Recap: Naked and Afraid Croatia: “From the Ashes”

Naked and Afraid Croatia Kellie Freeze
Stacey has never been so excited to see pot.

I’m back from Spring Break, and this week we’re heading to the wetlands of Kopacki Rit, Croatia. Croatia is a country that I’ve always heard is lovely, but this hell-hole is home to scads of mosquitoes, pissed-off wild boars and golden jackals who wanna eat your booty.

Let’s meet this week’s survivalists:

Naked and Afraid Croatia
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!


Lee Trew
Age: 33 years old
Occupation: Survival/ReWilding Mentor
Current Residence: Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Primitive Bushcraft, Physical Conditioning, Eco-Literacy, and Self-Development

In his bio on, Lee describes himself as part man, part monkey — or maybe the mutant love child of Tarzan, Russell Brand, Bruce Lee and Peter Pan. He grew up in a London hippy commune and ran with a pack of wild children.

He’s always felt most comfortable in nature and is putting his training as a psychotherapist to work in an unexpected way as he brings psychology and bushcraft together for re-wilding, which is helping people be at home in the wild.

With his wife Gina, he owns and operates Bluegum Bushcraft — running the ReWild Your Child camps for kids, teens and families, and the Wild Heart programs for adults. Tragically, in 2013, Lee and Gina’s 3-year-old daughter, Blaise, died of cancer. She was just as likely to be wearing fairy wings and a tutu, as being caked in mud or riding bareback on a pony. How tragic that he lost his beautiful child.

Initial PSR: 7.6 out of 10.0


Naked and Afraid Croatia
OMG- is Stacey Martha Plimpton’s twin?!?

Stacey Osorio
Age: 35 years old
Occupation: Field Data Technician/Biology Student
Current Residence: Stites, Idaho
Relationship Status: Single
Survival Skills: Shelter Building, Field Plant Identification, Tracking Skills and Snare Implementation

Stacey was born and raised in Southern California, but eventually got tired of people and moved to a town in rural Idaho with a relatively low population and continued her academic pursuits in the biological sciences. Stacey used a real-life experience to fuel her interest in survival.

She is also a single mom to two kids: Michael, age 12, and Mallory, age 8 and attends Lewis Clark State College working on a Biological Science undergraduate degree.

Initial PSR: 6.2 out of 10.0.

They’ve been given a primitive hand-still kid (essentially a stick and piece of wood), Stacey’s survival item is a Nepalese Kukri (a long, curved knife) and Lee has a vessel to boil water. “I thought I’d get the part started, and bring some pot,” he jokes.

Naked and Afraid Croatia
Stacey has never been so excited to see pot.

Day 1
It’s so hot and they’re both so pale, that they cover their bodies with mud to offer protection from the sun’s scorching rays.

Once they’ve found their camp site, Lee is confident that he can start a fire with the hand drill. The only thing that he succeeds in doing is tearing up his hands.

Lee comes up with an outlandish plan to essentially bury himself in the sand and cover his face with leaves to keep away the mosquitoes. It doesn’t work, and they spend the night walking around camp to keep the mosquitoes from landing on them.

That night, the tragic passing of Blaise comes up, and Lee’s emotions are so raw that he cries.

Day 2
In the light of day, Stacey and Lee work together to make fire. It’s a triumphant moment that both get to enjoy, and once they’ve got their billy boiling; they enjoy delicious tastes of water.

Then Lee builds a fish trap using sticks and leaves. It’s primitive, but it can’t be any worse than the baskets that seem to never work.

Day 4
Lee checks his fish trap and success! A tiny fish. Lee wraps up Nemo and presents it to his partner. Once they stoke the fire, they’re going to enjoy a tasty fish and nettle stew.

Tragedy strikes when the pot tips and spills on Stacey, who was napping near the campfire. Her hip and backside are scalded and covered with 3rd degree burns. The production crew hears her screams and she’s quickly rushed to the medical tent. The production’s doctor urges her to head to a hospital for proper treatment, but Stacey refuses and returns to camp wearing a large bandage with net panties. On the plus side, Stacey is no longer naked, but she risks sepsis and death.

