WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 11: Clothes Quarters

Scott Fishman

Brie and Nikki want to expand the Bella empire with a bra and panty line this week on WWE Total Divas. Their vision is for birdiebee to be geared to women empowerment and giving back. Nikki is in her element here. They set up some meetings to create a business plan. This includes Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Nikki wants to get input and involvement from the outside. Brie’s wants to be more hands-on with it, fearing someone looking to invest would want to take over. She is thinking Etsy. Nikki sees the bigger picture. They go for a sewing session as a way for Brie to show Nikki they can do it all on their own. Nikki agrees to go with hopes Brie realizes the importance of seeking a professional partner to help them.

Bella BrandBrie feels in order for them to succeed they have to be on the same page, which they are not at the moment. Nikki thinks they can be part of the creative process, but can still collaborate with others. Brie doesn’t want the business to turn into a mass-produced product in a warehouse oversees. They meet with Kara Ross, a big-time jewelry designer they have served as brand ambassadors for in the past.

The two sought her advice on how they can get started. Kara’s advice is to think about retail partners they want to have either online or in traditional stores if they want to truly grow the business. She basically confirmed what Nikki was saying in the first place. Brie admitted it was hard for her to come out and say Nikki was right about things.

Nikki and Brie BellaShe is willing to have an open mind now before their big meeting with Daymond. During their pitch they talk about how they want it so when a piece of underwear is purchased another will be donated to someone in need. Daymond is real with them and says he had some doubts meeting with them. There was the question if it was a vanity project. However, he liked their idea because it educates and would do some good. Nikki found it rewarding to have someone of his background believe in them. The Bella Twins are ready for the next step in global domination.

Elsewhere, Natalya and Mandy Rose’s respective families go on vacation together in Sanibel Island. There is some trepidation on how the loved ones would mesh. Mandy sees this as a potential opportunity for her family to rekindle their relationship. Nattie is worried about her dad embarrassing her with his behavior.

Mandy RoseDragon boat racing ensues between the families. The competition heats up with Mandy’s family clearly in the lead. They work like a well-oiled machine with Nattie’s team having some difficulty getting in sync. Needless to say Nattie isn’t happy with the Neidhart’s performance.

Nattie’s dad, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, starts getting mad after watching his wife getting a massage. Nattie tries to calm him down before he makes a scene in front of Mandy’s family. Next up on the Neidhart activity list is fishing. Nattie is grateful Mandy’s family isn’t with them once again to see how her dad was acting.

Natalya and familyMandy is feeling a sense of nostalgia and maybe things can go back to the way they were before the parental separation. Mandy talks with her mom about how well she is getting along with her dad. She starts to see a glimmer of hope her parents could reconcile. Her brother has a difference of opinion of where their mom and dad stand. It’s the end of the vacation and everyone sits down for a drink. Mandy’s dad says they are in different points of their lives and is better getting along with her mom. Mandy tears up after he says they are not compatible in everyday life and the kids have to realize that. At the same time they will always be in their lives as a team for them.

Mandy believes the experience taught her it’s not really up to get her parents back together. The fact they are getting along is important, and she should appreciate that. Mandy expresses her gratitude for Nattie for letting her family join the Niedhart’s. The kind words get Nattie thinking about everything that has happened on the trip and coming to the conclusion her dad wasn’t that bad after all. She describes herself as the parent with her mom and dad, but believes she has to lighten up and let her dad be himself. It’s what made him so beloved to fans. The Neidhart’s are now waiting for their dragon boat race rematch.

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