1. PS: Does anyone else miss Santino? I would love to see him back as a judge. I’m bored with Ross & Carson.

    • We haven’t had Ross in awhile, have we? Wait, was Carson even there? I don’t think he was. I like Ross better – he had decent feedback & quips.

      Not sure I would go so far & say I miss Santino though, and I liked Santino 😉

  2. That’s not Nebraska that’s the British queen that won the contest, whats her name… idk but she’s the British Drag Race Ambassador.

  3. I love Chi Chi so I’m glad she stayed. I didn’t notice the boots until Chris Stein mentioned them. After Latrice wore those hideous boots for almost every runway until Michelle clocked her on it I usually notice things like that.

    I didn’t notice Nebraska in the audience – good catch. I know she kept doing drag after the military make over but I’ve never heard of her performing anywhere. (I love those episodes where they show past seasons and give you updates.)

    I loved Kim Chi’s look for the performance. He’s amazing with his wigs and makeup.

    • Me too – Chi Chi is really growing on me. And if you watch Untucked, you’ll hear the queens talk about past queens who have had very few shoes & did well.

      • I loved this week’s Untucked. Naysha left with such class. She was so sweet to leave Chi Chi a note as well as the body suit and the body stocking.

        I also loved when Chris Stein and Debbie Harry went backstage to talk to the girls and wish Robbie Turner a happy birthday.
        Acid Betty has really grown on me.

        I can’t wait for next week. I love Snatch Game.

        • I know! Untucked is really getting good this season. And Snatch Game! Hooray! I kinda hope Derrick doesn’t do Brittney, but then it would probably be smart of him to do Brittney since that’s what he’s good at and he’s been so stinky of late.

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