Lee is thrilled at his partner’s return. But how is she going to keep that wound clean?!?

That night, jackals surround their camp and entertain them with spooky brays. It’s one of the most terrifying sounds I’ve ever heard on Naked and Afraid. Lee howls back at their neighbors.

Day 6
Stacey is in agonizing pain and hopes that she can get some protein to help heal her singed flesh. Lee heads down to check their fish trap and find a large fish dead in their trap. Fish stew is served! Lee sums it up best saying, “It tastes like angel flesh marinated in ambrosia.”

Day 7
Stacey uses chewed moss as a poultice on her burn (which looks SO nasty) in an attempt to provide relief.

Day 8
The burn is infected and Stacey is feeling tingling in her leg. If the infection spreads, she risks losing her leg; so she makes the tearful decision to tap out of Naked and Afraid. She’s carried out on a litter and I hope that she heals quickly.

Day 8-16
Once Stacey leaves, Lee falls into a funk and lies around for a few days. He seems to get caught up in his own head, as time ticks by. There is nothing to keep his mind off of the death of his daughter.

Day 17
Lee is so messed up in the head.

Day 18
Lee cries uncontrollably; completely consumed with the agony of solitude, and the memory of his daughter.

Day 20
After the catharsis of a good cry, Lee feels confident that he and his wife should try for another child. He still mourns Blaise, but is using this survival experience to remind him that there is plenty of life and love left in the world.

Day 21
Dawn breaks and Lee says that it feels like Christmas. Lee coats himself with a new layer of mug, burns his bedding and sets out on his extraction journey. Lee veers away from the sun-drenched river side and heads into the forest, where the temperature is only in the 50s. When he emerges on the edge of the Danube River, he now has to swim through the frigid water to a rescue boat (which is nowhere in sight.) Finally, a boat arrives and he’s scooped from the chilly waters and is happily given a towel. And he howls.

Naked and Afraid Croatia
Sadly, this wasn’t the most painful thing to happen this episode.

After 21 days, Lee has lost 18 pounds. Lee looks so gaunt that I would have thought that he’d lost more. His PSR rose from 7.6 to 8.4 out of 10.0

Stacey lost 5 pounds before her terrible burns forced her to tap out, and her PSR remained 6.2 out of 10.0.

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  1. Ken o get a life. Ur a hero in ur own head. It’s one thing to make a comment but u go WAY beyond that. I actually thought Lee did a lot of cool skills for having nothing AND had so many restrictions it was hardly fair. also in many tribes throughout the world will go on many solo trips alone and to live off the land. They are often called Enlightenment trips and they often last for months. I feel that what lee experienced was just that. He may not have realized that was what had happened to him. I’m sure that His deep gruntal sounds and obsessive crying was a man in such deep pain over the loss of his daughter. I feel that at the end of his time there he was spiritually lifted (hence:enlightenment) that he understood so much more about himself and the universe in which we live. I love ur spirit Lee and wish the best for u and ur family. Everything else that went on those 21days concerning ur psr is insignificant.

    • Too bad he didn’t feel guilty about severely burning his partner, seems he had no clue as to why it was his fault. The guy is an idiot of the first order regardless of the stupidity of the circumstances he was placed in by the people that determined the location. Yes, there are tribes and peoples who go on “vision” quests but they are aboriginal peoples who are intimately knowledgeable about their locations and have a spiritual connection with their decision to go on such a quest. This moron had none of that and was so clueless about his actions that he nearly killed his partner, still appears to have no knowledge of what he did. I too wish Lee and his family well, they’re going to need it relying on his “ability”.

    • Just an observation. You really need to grow up, move out of your mother basement and learn how to communicate in the real world. He should have move on from his daughters death some time ago, that he’s still allowing himself to be destroyed by his grief is quite telling, he’s immature and incapable of recognizing his inabilities. I just watched his “after” interview and he still hasn’t come to recognize just what a screw up he was. He still has no idea what an incredibly stupid move it was to put a 3 quart pot on top of two sticks in a fire. They’re wood, the moron didn’t know that wood burns in a fire? It has no choice and what happens when your pot loses it’s footing? It goes over, right onto your sleeping partner. What an idiot.

