Bates Motel Season 4, Episode 4 “Lights of Winter”

Here’s what happened on the Bates Motel Season 4, Episode 4 “Lights of Winter”


After Norma convinces Norman to commit himself he rats her out to his psychiatrist, Dr. Edwards, telling him that it is really Norma who’s crazy and killing people. Feeling this confession is enough to get him released from Pineview, Norman is determined to figure out a way to make a private phone call.

With the help of his new buddy Julian, Norman calls Dylan to warn him about the truth of “mother” and asks him to keep a watchful eye over her until he gets home. Dylan, not buying any of it, tries to change the subject, saying that he wants to talk to Norman’s doctor. Norman tells him to forget it, since he’s being released today he’ll watch out for her himself.

Norman forces his way into Dr. Edwards office to find out when he is going to be released, but he is sent off to group therapy instead. Later, discussing with Dr. Edwards why he is not being released, Norman becomes even more irritated and storms off. Julian takes notice of this and tells Norman he knows how they can escape and they devise a plan to sneak out that night.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Norma and Alex’s new fake marriage may be becoming something a little more then just fake. Alex asks her on a date of sorts to attend some winter light festival that night in town, and oh (he suggests), and they should get a joint bank account. Norma starts to get a little skittish with all this new found lovey dovey-ness and declines the festival invite (mostly because she is going to visit Emma) but agrees to the bank account. As she leaves for the day to go visit Emma, she gets this cute little smile on her face that maybe she really does want this to be something more.

Emma breaks the news to Dylan that she is moving to Seattle since they have a better respiratory hospital. Dylan looks a little heartbroken about this until she asks him to come along, and he accepts.

Norma pops in for a visit with Emma, during which they discuss her new romance with Dylan and, also, Norman’s mental state. Emma suggests that Norma should maybe back off and find happiness for herself.

Back in town at the bank, Romero’s getting harassed by Rebecca, his ex, asking if he murdered Bob Paris. She also wants to know if he has the key to the safe deposit box, which contains $3 million. Pleading the 5th on this, Romero says he is just there to open a bank account. He must have not have known about the key, because once he gets home he digs up Bob’s funds and finds the key. He later gets a call from the FBI, who think Bob possibly has been laundering money through the bank. They want to know if Romero knows Rebecca and if he knows anything about the money laundering. Again, he pleads the 5th.

Back at Pineview, Julian creates a distraction so the boys can escape. While trying to hitchhike, they get to know each other a little better. After finally getting a lift, the two get dropped off at a strip club, continuing their wonderful adventure. Norman looks like he just walked into a candy store, and as his new pal heads off the the VIP lounge, Julian throws a wad of cash to Norman so he can have his own fun. Norman, after getting his own lady, decides to try out the VIP lounge as well. While having a psychotic breakdown — alternating between himself and his mother’s alter ego — he is distracted by his pal screaming out for him. Racing out into the hall he finds Julian getting beaten up by the bouncers. Trying to race to his aid, Norman gets struck down, too. So much for that sweet escape as the cops and Dr. Edwards are now there. Norman talks to Dr. Edwards and  finally starts to admit that maybe he does have problems since he completely blacked out and has no idea what happened.

Norma, taking Emma’s advice on finding happiness, goes to meet Alex at the festival. As Romero gets pulled away for a photo, Rebecca introduces herself to Norma. Norma catches on that she is more then just a banker, and Alex admits that she is an ex as he and Norma share a slow, intimate dance. Upon returning home, they find the house completely ransacked; obviously someone knows about that key!

Bates Motel returns Monday, April 11th at 9pm (ET)

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