Destination America unveils spooky new series and specials

Destination America is turning ghastly.

The network, now available in nearly 56 million homes, will unveil a new lineup Thursday that is heavy on series and specials about things that go bump in the night.


Destination America is even turning October into the month-long “Ghostober” event, featuring returning series and documentaries with a spooky twist. The month-long “Ghostober” was inspired by the success of the channel’s Exorcism: Live! event.

New shows include Ghosts of Shepherdstown follows local police in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, as they partner “with members of the paranormal community” to investigate the town’s unsolved mysteries.

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Photo courtesy of Destination America


  1. You guys have got it right,for the most you let the teams do their thing.Unlike most other networks first year of the shows are great,2nd year sames it starts to change the teams start to show their getting money& their personality changes,becomes about them how Great they are & how they are so Awesome! The shows On your network are Great very fun to watch,one team Not just about one so called Great investigator!

  2. Nick Geoff and Katrina are the best team out there right now, my opinion. Keep them coming on your channel – in ANY type of paranormal investigation.
    Thank you!

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