  2. I have so much RESPECT for both Lee and Stacey. They both death with very difficult tragedies, and came out stronger for it.
    I’d truly LOVE to see Stacey get another chance, if she’d be willing, to get a second chance. She was kick ass AWESOME.
    And Lee bared his soul, in order to really heal. Maybe he was meant to be alone. It’s horrible that she was burned so badly, because she really hung in there, but he needed his own “walkabout” in order to deal with his feelings.
    Two really awesome people that could teach us all a thing or two about life.

  3. I am putting a lot of blame on the dumb-ass film crew. They filmed Lee putting the water on the fire right next to her and should have intervened right there and then, knowing the immediate potential for a bad accident, stopped filming, hollered at stupid Lee to get rid of that pot of boiling water and then continued filming. Maybe they just wanted the drama or they were just too stupid to see what was going to happen. BAD film crew.

    • Laurajane,
      This is not the first time they have left out the good stuff and put in crap. Stacey was seriously injured by Lee’s carelessness and if the medicos had been competent or caring; they and the producers would removed Stacey for her own good and ignored her efforts to tough it out. Barring that, they could have checked her wound and replaced the bandage and “salve” at least once a day. Allowing her to chew moss and put saliva germs and what else on the wound?
      The good looking lady Doctor with the ponytail finally and emphatically said Stacey is going to the hospital. Stacey was screwed all around by the producers, editors and medicos.
      I am also tired of watching the same shot; from an earlier episode, of the same med. tech. run to the scene.

      • I am very sensitive to people being burned. My brother was seriously burned at age 10 due to an explosion in front of the bbq pit, was rushed to the hospital, had years of skin grafts and still shows signs of the burn 50 years later. Stacey will have to endure this the rest of her life despite, and I believe, the intensive care she will (should) receive from N&A. Burn scars don’t ever go away and, no matter how much she says she forgives Lee, he’s gone; he’s home with his family and out of her life while she will endure this pain forever and she’s such a young beautiful woman.

        • Well put Laurajane. Her wounds will likely never heal, physically maybe but mentally never. Lee was a clutz, simply put.

  4. From Lee Trew’s Facebook page 4/4/2016, some good info:

    “Just watched my Naked and Afraid episode…

    And wow, I can’t believe what was missed out in the edit.

    After the first few days we ate every day – towards the end I was catching 20-30 small fish daily in that trap. Plus three snakes, several frogs every day, freshwater snails, all the stinging nettle we wanted. Pretty abundant paleo diet
    smile emoticon

    (We lived on fish because the day before insertion we were told that we wouldn’t be allowed to hunt mammals, birds or snakes (whoops) or cut live branches, because it was a protected ecosystem.)

    We built two kickass shelters (one of them a double scout pit in the sand dune), a basket trap, a fish spear, a fishing line with gorge hook.

    You didn’t get to see all the transcendent experiences I was having – feeling more like a wild human than I ever have done, loving the land, singing with the jackals at night, loving sleeping by an open fire with the warmth on my skin, the stars above and the breeze in the trees. It only showed the suffering.

    Basically, I’m really grateful for the experience I got in Croatia.

    And a bit miffed at what wasn’t shown.

    Thank you to the amazing crew who ran around filming everything and put up with my skinny naked butt in their viewfinders. And the awesome medics who looked after us.

    Thanks Timmy Paul for sending the DVD.

    And hooj love to my rockstar Viking warrior goddess partner Stacey McColley who rode it till the wheels fell off.

    Thanks for everyone’s support
    smile emoticon

    Love ya all xxxx”

    • I just cruised over to Lee’s F/B page myself and the above account is a direct quote from the page. This clears a great deal up and as an avid viewer I’m pretty miffed myself at what wasn’t shown. Sorry for my misinterpretation Lee, my sincere apologies they sure made you look incompetent. However if Lee had that much food why did he lost 18 pounds? He should have at least maintained his body weight with numerous small fish every day……any way, kudo’s to you Lee, and thanks to you Mark L. Also, it looks like I was right in my observation that the Stacy on this blog is truly not the Stacey from the show who showed a lot more intelligence and forthrightness.

