Jane the Virgin Chapter 38 recap: Moving Out

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Well Jane the Virgin fans, I guess the Villanueva women will have another seven years of bad luck thanks to Pablo. As if the flood kicking them out of their house wasn’t enough, Pablo is still lurking around with his bad luck. Of course, Alba has a long explanation of why all those unfortunate events happened, because she’s in love again. The other two Villanueva women are not buying it. Oh, how the tables have turned!

JAV216b-CharoPoor Jane wanted to get married at the house in six weeks, but after the laugh from the contractor, that’s most likely not going to happen. And now Rogelio thinks he’s in charge of planning Jane’s wedding but clearly his plans don’t match Jane’s. He wants to invite people like Oprah, Charo and the President of Mexico while Jane wants 75 people total. I don’t know how Rogelio is going to reduce his list to only 15 people but he better invite the most important people if he wants to keep his celebrity status. How hard it must be to live the life of Rogelio de la Vega!

Now that Jane and Michael’s wedding is right around the corner, the two are looking for their very first home. Nothing seems to be working for them, so they chance it and look at a home that’s more than 30 minutes away. Jane tries to hate the house because of how far away it is, but she can’t help but love it. When she delivers the news to Rafael, he is not happy about that. So Rafael comes up with a plan B for Jane and Michael. They need to find a home that they like but is closer to Miami where Rafael lives and he will cover the difference in cost. Wow! I don’t understand why Rafael thinks Michael will be okay with this. In the end, Jane tells Rafael that they will at least think about it.

JAV216-Jane-Petra-Babies Scratch that whole seven years of bad luck thing. Pablo proposed to Alba and she said yes! This was definitely not a wedding I was prepared for. Say no, Alba! Don’t just say yes because you want to feel okay about having sex with Pablo.

Jane is worried about Petra and her not being able to connect with her babies. To help her out, Jane accompanies Petra to a mommies class. Petra starts opening up to the other moms about how she doesn’t feel the connection with her daughters and thinks that someone else might be a better mother  to the twins. The leader of the mommy class tells Petra she’s worried she might be plunging into postpartum depression territory. Petra gets defensive and walks out of class, fearing a potential intervention from the other moms. Jane is able to calmly talk Petra into seeing a doctor about the issues she’s going through. I’m glad someone like Jane is around to help Petra before things get worse.

The support from Jane must have really paid off in Petra’s eyes. When she heard that Rafael wasn’t going to let Jane and Michael get their dream home because it was so far away, she exploded on him! She made Rafael so bad about himself by telling him how much Jane has done for him with Mateo that he changed his mind. I wonder if Petra and Jane will become best friends now?

Jane and Michael were about to sign the lease — until Mateo started to take some big steps along a coffee table. That’s when Jane realized that she can live farther away from her family but she cannot take Mateo away from his father. She tells Michael that they can’t live in the home and he takes the news really well. I wonder if this means they’ll reconsider Rafael’s offer with the house?

JAV216-Jane-Alba-Xo-MateoThat no good, rotten, cursed man Pablo! How dare he cheat on Alba! It’s a good thing that Jane and Xo were the ones who caught him in the act. At least Alba took the news well and will finally get her revenge on that useless man. He’s a waste of their time and shouldn’t curse the Villanuevas any longer. As soon as Alba throws Pablo out of the hotel, a rainbow appears. Now that’s a sign.

Rafael might not trust his brother Derek like we thought he did. He’s working with Michael to find out what Derek knows about his mother. Michael was able to listen in on a conversation between Rafael and Derek where Rafael offered Derek a place to stay at the hotel and gave him a job. Derek has to know something is up, right?

Jane and Michael were able to find another amazing house that was close to Rafael and within their price range. Since everyone looking at the house wanted it, Jane had to write a letter to the owner of the house in order to convince them that she and Michael would be the best buyers.

Great news! They got the house! What I definitely didn’t see coming is that Petra is actually the owner of that house and was the one who set it up for Jane and Michael to buy it.

Petra met with her mother in prison to find out if she had any issues with postpartum depression, but all she got out of her mom was a recommendation for her to give her daughters away. I still don’t understand how Petra was able to survive into adulthood with a mother like that. We see Petra packing her bags right before the episode ends and thinking back on what her mother told her. What does this mean for the twins?

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane and Michael made the right decision by moving? Why do you think Petra wanted to set up the house for Jane and Michael to buy? Does this mean she cares for Jane or will this turn out to be a bad investment? I hope that from the way the two have been connecting recently, this means they’re friends now. Where do you think Petra is going? Do you think Rafael is actually helping Michael with the investigation against Derek? It was odd that Rafael was standing up for his brother in the beginning but now seems to be going against him. Maybe it’s all an act to gain Derek’s trust. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Getting Bored. I wonder if Xo and family are paying while they stay at the Marbella; while their house is being repaired. Probably not. In season one, Xo was adamant that their family “pay their own way”. This came up when Rafael came to dinner and he told Jane to slow down because he could help with the baby and the bills and Xo lost her mind. Now she looked quite cozy laid up at the Marbella on someone else dime.
    Michael is investigating Rafael’s brother, he should keep his eyes on his own brother. It would be ironic if it was his own brother that end up killing him. I’m sure Billy doesn’t want Michael to be happy. He did do jail time for Michael. Billy is rogue.

    • Everyone needs a little pampering here and there. Maybe Xo is just getting prepared for the Hollywood lifestyle when she gets back with Rogelio. Fingers crossed! I never thought about Michael’s brother! I like what you’re thinking.

  2. I am having trouble continuing to be interested in the characters anymore. Season 1 was knocked out of the park, but Season 2 is just a bore. Michael is a bore and actually, Jane is as well. How long can anyone stay with these folks? This show was my Monday night treat…now, I flip to it after I’ve surfed through other shows. Petra and her issues are still kind of interesting, but truthfully, after Jane marries Michael, is the show going to keep it’s ratings around Rafael and Jane’s parenting disagreements? Or maybe it’s meant to go out like this… Somebody tell the writers to put Rafael on something that we all want to watch again.

    • I don’t think Michael is going to survive for much longer. A lot of people have been thinking of creative ways for Michael to be killed off. Maybe that will bring in more drama? Stay tuned!

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