Face Off Season 10 episode 11 recap: The Art of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Face Off Season 10 episode 11

Face Off Season 10 episode 11 takes us to a very specific war – The World of Warcraft. Melissa and Walter are seriously excited since they’re avid gamers. They’ve got to take one of the video game’s characters & create a real-life version.

World of Warcraft Face Off Season 10 episode 11

We’ve got goblins (Yvonne), the Draenel (Walter), the Pandaren, the Tauren (Rob), trolls (Mel) and the Worgen (Melissa can’t get there fast enough).

Melissa can hardly contain herself. Mel, Rob and Yvonne don’t know much about World of Warcraft, so they’re especially freaked out. We’ll see if having knowledge of the game actually helps or hurts the artists.

Their special guest expert is Chris Robinson, World of Warcraft‘s senior art director. Chris is also going to meet with each artist to make sure their designs are on track.

Chris meets with the artists before they get too far into their sketches so they start off on the right foot. Mel asks a ton of questions of Chris so that she stays within the World of Warcraft world.

Both Mel and Melissa need hand molds, so they work together to get all of the hand molds done at the same time.

Walter makes some tentacles first so that he can work his sculpture around them.

Rob is freaking out about his cowl since the back hump is the most distinguishing feature of his race. So he takes a break from the hump to start work on the face. But then he says his face looks like a “werewolf teddy bear thing.” So it’s time for him to move on to the next thing. Walter says it’s ok if he doesn’t do something cool this challenge.

The next day he’s feeling much better. Mel is now deciding to scrap the hands & do those with fabrication so she can spend more time on the cowl. Melissa is freaking out because she is working on her hands & one of the clay pieces is stuck in the mold.

Since we’re in top 5, we have a brief moment of “I’m homesick” and “I miss my family.” And then we quickly move on.

Rob has issues with his horns. Melissa has issues with her paws.

Our special guest judge is Rob Kazinsky from the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. He also apparently played World of Warcraft professionally for about a year. Which is something I don’t get at all. How does that work? What are you producing?

Rob Kazinsky rips into Rob’s character because it’s not Tauren enough. Neville calls him an asshole & Rob says he feels like Simon Cowell. Yay a brief break in the super nice-nice Face Off facade! The regular Face Off judges love Rob’s sculpture & overall choices.

Rob Face Off Season 10 episode 11

Yvonne’s goblin is judged too pretty, too muddy (but not dirty enough), too safe & too fake.

Yvonne Face Off Season 10 episode 11

Mel’s worried, but she gets great feedback. The judges especially love how she laid the hair on the head of her model.

Mel Face Off Season 10 episode 11

Walter gets high praise overall, especially from Rob on the accuracy of the character for the World of Warcraft world.

Walter Face Off Season 10 episode 11

Melissa gets not great feedback from the Face Off judges, but Rob Kazinsky thinks it’s accurate. It’s good to have someone giving absolute commitment to The World of Warcraft world, but you wonder if the other judges want to smack him.

Melissa Face Off Season 10 episode 11

In the top is Walter, Mel and Rob (even though Rob’s was OBVIOUSLY a bipedal cow & not a Tauren. Duh.) Melissa and Yvonne are in the bottom. The winner is Walter. This time he did too much, but did it all well. Rob and Mel are also headed to the top 4.

As there’s no more judges save, the person going home tonight is Yvonne. Her pea soup goblin just didn’t make the cut.

What do you guys think of this Top 4? Was the save used well for Mel, or do you think Yvonne should’ve gotten it this week?