    • Lee,
      I too apologize. Can’t hunt mammals the day before insertion! I would have told DC to “shove it” at that point and gone home. I hope you can move away from the current feelings from loss of your daughter. Children are such a delight; so try to remember the light and brightness she brought to you and your wife, your daughter’s Soul will be at peace and not watch Mommy and Daddy’s sadness.

    • Let me see if I have this right: You are not allowed to kill mammals, birds or snakes. You can’t cut live branches (or, obviously, down small trees). You are only allowed to “fish” from a narrow, almost non-existant stream since it’s the dry season. Wow, you’re lucky they let you have a fire! Well, you were lucky Stacey not so much. I think I would have told them that they could try for someone without an IQ (hell, I don’t know, maybe that’s what they did). Screw that, what’s going on with this show? Pick an area that doesn’t have any restrictions on being able to actually survive. I think there should be a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode: “We didn’t allow them to be able to complete the survival mission” “if they do it anyway, without killing each other, surprise!”

      • Sort of like being told; we will drop you (parachute) at point X, you and your team are to recon the area, then hump 20 klicks to point Y for extraction by sampan. Oh; by the way, you aren’t allowed to kill anyone, it will attract attention that you are where we aren’t supposed to be. Screw that!!! A fool’s mission!

  5. These N & A episodes are not a war situation of “No man left behind” to the mercies of the enemy, nor are they situations of “no choice but to stay and fight.” It is a TV show folks! A SICK or SERIOUSLY INJURED person is a LIABILITY to their partner. Plain and simple.

  6. These N & A episodes are not war situations where “no man is left behind” to the mercies of the enemy or situations where there is “no choice but to stay and fight.” It is a TV show folks! A sick or SERIOUSLY injured person in these N &A situations is a LIABILITY to their partner.

  7. I’m so happy to learn you are okay Stacy. I hope, if it is your desire, you are given the opportunity to do another episode. I think you are a brave lady.

    • Glad you’re okay! My husband and I were worried when nothing was said at the end of the show about a good outcome on the burn. You both had some of the most wrenching physical and emotional challenges I’ve seen. It was awesome to watch you and Lee handle hard situations gracefully together. Your strength shines through.

  8. I was very worried about Stacy. She has a one of a kind personality. Myself, I would have a tough time with a burn situation. Stacy you are so nice and lady like. I am so glad that your a real trooper. I sollute you. Who ever said women are the weaker of the human family, never met a true woman like Stacy. Her PSR should be revised. This was a tragedy that occured.

  9. This episode is clear proof the PSR stands for Phony Survival Rating. Lee got the same final PSR as Darrin????????????? Wow! Lee’s PSR should have gone down not up. DC’s survival experts who do the rating should change it to DR for Drama Rating. In my opinion, watching people sit, whine and starve is not a good show. Lee should have gone to Dr. Phil.

    • Well put J.C. Neither of these two stumblebums should have made it to the show. Neither showed any skills whatsoever. With their major accomplishment being having the clarity to mud up at the start, it was all downhill from there. If the ratings were “real” (as real as anything on the show is these days including finding a whole in tact fish in Lee’s miserable excuse for a fish trap) Lee would have wound up with a rating of, say, 4 and Stacy a 3. Pathetic, just pathetic. For those of us that have been watching N&A from the beginning I’d have to say that, hands down, these two were the least skilled. One couple never made it to their drop off due to tapping out on the way, at least they knew their capabilities weren’t up to it. We’ll see if last nights episode is better though I’m not holding my breath.

      • I am 2 months from being 78yo and have a wealth of experience outdoors in North and Central America and the Army in Vietnam (yes, I had military gear including a beloved M-14 and a couple of grenades on my web gear). I have a soft heart most of the time but a soft head none of the time. Lee’s public wallowing in self pity is not “sharing” it is a ploy to attract attention to himself. It does obscure his incompetence to the soft headed. We would not allow men with his accident prone incompetence on our Recon missions because they invariably got someone else killed by bumbling about. If I have a “hanker” to wallow in emotions I go to an Italian Opera such as La Boeheme which is accompanied by beautiful music.

