2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships TV schedule on NBC Sports

NBC, NBCSN and Universal HD have coverage of the 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships at TD Garden in Boston beginning Wednesday, March 30, and concluding with the Gala Exhibition on Sunday, April 3. NBC Sports Group’s lead figure skating commentary team consists of play-by-play announcer Terry Gannon, and analysts Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. Scott Hamilton and Tanith White offer analysis with Andrea Joyce reporting from TD Garden.

U.S. Skaters at 2016 Worlds:
Max Aaron
Adam Rippon
Grant Hochstein
Mirai Nagasu
Gracie Gold
Ashley Wagner
Tarah Kayne & Daniel O’Shea
Alexa Scimeca & Chris Knierim
Ice Dance
Madison Chock & Evan Bates
Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue
Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani

2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships TV schedule on NBC Sports

From NBC Sports Group:

Date Time (ET) Program Network
Wed., Mar. 30 Noon Ice Dance Short Dance (LIVE) NBCSN
Wed., Mar. 30 Midnight Men’s Short Program NBCSN
Thurs., Mar. 31 4 p.m. Ladies’ Short Program (LIVE) NBCSN
Thurs., Mar. 31 8 p.m. Ice Dance Free Dance (LIVE) NBCSN
Fri., April 1 3 p.m. Pairs’ Short Program (LIVE) NBCSN
Fri., April 1 9 p.m. Men’s Free Skate (LIVE) NBCSN
Sat., April 2 2 p.m. Pairs’ Free Skate (LIVE) NBCSN
Sat., April 2 9 p.m. Ladies’ Free Skate (LIVE) NBC
Sun., April 3 2 p.m. Gala Exhibition (LIVE) NBCSN
Sat., April 9 1 p.m. Encore Universal HD
Sun., April 10 3 p.m. Encore NBC
Mon., April 18 5 p.m. Encore Universal HD


  1. Does anyone know the couple that skated to “Saodade” a Portuguese piece that was outstanding? I am so upset with myself for deleting the recorded program from my directory. Will they rebroadcast the event?

  2. Can Johnny and Tara ever shut up and just let the skaters skate? We don’t need to hear a comment on every second of every performance. Yes, we noticed the missed combination and that they fell. It was pretty obvious. Enough already. Some of us out here just want to watch the performance, flaws and all, without a couple of has-beens talking nonstop through every single skate.

  3. Thank you NBCSN for showing ALL of the world figure skating championship. When NBC covers it you only get to see a select few. I also really enjoyed Traci Wilson and Ben and Ryan’s commentary. They talked of quality of skating unlike Tara & Johnny who make personal comments and talk about fashion nonsense during most of it. I also loved that some performances Traci & Ben were totally silent and let you take in the performance. Too much talking spoils the spell the skaters are casting. I am really sad to see NBC stick with Tara & Johnny, they are totally unprofessional in their analysis of the skaters. I have been a skating fan since the 60’s and have been to many competitions, watching on MBCSN this week was like being there. Thank you!

    • Johnny and Tara gave good, meaningful comments on the skaters, because it’s the personal traits, strengths, and weaknesses that make or break winning. They are excellent, know exactly what’s important, and if you think fashion is not part of the game, you are wrong. It all goes together.

      • Yes fashion does count but when Tara says Javier Hernandez gave up during one of the best performances ever given on the ice that only shows she has no idea what she is talking about. Shut up and let the performances speak for themselves.

  4. I can’t believe hosting the World Figure Skating Championships in the USA didn’t merit enough attention that it was primarily relegated to an NBCSN channel that was not promoted effectively, by its PARENT CO. on it’s flagship station NBC, to let the public know where to find it. A MAJOR INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION including AMERICAN SKATERS in an AMERICAN CITY was not given the respect it deserves. Such a prestigous event held in the USA should be SHOWCASED in a way that access is provided to all, not just those who pay for it. The timeslots on NBC will obviously not accomodate the entire competion. Shameful!

    • I agree I am looking all over to view this on NBC and I see it is not listed!!
      This is a disgrace.

      Instead, on NBC Channel here is hockey..

      This is an outrage.
      I think NBC should apologize and when I watched live the
      world figure skating competition, it said, “2 PM NBC”.
      No mention of not being on the major channels.Ba hymbung Channel 4
      and it is almost non-patriotic to not showcase the American woman
      who finally got to the podium.
      WHO made this decision to NOT showcase the exhibition today.
      Ruined my day.

    • I agree with you. I totally missed the whole the whole thing. I kept checking on TSN and I watched the Miami Open Tennis and the World’s Women’s Hockey which was completely covered. So why isn’t figure skating important enough to make TSN?

  5. I think Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski comment when it is freestyle (jumps, spins) their area of expertise. Tracy comments on dance. I live in AZ and do not see this on NBC here. Hope all skaters do well.

    • I liked the commentary of Tracy Wilson and Ryan Bradley, but Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are terrible commentators. They are dismissive of the skaters who are not top-ranked. They comment THROUGH the performances, not ON them, and mostly have negative things to say. Weir’s comments are as often on choices of music and costumes as on the skating elements being performed at the moment … and even more often about other skaters than the one on the ice at the moment. (During Elena Radionova’s free skate he talked about the Russians who didn’t make the team. During Gabrielle Daleman’s performance he talked about the problems with Canada’s ladies program.) Lipinski talks about what she likes and doesn’t like, rather than about the quality of the skater and the performance. (She described Daleman’s free skate as “blah” and said that her triple-triple combination was “by far” the element she, Lipinski, liked best.) Lipinski and Weir are too full of themselves to have a care for the people who have struggled so hard to get onto the Boston ice and are doing their best to show their skill on an international stage.

  6. Like the commentators on this years competition. Informative and interesting without talking so much that it interferes with watching and appreciating the skaters!

  7. Why aren’t Tara and Johnny announcing with Terry? I like them a lot more than Tracy.

  8. when can I watch the wolds short dance program of Gilles & Porier of Canada—NBCN had technical
    difficulty–want to see in it’s entirety? thanks, Jill

  9. There was a technical difficulty when the worlds short ice dancing program of Gilles & Poirier of Canada were
    skating, NBCN, apologized,but when can I watch it it in full?
    thanks, Jill

  10. I was so looking forward to this skating event and am disappointed that since I have only Broadcast TV , I will only be able to watch two events on NBC.

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