Jane the Virgin Chapter 39 recap: Party Pooper

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JTV-Season2-EP39-Michael-JaneWith Michael and Jane’s wedding only a few weeks away, the festivities can begin! On this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin we get a special invitation to Jane’s bachelorette party — and Michael’s bachelor party.

Jane is planning everything about her party, so it doesn’t end up like the crazy party where she met Michael. A gun was fired, strippers almost showed up, and Xo passed out on the front stoop. That sounds like the perfect party for Xo and Lina, so I think they have some mischievous plans up their sleeves to “fix” Jane’s perfect bachelorette party.

Rogelio’s ex-stepdaughters Valeria and Victoria showed up … unannounced. They always want something and, this time, it’s from Jane. They want her to convince Rogelio to invest in their fashion blog. Instead of going to college, they’d rather have the funds go to their that instead.

I guess the twins didn’t get the news about Jane’s engagement. They awkwardly congratulate her for being engaged to the amazing Rafael, but that’s not who she’s marrying. Without being invited or knowing the date of the wedding, they were sorry to tell Jane they couldn’t attend.

Two more for team Rafael. Woohoo!

Jane had the opportunity to speak in front of prospective students after the other teaching assistant bailed out. Since Jane is such a professional, she was well-prepared to speak about Don Quixote. What she didn’t prepare for was the random Don Quixote stripper that showed up and performed in front of a room full of students and faculty.

My high school Spanish teacher would’ve gotten a kick out of this! Where do you even begin to search for such a specific stripper?


Even though it wasn’t Jane’s fault, the professor told Jane he’d have to talk to the Dean about the situation. I bet whoever hired that stripper is going to feel like the worst person in the world if Jane gets fired from her teaching assistant position.

Rogelio took the honor of being in charge of Michael’s bachelor party. Sadly, it’s not as fun as Michael and his friends hoped it would be. In fact, Michael’s party is going more according to Jane’s original plan for her bachelorette party: A nice elegant dinner and relaxed spa day.

After the stripper situation, Jane couldn’t say no to the other surprises that Xo and Lina had planned for her that night. Jane is taking all these shots like a champ.

Wait … Petra is no longer a blonde? She’s dyed her hair from blonde to brunette but I’m afraid to find out why.

Good news:Jane gets to keep her job. Bad news: Xo might have helped her lose it once again. After listening to the voicemail from Professor Blake, Xo starts explaining how stuck up he was. She even went as far as saying she was going to send a stripper to his house to loosen up. Since everyone was under the influence, the message was sent successfully before they had a chance to delete it.

Now Petra is taking out a large amount of money from the ATM. What could she be up to? I didn’t learn anything about this being part of postpartum depression in my women’s psychology class.

JTV-Season2-EP39-MichaelTo make sure she keeps her job, Jane recruits the twins for help. Their mission is to go into the party for prospective students that Professor Blake is at and ask to use his phone for an emergency. While one of the twins goes off to make the fake phone call, they delete the message. Seems fool-proof, right? Let’s hope.

Surprisingly the twins pulled it off. Jane was able to delete the voicemail before Professor Blake listened to it. The party continues throughout the night at The Marbella, with both the bachelor and bachelorette party guests.

Michael and Jane felt they owed it to themselves to get a little wasted and sure enough, Jane’s alter ego, Sweet Lady Jane, came out to rap a little something.

Now Petra is on a bus. Where is she going?. What I’m really worried about is why she left her two newborn babies behind. Is she running away? Rafael was there to support her, and she also had Jane.

The best way to ruin an awesome party? Find your mother acting like a drunk sorority girl as she’s making out with your best friend’s crush in the hallway. Jane tells Xo that the reason why she’s such a control freak is because she’s had to live with Xo, who is so out of control. It’s clear that Jane is tired of living like this and doesn’t think it’s fair. I don’t blame Jane. I don’t think I could handle a mother like that without being a control freak either.

Rafael is still working with Michael on the investigation against his brother Derek. Michael wants to keep things by the book now, so he refuses Rafael’s offer to check out Derek’s boat without a warrant.

Rafael takes things into his own hands and hires an investigator to do the job. Looks like Derek wasn’t lying about where he was during the month the cops were questioning. Now that he’s starting to trust his brother, Rafael finds out he got mixed into his insider trading mess by investing in stocks. Should be interesting to see how this story develops.

JTV-Season2-EP39-XoXo stops by Jane and gives the same apology that she’s been giving for years. This time, Jane doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t want Xo’s apology — she wants Xo to grow up. Jane might have blown up a bit at Xo but I think she needs it.

Wait, what? I’m seeing double and it’s not Valeria and Victoria. It’s a blonde Petra and the brunette Petra we saw on the bus. It looks like Petra’s long-lost twin sister has found her way to Petra.

The look on Petra’s face explains it all. What the heck?!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Which party would you have rather attended? I think I would’ve picked Michael’s because I have a lot of stress going on in my life thanks to school. A nice day at the spa sounds magical. Do you think Xo was wrong for participating in Jane’s festivities? She did end up ruining the night…again and again and again. Would you accept Xo’s apology if you were Jane? I think Jane did the right thing by standing up to Xo. What do you think is going to happen with Rafael and his brother Derek now that they’re in business together? Did you think that was Petra or her twin? I definitely didn’t see that one coming. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Photos and Video: Tyler Golden/The CW

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