Shameless Season 6, episode 11 recap – “Sleep No More”

Karen Ruud

Last week’s Shameless ended in a big shootout on the commune, between Jupiter and T-Dog’s cronies. I, of course, was interested to see how that ended up playing out, but in true Shameless style, not a peep. So I guess just as quickly as Queenie and that whole situation came along this season, it was gone just like that, as well — kind of like the whole Lesbian gentrification and Yanis situation in the beginning. With this episode being the last one before the finale, let’s see what other situations can arise that will also not really get any closure. Here’s the Shameless Season 6, episode 11 recap – “Sleep No More”

Fiona & Sean — oh, and Frank: Fiona’s making plans for the wedding, and Frank wants to be the traditional one to walk her down the aisle. When she teases him that it’s also traditional for the dad to pay for everything too and just chuckles, Frank chimes in that he’ll pay for wedding. Yeah, right. Where is Frank going to get the money from? Everyone jumps in to tease him about all of the other things he’s missed doing in their lives: first teeth, sweet 16 birthdays, teaching them to ride a bike, etc.  Making plans to meet at the flower shop later, Frank is still heisting things of Sean’s (underwear, shoes …).


In a typical Frank move, he uses Liam to pose as a sick African orphan kid with AIDS in order to panhandle for funds outside a grocery store. When Frank finally meets Fiona at the flower shop (much to her surprise), he throws down the money for the deposit. In response to her surprise about the money, he confesses to having used Liam to panhandle. As they discuss plans at lunch, Fiona is confused as to where all this caring and niceness is all coming from all of a sudden — oh, and the cash. Frank is just sad that he missed the birth of of Deb’s baby; he is sick of missing things. Aw, Frank’s getting all soft now.

Sean, not buying that Frank is turning his ways around, makes a little secret side bet with Fiona as to how long he will keep this charade up. He also worries that Frank may be setting her up for heartbreak, which she denies. She has been down this road too many times with him now and is used to it. So with both of them saying he won’t last more than at least 2 days, the bet is made!

Back in the Gallagher household, they are having a little sleep-deprived 3am party, where everyone but Fiona gets to fuss over the baby. Sad, Fiona just heads off to bed – however, not before Sean can tell Frank to quit using his stuff. Frank just proclaims if it is under his roof, it is his.

The next morning when a brick comes flying through the window, with Frank’s name on it of course, the boys act as if it’s no big deal. Sean tells them that it should be; they need to start setting boundaries with Frank, because next time someone could get hurt. At this point Sean’s emotions about Frank using them are really starting to heat up.


The next day, Fiona and Frank go to a food tasting. Just when it appears he won’t have the money, Frank actually comes through paying for it (again, to Fiona’s amazement; she’s unsure as to where he is even getting this cash).

When Frank returns home later, Sean is upset about the brick and questions Frank about it — along where the money for the reception is coming from. The truth comes out that he coaxed money out of Derek’s parents by threatening to go after their son for statutory rape. This does not sit well with anyone! Sean, Debs and Fiona go off on him about what a horrible thing this was for him to do. Sean, finally at his breaking point with how completely selfish Frank is (especially when he tried to take his food out of the fridge), loses it on him. A big bloody brawl ensues between the two. Fortunately, Carl breaks it up by putting Frank in a chokehold. Once they realize he isn’t dead, Fiona kicks him out of the house again, and this time Debs seems to be on board as well. 


Sean isn’t quite off the hook either; Fiona tears him a new one too.

Homeless again, Frank is riding The L, where some guy is questioning him about the ass-beating he looks like he got. Frank tells him all about what a jerk his daughter’s fiancé is and how he wishes he was just dead. The guy asks him how much money he has, and throws out this whole hypothetical thing to Frank about taking somebody out. Still “hypothetically” speaking, Frank gives him some cash: half now, half when the job is done … Would Frank really be that stupid to kill him? Guess we may or may not find out next week on the finale.

Debs: Looks like I completely guessed wrong on her giving the baby up for adoption, as it keeps the whole family up every night. All are sleep deprived — especially Debs, since she won’t let anyone help her, or even hold the baby; she is just trying to the best she can on her own. The whole family is willing to help but she won’t have it.

Trying to get along with a normal life, Debs goes to school, baby in tow, but is shot down by her teacher. Looks like she has to do home-schooling now. Stressed about home-school and still thinking that that no one will help her, she finally trusts Lip to at least hold the baby. From there, she even lets Frank hold her. When Carl gets some diapers and formula to gently hint — per Fiona’s thoughts — that the baby isn’t eating enough, Debs is a little miffed that Fiona would even care so much. (It also turns out that Debs hasn’t even talked to Derek or his family.)

As the sleep deprivation starts to sink in, Debs attempts to study and breastfeed at the same time and nods off. The poor baby drops out of her arms to the floor! Luckily, the baby turns out to be okay, but Debs is pretty shaken up. Fiona reaches out to her, and finally there’s some progress!

Lip: When Lip drops off his completed TA assignments to professor Youens, he tries to apologize to the professor for his mean words, but just gets the cold shoulder. The next day, Lip goes back to his office and asks how long he’s going to continue to give him the cold shoulder. They finally talk things out, and Youens says he just wants to keep things professional now. Lip is lucky the professor didn’t just can him, and should have been good with this.

Still pretty bitter, an inebriated Lip calls Youens out in front of the class about how dated his theories are and what a drunk loser he is. Youens forces Lip out into the hall, where Lip continues going off on him about how he’s done everything for him and he’s just a washed up loser. A very displeased Youens finally fires Lip; in turn, Lip trashes Youens’ car with a tire iron. This gets him busted by campus security; he’s arrested and thrown in jail. Yep, I’m guessing he is officially done with school.

Carl: Carl wants to become a cop now, but he can’t since he was in juvie. He can’t get into the junior school, so he was hoping Dom’s dad could pull some strings for him. Nope. He just tells him to try and become a human first, like go buy a bag of groceries.


Ian: Everything seems to smoothly on his first day as an EMt, until the truth comes out that he lied on his paperwork. Even though he is the only other person than his boss who scored perfectly on both tests, she fires him on the spot since he can’t be trusted. Hopefully this doesn’t put a damper on his relationship with Caleb, seeing as how he’s the one that told him to just lie.


Kev, V, & Svetlana: They’re dealing with immigration now, and the guy isn’t falling for it. Tommy teases Kev about his lesbian wives; Kev keeps really trying to hammer home the fact that they are fake lesbo wives. Svetlana, however, may not be faking — she keeps putting the moves on V, who makes no move to stop her. V fesses up to Kev about what’s going on between her and Svetlana lately. She is totally confused, as she wants to keep doing it, and be with both of them. Kev’s mind is pretty blown away by her admission. Simultaneously mad and turned on, Kev has many questions with this newfound issue, and needs some time to think about it. Turns out he just makes up a schedule as to who gets to be with whom, when — and still has all sorts of questions about this new arrangement. Maybe that immigration guy will believe them now.


The Shameless Season 6 finale airs Sunday, April 3 at 9pm on Showtime.

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