Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 17: Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

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Who has two thumbs and gave Rebecca a UTI? This guy. Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW

Recap – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 17: “Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?” – The CW, original airdate Mon. 4/11/16
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We pick up 3 days after Greg and Rebecca started “just ruining” each other, in a bedroom full of takeout boxes that, presumably, reeks of sex. Greg has to leave for work, but Rebecca doesn’t want to leave the sex cocoon — she wants to talk about the relationship evolving. But Greg’s not having it; he wants to keep things casual: “just light and polite … ‘cept in the bedroom.” Confused Rebecca acts like it’s no problem, but it’s clear she’s already catching feelings.

The next day at work, Paula wants to know what’s up with Rebecca, and thinks it might have to do with Josh — she clearly doesn’t know about Greg. Paula reveals she’s in a pie contest (which Darryl is judging) and Rebecca offers to help make the pie to help her win. Rebecca gets a text from Greg and heads out to the local “pie supply shop” to get pie supplies (is that what we’re calling sex in public bathrooms now?).

“Sorry we couldn’t go to my place, lately my dad’s been … uh, living there for 30 years.” -Greg

Rebecca shows back up to Paula’s with pie supplies (every type of flour under the sun) — and her panties in her pocket. Paula wants to know who Rebecca’s sleeping with; Rebecca denies it up and down. Paula says she’s all for Rebecca getting her butterfly smashed, as long as it’s not with Greg (and calls out all of his flaws). Rebecca promises she’s not getting her butterfly smashed by anyone — especially not Greg — and promptly gets her butterfly smashed.

Aaaand she has a UTI. Aaaand Greg sings one of my new favorite songs, I Gave You a UTI. “What’s that burning feeling, every time you pee? Well that’s how it goes after you have so much awesome sex with me.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 17
Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW

As he’s about to leave, she asks him if it’s cool if she works remotely from Home Base (noooo, don’t get clingy, Bex!) and he says that’s cool. Of course, Hector’s there … and Josh, and Heather. Hector notices Greg’s happiness, and Heather freaks Josh out by asking if Valencia’s all up on him to propose (she is, but he’s been oblivious to this point). Rebecca walks in and she and Greg talk about how they haven’t seen each other in forever (maybe they can meet up in the stock room and “zest the hedgehog”) later. Heather figures out that Greg and Rebecca are banging (“They look like they just spent 3 days having sex and eating Chinese food” — this highly angers Josh, who leaves); Hector figures it out too.

Greg has the upper hand here (for once), and everyone’s figuring this out. Hector advises he not lose the upper hand, lest he get burned again. Rebecca figures this out too, and laments how stupid she is. Heather points out that before sex, women have the power, but afterward, men do. In an effort to get herself and her “dumb ovaries” out of the situation, Rebecca leaves, but not after getting all flustered again.

When Josh left in a huff, he headed to the tae kwon do studio, and we find him there now, doing a some sort of Karate Kid/Flashdance martial arts routine about feeling bad and angry.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 17
Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW

Paula and Rebecca go check out someone else’s pie (that’s not a euphemism); Rebecca continues to deny she’s sleeping with anyone, and the two eat some pie to figure out the secret recipe. Rebecca recommends they break in, tonight. Back at the bar, Greg and Hector are still talking upper hand. Greg’s trying to close early to get to Rebecca’s; Hector says he’s spending way too much time with Rebecca and the best way to avoid is dating other people (so he offers up a double date on Saturday).

Josh is in a terrible mood, and goes as far as to deny sex to Valencia (which apparently has never happened to her before, judging by her reaction). He sees Fr. Brah the next day and they talk over a game of checkers, where Fr. Brah concludes that Josh is acting like a little bitch: he kissed Rebecca, but he chose Valencia, so he needs to bow out of Greg and Rebecca’s business.

At Rebecca’s house, there’s more sex happening, but it’s obvious that she’s also fallen for Greg — and she confirms it post-coitally with an Oh My God I Think I Like You song, and leaves to go break into a pie shop (and Greg’s sleepy enough to not be alarmed when she tells him as much). She shows up, 20 minutes later, and Paula’s annoyed and wonders why she smells like spit. They successfully break in, in full robber gear (always a good idea for a lawyer & a paralegal) and Rebecca, um, pees her pants. They steal the secret ingredient, which just turns out to be unsalted butter. The two just decide to work together to bake a pie, secret ingredient or not.

Later, Rebecca, all snuggly-wuggly with Greg, asks him to go to a drive-in movie, and when he hesitates, she jokingly asks if he has a hot date. Ugh, he does. Sort of. He hasn’t officially said yes or no, he tells her, but given their history he should at least consider it. Rebecca agrees (verbally, not in her heart, obvs), and tells him he absolutely should — they’re not exclusive. “I myself have, like, 8 dates lined up next week.”

At the pie contest, Rebecca’s feeling a little off, and Darryl’s acting a little off as he tries the pie. (He’s very dedicated to this judging thing!) He claims to be impartial, but as he whispers to Paula and Rebecca that he’s going to vote for them, Rebecca falls to the floor in pain.

Greg goes for the double date (oh no) but when he gets there, he gets a text and immediately turns around and leaves. It’s a text from Rebecca; she needs him. Aw, he picks her! Hector warns that Greg will never have the upper hand again, and Greg’s okay with that. He shows up to the hospital, where Paula is sitting at the unconscious Rebecca’s bedside.

Paula’s pretty confused as to why Greg’s there — she doesn’t get why Rebecca would text him. And Josh shows up, so Greg’s a little unhappy that Paula texted him. The doctor walks in, and Paula asks, “Doctor, what’s wrong with my cookie?”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with your cookie, but hers is a mess! I’m sorry, that was inappropriate. It’s her peehole that’s been destroyed.”

Turns out Rebecca never took anything for her UTI, and it spread to a kidney infection. Paula is very upset that Rebecca is sleeping with someone and never told her; Josh is a little miffed as well. The doctor leaves — “I sense a truth bomb coming, everyone take cover.” Greg fesses up, that he is sleeping with her, all the time, a lot. Paula is furious, and Rebecca wakes up with everyone standing above her, yelling about her sex life.



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  1. Lets recall Greg rushed to the hospital from a date *with someone else*. Every one of Rebecca’s attempts during the episode to forge an emotional connection were rebuffed. Greg even sang a song about R. dying from having too much sex with him. This is NOT a match made in rom-com heaven. That ‘bad Greg’ who has been hanging around for the past 13(?) episodes is still ‘bad Greg’.

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