A&E’s 60 Days In “Fight Face” recap: It’s been 10 o’clock for seven years

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It’s just another beautiful day in the Clark County Jail, brought to you by the well-intentioned but foolhardy cast of A&E’s 60 Days In.

In economic news today, Forbes reports that it’s still MOB: Money Over Bitches!!


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It’s Episode 4 of 60 Days In, and the show has really hit its stride with “Fight Face.”

I no longer care that Robert is probably an actor planted in the cast. [Update: Bingo!] I’m willing to put up with a little reality TV fakery just for the other inmates’ priceless responses to his jackassery.


Sensing trouble and the possibility that he might wake up with foreign objects crammed into uncomfortable places, Robert decides the best way to avert this is to put a towel over the surveillance camera above his cot. Stupidity may very well prove to be Robert’s greatest defensive weapon, as his actions completely baffle the other inmates.




We’ll check in on Robert’s downward spiral a little later.

There ain’t no party like an F-Pod party ’cause an F-Pod party don’t stop! Tami’s getting irritated by the Brick Squad sorority that stays up giggling and pillow fighting in their undies until 4am.


The Queen of Brick Squad is “Boston” Julia, the fiery-tempered redhead. I think I’m in love.


Last week, Tami and Barbra started forming a bond, and this week, they’re solid soul sisters. Tami is perceptive, and she realizes that Barbra is in the program, too. What gave it away? Their shared love of Monster Jam?


Tami does the gutsy thing and straight up asks Barbra if she’s in on the wink wink, you know … that thing with the stuff … Part of me feels like Tami is cheating. Part of me wishes Tami hadn’t blown her cover just so she could have some fun messing with Barbra’s mind.

Tami’s patience is tested by the Brick Squad and their awful high-school poetry. Tami should have the good sense just to ignore them, but she decides to confront Boston and the situation escalates to BTA: ‘Bout That Action Level 4.


The Minions calm Boston down and the BTA advisory is lowered back to Level 2. This Masshole lass Julia is a powder keg of passion, I tell you! Me likey!

Maryum is wise enough to sit back, eat her popcorn and enjoy the show.


Julia calls a secret meeting of the Brick Squad to determine how they’re totally going to get back at Tami and write mean things about her and pass the notes around to the other girls in class.

Zac is livin’ large in C-Pod. The other inmates trust Zac enough to try to sell drugs to him. You know someone really likes you when they want to get you high. When it comes to “trucking the pod,” D-Low is the man. But if you want a good overdose story, talk to my buddy Burt over here. Burt was once ripped out of his mind while doing kitchen duty or something, and the guy he was cooking with had to literally drag him out of there before he simmered himself.



Jeff finally enters the program. He would’ve been smart to stay out. First, Jeff skipped the part of the training in which they covered the types of shoes you shouldn’t wear in prison.


I am imagining Jeff’s thought process as he’s looking through his closet: “Oh, yeah. My least comfortable black dress shoes will be perfect for prison!” Jeff’s particularly anxious about someone stealing these shoes from him in jail. Not going to be an issue, dude.

What is going to be an issue is that Jeff has the most porous cover story. It’s got more holes in it than a horse trader’s mule. He’s in prison for stealing from his employer, but Jeff has no idea how much he stole or what the exact charge was against him.


I do feel bad for Jeff, though. He had a tough youth, and he was bullied until he was forced to drop out of high school. He works in department store security with aspirations of being a corrections officer. Probably don’t put this show on your audition reel, Jeff.

Isaiah is keeping it on the DL in jail. But some complications arise. Isaiah hasn’t been given his PIN yet. He hasn’t had any time in front of a judge. His cover story is that he’s been picked up on out-of-state warrants, and another inmate who thinks he’s Johnnie Cochran starts giving Isaiah legal advice and asking him questions that he’s totally unprepared for. Isaiah feels in over his head, and he uses the safe words — “I really miss good coffee” or something along those lines — to have the camera crew pull him out of the pod under the auspices of doing an interview.


The producers try to coach Isaiah and work on his story, but it’s unclear if he even wants to keep on doing this.

“Robert ignored every single thing we told him in training,” Capt. Scottie Maples says. Now Robert’s going away for a little while. Robert’s getting 30 days in Segregation — solitary confinement — for tampering with the cameras.


“No sense of time. No sense of nothing,” one inmate says of what it’s like doing time in The Hole. “There’s a clock on the wall over there. I don’t know if y’all noticed it, but it’s stuck on 10 o’clock. It’s been stuck on 10 o’clock for … seven years.”

It will be fun watching Robert’s descent into madness.





  1. What happened to your recaps for this show? A few weeks behind now. Really looking forward to reading them.

  2. This past Thursday episode I think it was March 24th was very disturbing for entire family. You all aired this show in the segregation at Clark County Jail which showed Chris Bruck he’s the murderer of his son and my grandson last year on January 8 2015 he died at Kosair Hospital do to several blows to the head from his father and everyone is posting it everywhere now Facebook and Twitter we continue to see this murderer’s face it saddens me that we had to go through it this way we still have trial next month… I have not even looked into his eyes yet not sure how I’m going to take that but just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that maybe you need to watch what you all are airing on national TV maybe the murderers and rapists in this area are so have you shouldn’t be shown if there victims family r known and live in the area I am truly sorry for this disturbing email but it has been hell I’ve lost my job almost my house and anything else that you can think of down that road my children r 20 years apart I have a 8 year old and my daughter that had the baby that was murdered is 28 and my weather grandson is 13 months older. Hayden Chase was 4 and would have been 5 this past year and it’s been a battle and will be for the rest of our lives. I Cry everyday so it was really horrible to be watching a new TV series and see this horrible horrible person’s face. Thank you so much for listening you probably can’t do anything now of course it’s already been aired but for future reference and anyone else’s pain that can be prevented this way and hopes that that can happen thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Heartbroken grandma grandma

    • Why would you watch the show if you knew your grandson’s murderer was housed in the jail? The production team shouldn’t censor an entire show to placate a single family. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but maybe skip the show in the future?

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