History’s Alone will be back in April

Jeff Pfeiffer

After 2.4 million viewers tuned in for the Season 1 finale of History’s survival series Alone (a growth of 50 percent over the series premiere), it was probably a no-brainer that the network’s No. 1 new non-fiction series of 2015 would be back for a second season. And so it is, with Alone Season 2 debuting April 21 at 9pm ET/PT.


History says that the 13-episode season puts 10 hardcore survivalists alone on northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The contestants have one mission — to stay alive. No camera crews, no teams and no gimmicks are on hand, per the network. But a $500,000 cash prize is at stake (that could be considered a gimmick of sorts, I guess) that will be given to the person who can last the longest.

POLL: Who will win Alone Season 2?

While no camera crews are used, the contestants themselves have cameras to self-document their journeys, and their footage was among the intriguing elements that made Season 1 so successful with viewers. But this isn’t just about taking selfies. They must also find food and water, find shelter and ward off predators, with the biggest challenge, perhaps, coming in the form of the extreme isolation and psychological distress they might face.

nicole-apelian-aloneCompeting this season on Alone are:

Jose Martinez Amoedo: Age 45; Hometown: Mayo, Yukon Territory, Canada

Nicole Apelian (pictured left): Age 45; Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Randy Champagne (pictured top): Age 28; Hometown: Flagstaff, Arizona & Boulder, Utah

Mary Kate Green: Age 36; Hometown: Homer, Alaska

Mike Lowe: Age 55; Hometown: Lewis, Colorado

David McIntyre: Age 49; Hometown: Kentwood, Michigan

Larry Roberts: Age 44; Hometown: Rush City, Minnesota

Justin Vititoe: Age 35; Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Desmond White: Age 37; Hometown: Coolidge, Arizona (currently Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

Tracy Wilson: Age 44; Hometown: Aiken, South Carolina

Alone Season 2 premieres April 21 at 9pm ET/PT on History.


Photos: Brendan Meadows/History


  1. I just started watching Season 2 and I also watch Naked & Afraid. If 3,500 people applicants applied for the show, how come they narrowed it down to a total loser like Desmond. Didn’t he realize that he was going to Vancouver Island, heavily populated by bears, and then freaked out on day one cause he saw bear shit; RUN DESMOND RUN. I’m really liking Tracy; she’s strong and interesting. Instead of telling the world they are doing it “for their children” and to prove that “they can do it”; why not just tell it like it is. What it is is a $500,000 prize at the end. Why else would a single woman with two babies, Mary Kate, do this? For $500,000, that’s why although a single mom could certainly use the money. I agree that more locals should have been included in the show since the show is taking over their homeland during filming.

  2. Would have preferred an intro with each person at their site on the first episode, instead of repeatedly going back to Desmond. But that being said I am a great fan of the series and am even thinking of applying myself if there is a season III.

    • I also was hoping to meet all 10 contestants but you’re right; they focused on only a few but especially Desmond. Maybe that was because they already knew he’d be tapping out on Day 1. How did he make it to finals over 3,489 other applicants; what a wimp!! He didn’t even give it a chance.

  3. Justin from Augusta has this one in the bank. He is tough as nails plus he is a southern boy like me. We rooting for you back home in Augusta!

  4. I live in B.C. and the location for this show is a mistake. In a real life scenario, if you were alone in the rainforest, you would seek out dryer ground. Period. I was impressed with the winner, and the young fellow that came in 2nd. Other than that, it was just a really wet camping trip, where I come from. The contestants claimed to be experts in survival, and all I saw as guys frantically looking for food, in all the wrong places. Most of the vegetation around them, was edible. Rain water pouring down just begging to be collected, and consumed, edible roots everywhere. The casting directors need to do their research, find true experts, and have THEM find the expert contestants. Just telling it like it is.

  5. I can’t believe all the negativity. Alone is not only a great challenge to watch it’s as real as it gets for the challengers. I’m super excited to watch the show and I hope they all know how fortunate they are to have been given such a gift. Good luck people.

  6. If you want real survival send my husband and his brother – they call this stuff camping and never want to leave the bush – show sucks!

  7. You guys are B.S.. I was told I was going to be on the second one. Im the best . Even against the best trained or years of schooling . I would survive and out live in style then anyone else. They are rigged T.V. shows. The people want real reality. Why are you not wanting to give me the chance? This season two , I’ll be far the contestant will last 74 days. Wow . Not it’s not even exciting like I would make it. When you find your contestants that you think can survive with me call me.

  8. Looking forward to this season coming up!

    Let’s see how the ladies do compared to the men. Maybe they will teach them a lesson or 2.

  9. I enjoyed following those involved through their challenging moments and so look forward to season 2. Just wonder if and when the producers would be willing to take up the challenge and allow one of us Crotchety Old Canadian’s on the show? Might be we’d show those young whipper-snappers how it’s done. LOL Not figuring or saying I’m anything special, but darn sure I’d give them a run for their money. Heck, the wife figures I’d probably win, yup, even at my age. heh heh
    Bryant, have no idea where you hail from, but it’s not always wise to paint everyone with the same brush, just might get surprised one day. Regards to all

  10. Good luck they,ll need it from victoria and hunter i know the bush all to well it will eat you alive if you,re not ready i could do so ask me for season 3 or 4 or 5………..ect.

  11. I am looking forward to seeing if any of these people can find a source of carbohydrates during that time of year to maintain their weight and avoid starving. Last year, Sam and Alan lost about 60 to 80 pounds after eating what amounted to a limited Atkins diet of protein and a little fat, which is guaranteed to make you loose weight. The seaweed doesn’t have much carbs at all. So unless someone can find something like cattail root or the inner bark of some trees which has some carbs, they will loose weight. Berries would be a good source of carbs, but they are not around that time of year. Just like last year, the winner will likely be someone who has enough fat to start with so they can live on their fat the longest, as well as the psychological stamina needed, like Alan did last year.

  12. I am VERY MUCH looking forward to season 2cause my son JustinVititoe is on it!!!!!!!! His father and I are sooo excited –we want to shout it out to the world!!!!! Can hardly wait to see it!!!!! Sandy Vititoe

    • Justin was my husband’s SGT in FT Campbell. I know my husband is very excited to see Justin perform on the show! Justin is a beast!! 🙂

  13. i wonder if you will stick to the lists frying pans coffee pots extra tarps alto tins and the plastic jugs love these so called experts 40 years in the bush and i love to see how bad realty tv realy is

  14. Looking forward to this second season. I really enjoyed watching season one and commenting about it on my YouTube channel 🙂

  15. Sorry that I couldn’t make it; it’s back to the wilds of Europe for me, all on my own.

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