to a close. Given his breakdown on the runway tonight, I’d say he’s got 1 MAYBE 2 weeks left.

      That said, he gets real douchey when getting feedback. He was not cool with Chi Chi during Untucked.

  1. Did Chi Chi just give up? I was rooting for her but she better get her act together! I was so happy for Naomi –she deserved that win and kudos from Marc Jacobs. This is the first season where I can’t guess who’s going to win.

    • I don’t think she gave up, but I think she decided what she was going to do, did it & then said “Hey, I’m done!” instead of “Hey, I could do more!”

      I loved Marc Jacobs – I’d welcome him on the judges panel any time.

      There are all sorts of rumors about who makes it to the top 3, but I think it’s going to be Bob, Thorgy & Kim Chi. I also fully expect to be wrong.

  2. I wish chichi was on the bottom just for the pure fact she probably would’ve sent Derrick home. Robbie’s look wasn’t the best but the concept was close. Wish it had turned out a little better and landed her a safe spot. I think Naomi was the only one who hit it out of the park this week.

    • Me too – and I think Derrick has 1 maybe 2 weeks left. After the boo-hooing, it seemed like we’re close to a “I can do something other than Britney!” revelation & that will send her home.

    • I agree 100%! Naomi finally made her mark (did you see how proud Ru was?). I’ve always like her. She seems like she’d be a bitch, but she is sweet and real.
      Derrick needed to go several weeks ago. Robbie will be missed.

      • I think she’s one of those people that give resting bitch face. That’s probably not what’s going on in her head, but she can give that impression. It’ll be interesting to see how far she goes. And if she wears something that’s not underwear & a robe. She needs to mix that up.

    • I think Naomi is really HOT..like gorgeous. For once, here’s a queen that really hot and doesn’t talk herself up all the daym time about it. If you look back at many other seasons, there have been many, real good looking, f’ing HOT queens (boys), on this show and they “know it” and feel the need to always put it out there. Naomi only made a comment once about how she prides herself on the aesthetic of her “looks”; how good her body is, basically. And I didn’t take that comment as bragging or saying “hey, I’m really hot and look at me”. I mean, take Violet for example, she is pretty, thing (slim/slender), and very attractive. And we always had to “hear about it”, too, from her most of the time. Naomi shows herself off in what she wears and how she carries herself, but she doesn’t “talk herself up” to everyone about how good she looks and how attractive her body is. In fact, I wish she’d dress a little more sexy, while the queens are doing their “thing” in the workroom, lol. I’m used to see many of the queens (and other queens making the comment about other’s should not walk about the workroom, almost naked all the time, lol), walking around in the workroom, with no shirt on and just little skimpy underwear. I WISH NAOMI would do that, just ONCE! LOL..Did you hear that GURL? LOL

  3. I’m surprised that Derrick is still there.

    Chi Chi is one of my favorites but I don’t think he’ll make it to the top 3.

    • I don’t think so either – we seem to be winding down on the Chi Chi narrative this season. Hopefully she goes out strong & takes advantage of the RuPaul drag machine.

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