WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 12: Baby Talk

Paige is appearing a bit withdrawn this week on Total Divas — and it’s because she has a secret.

Paige reveals she got pregnant at age 18, but lost the baby. She had a surgery to remove an adenoid cyst, which may prevent her from having children in the future. This is why all the talk about Rosa Mendes’ baby shower is bothering her so much. The Big Show sees she is upset and tries to comfort her. Paige gets asked to appear on MTV’s Ridiculousness, which she uses as an excuse to get out of attending the shower. The news doesn’t sit well with Rosa, especially when other divas bail on it as well.

Paige secretAmong them is Alicia Fox, whose deep-rooted family issues took precedent. She welcomed her sister, Christina, and mother, Deborah, to Jacksonville in an effort to reconnect. There is distance and some underlying hostility with her mom. Deborah apparently blew a trip to Houston off to join Alicia on the road for a few days without any good reason.

This is clearly weighing heavily on Alicia’s mind. She also wanted to use the time to deliver the bad news that a family friend, Pritchy, was sick. He was a father figure to Alicia growing up and was a former love of Deborah’s. Alicia felt she needed to do it in person. It turns out Deborah knew about Pritchy’s medical issues, which hurts Alicia further.

They get into a verbal argument. Deborah goes on the offensive, saying she did the best she could for her children as a single parent. The evening doesn’t end on a good note. Christina tries to get Alicia to calm down. She is the voice of reason, telling her not to come to their mom from a place of anger.

Alicia family Brie Bella invites twin sister Nikki and their brother JJ to Port Townsend, Washington to see where her and husband Daniel were thinking of maybe living. Nikki isn’t a fan of the idea, feeling it’s in the middle of nowhere. During the trip she takes Bryan’s $50 bet to prove she can excel at camping. It was a quick few bucks for Bryan when Nikki called it quits after she went inside to use the bathroom instead of the great outdoors. The loss doesn’t stop her from wanting to participate in more activities.

She wants to change Brie and Bryan’s perspective that she is high maintenance. Wilderness Nikki goes fly fishing with brother JJ. She takes in the experience, which gets her thinking about everyone growing up and moving on in their lives without her. She is feeling insecure about the changes. Nikki has the line of thinking that Brie and Bryan wanting to live so far away in the boondocks was to create some distance from her. They tell her that isn’t the case and they like having her as the third wheel.

Rosa has her baby shower, but remains hurt Paige couldn’t come because of a TV show. Paige feels bad about missing the event and ends up attending the shower after all. After all she did handle the planning of it. Paige reveals to Rosa why she has been acting the way she has lately. Paige says if she can’t be a mum, she will be the best aunt ever.

rosa paige This was clearly an emotional episode for Alicia and Paige. Each has endured some serious struggles many face in their own lives. The two-part season finale of Total Divas is coming up over the next two weeks. Watch the drama unfold 9 p.m. ET Tuesdays on E!.


Photos: WWE