        • Very much alike. I’m a USMC Vietnam veteran, qualified as Expert Rifleman with the M14, what a rifle. Anyway, I agree on the ‘wallowing in self pity’ party Lee was on, pretty sad, especially after two years. Probably stands him well with the ladies though with him being all teary eyed and emotional for them. I saw him as an inexperienced twit overall, weak in every area of survival. She was not much better, never saw her do anything out there and with her supposedly deep experience in plant life she never gathered anything. Though the Stacey in the episode seems to have had more on the ball than the Stacy on this board.

          • KenO, I have always respected Marines and worked with many of them and MEN from other services while in Studies and Observation Group. I grew up a dirt poor farm boy in SE Oklahoma, NE Texas and SW Arkansas. These “survival” skills and foraging were necessary to get additional food. I learned them from my beloved Choctaw Grandmother and Uncle before I was 12yo. Anyone who has ever done it knows that spitting on the hands when making a hand drill fire is to prevent friction heat blisters due to slippage on dry hands. In Vietnam I preferred one of the two Zippos I carried to alight VC hooches and fuses.

          • J.C. ever go to E and E school? I’m thinking that Lee not only held the drill stick too firmly but slid his hands down the drill too firmly as well. I never got blisters doing it. Zippo’s now there’s a tool many don’t use any more including the many deft ways to open it and snap the flint wheel.

          • KenO,
            There wasn’t a SERE school then (or it wasn’t offered to me). I was adept at Evade and Escape is why I’m still here.

          • There was constant Military Code of Conduct instruction as regular training. My reaction to it was that it was better to DIP (die in place). Survival was part of regular training.

  10. Kudos to you, Stacey, for being a bada**, for not harboring ill will towards your partner for his human error, and for your tactful and insightfull responses to KenO, above. I believe his negative attitude would have, indeed, been a liability to his partner and hindered his chance of success. No matter how much outdoor experience you have, nobody knows what it’s like out there, in those kinds of conditions, except those of you who have done it. You are a queen and I hope you get another opportunity! You’ll rock it!

    • Stacy and Lee, you were a pleasure to watch. I loved the bond you formed and the kindness you both showed to one another. As much as I agree that the pot on the fire was a poor choice, clearly Lee never meant to put Stacy at risk. It was a tragic accident, but I am so glad you have recovered well, Stacy. You were truly heroic to stay in the game as long as you did! I was amazed by that. And, Lee, thank you for sharing your story with us. It was so sad to hear and I give you all the credit in the world for surviving the death of your daughter. I hope you and your wife are fortunate enough to have another child. I wish both Stacy and Lee the very best!!

      • Wow, Stacey was “heroic” to stay in the game with third degree burns over nearly 25% of her body? That was a truly bad decision, almost as bad as deciding to go into the wilderness as pathetically unprepared as she was. Awww, Lee never “meant” to put Stacey at risk, I agree, he simply didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Calling a spade a spade isn’t being negative it’s being accurate.

    • I assure you I wouldn’t have put my partners safety at risk in any of the several ways Lee did. The moron nearly killed her just by boiling water. Just to recap: They guy could hardly make fire with a fire starting tool given to him without injuring himself. He couldn’t construct even a rudimentary shelter and on that subject covering yourself with brush isn’t shelter building and he should thank his lucky stars it didn’t rain. Camping in a dry river bed is a fools errand, especially one that fills so frequently that there are hardly any plant life evident. A hard rain would have flooded their camp site. As several have opined they worked so well together? Really? What did Stacey do at all? They were “nice” to each other, how cute and that does count but skill would have counted more.

