Face Off Season 10 episode 11 preview: Art of Warcraft

Warcraft preview Face Off Season 10 episode 11 Channel Guide Contributor

Channel Guide Magazine has received another exclusive preview clip of this week’s episode of Face Off.

Warcraft preview Face Off Season 10 episode 11

This week’s episode is The Art of Warcraft: The game World of Warcraft is making its way to the big screen this summer.

In this clip, we get the setup of the challenge – the artists are being asked to create a character based on a World of Warcraft character.

Melissa and Walter are super-stoked for this challenge. They both play the game & are geeking out. Mel and Rob on the other hand don’t play, so they’re a bit apprehensive.

And Yvonne is in the middle of these two groups, looking like a deer in headlights. Let’s watch:

Will previous experience with the game help or hurt our Face Off artists? Only way to find out is to watch!

Tune In: Face Off airs Wednesdays at 9/8C on Syfy.