Face Off Season 10 Episode 12 recap: Skull Island

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Face Off season 10 episode 12 sends the final 4 to Skull Island. It’s a cross-promotion for some new theme park at Universal Orlando. Whatever. What follows is an extended commercial for this new theme park – opening Summer 2016!

Final 4 Face Off Season 10 episode 12

So the actual challenge is to take a creature from Skull Island: Reign of Kong and imagine how that creature would evolve into an intelligent species.

Mel sketch Face Off Season 10 episode 12
Mel’s sketch & inspiration
Rob sketch Face Off Season 10 episode 12
Rob’s sketch & inspiration
Walter sketch Face Off Season 10 episode 12
Walter’s sketch & inspiration
Melissa sketch Face Off Season 10 episode 12
Melissa’s sketch & inspiration

Mel is second-guessing herself. Again. She comments on how this is the worst time to be second-guessing herself. But Mel, you’ve been doing it THE ENTIRE SEASON! Why stop now?


Melissa Face Off Season 10 episode 12

Walter is freaking out about his wings – he made some spring mechanisms & they break during testing. So now his wings can open & close.

Walter Face Off Season 10 episode 12

Bread & water Face Off Season 10 episode 12One highlight of this episode was the “we’re the final 4” conversation the artists have outside the workroom. The conversation is pretty typical, but I love how there’s a stack of bread on the table & the artists have bottles of water.

Bread & water. That’s what you get on Face Off. You’re going to eat it & like it. I hope none of these artists have celiac disease.

The winner of tonight’s challenge, and the person going to Disney – I mean, Universal Orlando and the new Skull Island: Reign of Kong – is Melissa. Yay Milwaukee! Nice that she’s excited to take her son.

Rob Face Off Season 10 episode 12

Walter is the next person headed to the finale, which leaves us with Mel and Rob waiting in the wings. Rob’s name is called, even though he had the weaker makeup this week. He’s been so strong thus far, so he’s going through.


Mel Face Off Season 10 episode 12

And it’s Mel’s swan song, even though she did a good makeup. She had been eliminated once before. So really, would we say that the save was really used on Rob, since had all things been equal, he would’ve been eliminated this week?


  1. Why didn’t the judges say anything about being able to see right through the eye holes in Melissa’s creature. You could see the model, his eyes, eyelashes, etc. Very unrealistic and very poor execution!!

  2. Mel should have absolutely gone on to the finale. Rob is one talented kid but the judges clearly gave him a pass.

  3. I’m very upset that Rob went through. They already used the save for this season. He shouldn’t have gotten through on that awful unfinished makeup.

  4. Mel made two awesome masks. TWO. Joke all you want about her second guessing herself. She should have gone on to the finale.

  5. Hate the way Melissa’s looks like a Halloween mask when you look at the eyes. The rest is cool, but the eyes are just weird. Walter’s wings look like they are hanging from pvc pipe. Rob just fell apart this week. Seems like Mel should have won.

    • Yeah, I think it was the strength of his previous work that got Rob through. It sure wasn’t this makeup, that’s for sure.

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