    • Many of us do know what it’s like even though we’ve never been on a TV show. Personally I would never be a liability to my partner considering it should be one’s priority to take care of their partner. In Lee’s case he was a complete stumblebum, clueless about everything. Stacy was also fairly cluess, by the way, what did she do? Lee’s biggest accomplishment was enduring starvation to the end, looking for all the world like a fugitive from Auschwitz. Yeah they were “nice” to each other but Lee’s failure wasn’t just “human error” it was incompetence, plain and simple. Stacy staying instead of realizing her third degree burns were life threatening wasn’t heroic nor badass it was complete ignorance.

    • Sharon, thanks for the level headed response. What people like Ken O.don’t get is that the show gets edited! To say I did nothing is insanity. The big hook for the show was me getting burned. So any side work I did was edited out to show more medical footage and me resting. There was no tension between Lee and I about workload. I did work! Also, I did get water on the burn, but thankfully the camera man was more worried about my safety than getting the shot. As he came running down after you see me jump up. Then didn’t start recording again until Lee was comforting me. I am not stupid, I did sit in the water. Ken O, you really are a nut! I have never seen someone so negative. You have already alienated everyone in this chat room. I would think after 7 days in survival mode with your attitude, your partner would dump boiling water on your head on purpose!! ….luv me for putting myself out there. That is the hardest part. Hopefully I will get redemption and come back to try again. Thanks to all for your support! (Except KenO)

    • Bear in mind that the “Stacy” that posts on this board is very likely NOT the Stacy from the show. And, yes, there are those of us that know exactly what it’s like “out there”. You don’t need to have been on a TV show to have been out there or to know what it’s like out there.

  11. I’m so glad to know you’re ok Stacey – you showed incredible strength and a very positive attitude. The bond you and Lee formed was heart-warming – I think you both helped each other to work through your difficulties. Love and All the Best to you both. I have no doubt that you will triumph in another episode, Stacey!

  12. Well, forgive me Stacey but Lee wasn’t a very good partner though you were very courageous and I agree you should have had your PSR raised just for having a great attitude and not wanting to brain Lee. Anyone that’s been camping a great deal knows not to A. Put a pot full of boiling water on top of wood of any kind. (Duh, wood burns and obviously Lee didn’t know that). and to B. Not put a pot full of boiling water next to someone who’s sleeping then leave the whole thing unattended (not that it would have helped much since that pot of boiling water was going over, not if but when). So again we have a moron who thinks he’s a professional “survivor” who CAN’T BUILD AN EFFING SHELTER. Really his shelter was “dig a trench in the ground, cover your face with brush”, really REALLY! You idiot. He doesn’t seem to get it that it was HIS fault that he burned his partner. Then, again they put their “shelter” in a dry riverbed. WTF? What do you think happens when it rains? Duh, double duh. How did his PSR increase? Just because he completed a marathon starve off? He didn’t do shit. Duh, hello, why do you think they invented BOW DRILLS? Can’t make a proper fish trap, can’t hunt, can’t make a proper cooking fire. Is the talent pool of “survivalists” that shallow? WTF. Water, Shelter, Fire, Food, if you can’t prove proficiency in those four things you have no business in the wild and naked yet. You belong as close to an ATM as possible, fully clothed and with some place to sleep. Jesus, whats going on here? Another couple that was an epic fail, though I believe Stacey could have made it with a competent partner, one with actual skills that didn’t bring a shitload of emotional baggage with him.

    • Well, sleeping in a sand pit was not the most comfortable thing. But we did avoid mosquitoes. Lee and I bonded over his loss. So his emotional “baggage” turned to a positive. I have nothing but luv for Lee, in spite of my burns. Sure, it seems like a no-brainer to not leave a pot of boiling water resting on a burning stick next to your sleeping partner. But I am over it. Lee was good to me. I am glad to have been there. But yes, raise my PSR! My suffering showed more guts than his 2 week “hunger strike” after I left. He told me after he felt guilty for burning me. We are good, Lee is a good person. Luv us both, the emotions out there are so much more intense than you couch monkies will ever experience! Such sweet emotion! I luv you all for your comments.

