History’s Alone will be back in April

Jeff Pfeiffer

After 2.4 million viewers tuned in for the Season 1 finale of History’s survival series Alone (a growth of 50 percent over the series premiere), it was probably a no-brainer that the network’s No. 1 new non-fiction series of 2015 would be back for a second season. And so it is, with Alone Season 2 debuting April 21 at 9pm ET/PT.


History says that the 13-episode season puts 10 hardcore survivalists alone on northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The contestants have one mission — to stay alive. No camera crews, no teams and no gimmicks are on hand, per the network. But a $500,000 cash prize is at stake (that could be considered a gimmick of sorts, I guess) that will be given to the person who can last the longest.

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While no camera crews are used, the contestants themselves have cameras to self-document their journeys, and their footage was among the intriguing elements that made Season 1 so successful with viewers. But this isn’t just about taking selfies. They must also find food and water, find shelter and ward off predators, with the biggest challenge, perhaps, coming in the form of the extreme isolation and psychological distress they might face.

nicole-apelian-aloneCompeting this season on Alone are:

Jose Martinez Amoedo: Age 45; Hometown: Mayo, Yukon Territory, Canada

Nicole Apelian (pictured left): Age 45; Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Randy Champagne (pictured top): Age 28; Hometown: Flagstaff, Arizona & Boulder, Utah

Mary Kate Green: Age 36; Hometown: Homer, Alaska

Mike Lowe: Age 55; Hometown: Lewis, Colorado

David McIntyre: Age 49; Hometown: Kentwood, Michigan

Larry Roberts: Age 44; Hometown: Rush City, Minnesota

Justin Vititoe: Age 35; Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Desmond White: Age 37; Hometown: Coolidge, Arizona (currently Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

Tracy Wilson: Age 44; Hometown: Aiken, South Carolina

Alone Season 2 premieres April 21 at 9pm ET/PT on History.


Photos: Brendan Meadows/History

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  1. To me the contestants far are city people who read in a book somewhere how to survive in the “Wild.”
    Not one hunter or fisherman among them
    Many of the survival skills that are to city slickers are very good techniques that will keep you alive until you are rescued . All great info… but how about putting someone on the show that knows how to live off the land and not just hang on but the skin of your teeth. How about putting on a Country Boy. I could name 50 things they could of done to flourish. Here just two. Put that fish head on your net, will get lots of crabs. Tap the tree sap and make syrup.

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