Oxygen’s Like a Boss: Could you handle the ATL’s top power players?

Oxygen Like a Boss Ryan Berenz

Oxygen Like a Boss

Behind every successful business magnate, there’s a personal assistant tirelessly taking phone calls, making appointments, arranging travel, hunting for houses, cleaning cars, fetching coffee and everything in between.

Oxygen’s new docuseries Like a Boss goes into the worlds of four personal assistants working for some of Atlanta’s top power players: Nick Cannon (America’s Got Talent), real-estate agent Blair Myers, radio personality Big Tigger, and music exec Abou “Bu” Thiam.

Cannon’s assistant, Amber Grimes, hopes to be a force in show business in her own right, but first she has to handle the many day-to-day demands of her boss. “I’m trying to be more organized than the most organized person I’ve ever met now, and that was an incredible learning experience,” Grimes says. “He does have so many things going on, and it forces me to be more focused, and I don’t have time for many other things in life because I have to worry about all the things that he has going on in life.”

Like a Boss premieres on Oxygen Tuesday, March 29, at 9pm ET/PT.

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