      • Have you considered that many of us are not merely “couch monkey’s” but have more than the smidgen of camping experience than many of the participants in N&A? I would actually do one of the N&A challenges were I not 70 years old. Many of us have a lot of experience out of doors and hence we comment on the stupidity we see on the program. Lee might be a good person but he’s not even a good camper much less a survivalist. Still, he can’t make a decent shelter, can’t pick a decent campground and is a fool around fire and fire cooking. It was his lack of knowledge that got you severely burned, not yours and I fault him for it. Even a Boy Scout knows not to set a pot of boiling water on sticks in a fire, the results are known. We’re talking basic camping skills not even the higher skills needed for real “survival”. But, nice of you to speak well of him.

        • Ken, I luv the comments. However, I would have thought you to be young and tempestuous, given your reaction to “couch monkeys”. I am surprised someone with your maturity would continue to harp on Lee. We already agreed he made a mistake with the boiling water! We also agree having a mini-teepee on your face was not the greatest. Yet, he is a great outdoorsman. He finished the challenge for goodness sake. Notice how he made the giant blanket out of the dried brush? Genius. It was actually warm under there, and kept the mosquitoes at bay. You may have made a raised platform like all the rest and been eaten alive! I don’t doubt your skills. Simply that I can tell your negative temperament would be a liability to your partner. Lee and I had a great bond. I suffered and conquered in my own way. I wish you peace. But I am glad you didn’t show off your 70 year old junk on T.V.!

          • It was a surprise that I reacted to the couch monkey slur? Wow. I was thinking you actually might have had a smidgen of experience but sadly you’re proving you are fairly clueless. Here your partner nearly killed you, proving he can’t boil water without endangering you. But by the same token what were you doing sleeping next to the fire in the first place? Someone that knows what to do out there would have actually been doing something, you know, like foraging for edible plant life, looking for game trails to set traps, weaving baskets to carry produce back to camp, stripping bark to create lashings, anything. Basically you did absolutely nothing. At least Lee did something however incompetent he was. It’s astonishing that you didn’t immediately jump in the water to stop the cooking process on your skin. You do know that’s the first remedy. I mean, even in your kitchen at home when you burn yourself you want to stop the cooking process by putting your burned hand under cold water then going for the ice and that anything your cooking continues to cook when removed from flame. That you didn’t do it immediately was telling. “oops, I was too shaken up to know what to do” isn’t an excuse it’s an indication of a complete lack of skill and experience. But, thanks for the tip that you wouldn’t want to look at my 70 year old junk, I’m impressed with your imaginative response. Look, it’s probably best you don’t try to go on another N&A, given your rather inadequate skills.

          • KenO, just enjoy the show, I truly don’t think you could survive from your readings, without a Big Gulp and a bag of M&M’s, wathing from your air conditioned single wide trailer, give em a break! They did great!!!!!

          • Actually Neal, you don’t have a clue. I’ve spent more time in the woods and the jungle in my 70 years than most of these survivalist wannabee’s. What’s galling is that they profess to have knowledge and then it’s proven that they don’t by their actions or their lack of actions on TV and you morons lap it up, probably while drinking a big gulp and gorging yourself on a Big Mac in your single wide. The simple truth is they didn’t do great they were incredibly poor examples of survivalists, perhaps the poorest examples since the show has been running.

      • Stacy,
        I loved your attitude. That alone should have been worth raising your PSR. If I was brave enough (and young enough) to do Naked and Afraid, I would want you for my partner.

  13. Stacy and Lee,
    What an emotional and awesome episode! Our heart goes out to you both. The team work you displayed was inspiring. Stavy, I hope the show will let you come back after you heal and get another chance. Lee, thank you for sharing your story. This was the first episode in which I have shed tears. No doubt that Blaze was watching over you both. You are two very brave soles.
    Simply pure and wonderful.
    Laurie & Paul

  14. Stacey was a winner in my opinion. She held tough for a few more days after suffering 3rd degree burns, totally bad ass in my opinion. I think they should bring her back for a do over because she had to tap out. Heck they brought back that one lady who tapped out in the Amazon.

    Why? Why? didn’t the producers fill us in with what happened to Stacey?


  15. What happened to Stacy? I get the impression that the “what happened” parts at the end are self-supplied by the contestants but still wondering if she is OK?

    • I am fine! I did have my favorite Celtic knot tattoo burned off, but otherwise I will survive. How can those lousy producers not raise my PSR? They made me leave. I suffered like a champ. You would think a slight uptick would be in order. I am bada**! I will rock it, I want to try again! Thanks for all your concern. I suffered for you all! I am the queen!! I will never feel comfortable around boiling teapots again, such a tragedy.

      • Great to hear you are fine 🙂
        I just wonder, why didn’t you jump in the water after the burn? The water was probably warm but I think it could have helped a little (maybe it would have even prevented the 3rd degree burn).
        I hope they give you another chance!

        • John, thanks for the idea. We were starving and I just got woken up with boiling water all over my a**! Forgive me if I wasn’t thinking clearly. Next time I get scalding water poured over a quarter of my body, I will try your way. People don’t get the mental stress of survival. It’s super tough. I have so much love for Lee, even if he did leave boiling water on the fire without telling me. I would love to try again. I am your queen! Shower me with love. I suffered for you all! I love everyone, it’s hard to describe the emotions out there….so intense.

          • Oh, I thought that you got into the water right away but the camera man didn’t show it? You mean you lied? I’m starting to get the idea that you’re not the Stacey that was actually in the show since your comments don’t seem to add up.

        • J.C., thanks for the love. I am fine, except for the scarring which now obscures my Celtic knot tatoo. I feel so happy to be alive. Lee truly was a special partner. We all saw how sweet he was. Sleeping with a mini teepee over my face was a bit odd, but otherwise Lee was swell! Thanks again for the luv. No hot tea for me, lol!

          • Stacy, you were great. Too bad you had a moron for a partner. If he had a clue how to deal with camping, fire, hunting, fishing or shelter making you would have come out unscathed and finished the 21 days with no problems…..You had a great attitude and that you kept your cool being paired with an idiot was a testament to your strength. Cudo’s to you..

        • J.C., thanks for the love. I am fine, except for the scarring which now obscures my tattoo. I feel so happy to be alive. Lee truly was a special partner. We all saw how sweet he was. Sleeping with a mini teepee over my face was a bit odd, but otherwise Lee was swell! Thanks again for the luv. No hot tea for me, lol!

  16. Kellie,
    They did not tell us what happened with Stacey at the end of the show!! Dummies!! Do you know if she made a full recovery????
    What a great couple they were; Lee and Stacey saw humor everywhere. Lee shared his personal tragedy. Stacey did not tap out, the Producer and Doctor removed her for her own safety. Good, they did something right.

  17. How do u spell SAFETY. If you want to boil water, there must be safe separation from the fire and humans.

    At the end of the episode, there was a reunion of the Aussie with his wife. But the zeros who produced the show, said nothing of Stacy. UNSAT.

  18. I like Frank want to know how Stacey is doing. She looked like she was going to have a really bad time healing and it is going to leave a horrific scar. I know that her partner didn’t try to hurt her on purpose, but don’t we teach our children one thing is to make sure that when you are working with something that isn’t level to make sure that it is level before you put anything substantial on it for fear of it falling off. I am hoping that Stacey is healing properly. I feel so bad for her partner. 🙂

    • She is doing fine. She wants everyone to know she loves them. She is not a quitter and wants to know why her PSR did not increase! She hopes to be invited back, this time she will not sleep next to boiling water. She will overcome!

      • Ken o get a life. Ur a hero in ur own head. It’s one thing to make a comment but u go WAY beyond that. I actually thought Lee did a lot of cool skills for having nothing AND had so many restrictions it was hardly fair. also in many tribes throughout the world will go on many solo trips alone and to live off the land. They are often called Enlightenment trips and they often last for months. I feel that what lee experienced was just that. He may not have realized that was what had happened to him. I’m sure that His deep gruntal sounds and obsessive crying was a man in such deep pain over the loss of his daughter. I feel that at the end of his time there he was spiritually lifted (hence:enlightenment) that he understood so much more about himself and the universe in which we live. I love ur spirit Lee and wish the best for u and ur family. Everything else that went on those 21days concerning ur psr is insignificant.

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