A&E’s 60 Days In “First Timers” recap: Straight Outta D Pod!

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In Episode 2 of A&E’s 60 Days In, “First Timers,” the plot thickens, Zac’s just chillin’ and Robert’s booty tightens as his cover story falls apart.

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I love this guy. He looks like a less resourceful member of the Amish Mafia. I we get to check in on him every episode.

Let’s see how our volunteer prisoners are doing this week.

Zac’s pretty good at this jail thing. Maybe a little too good. He’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut. He can keep his story straight. He doesn’t immediately look like a guy you’d want to mess with. His helpful table-wiping skills have won him the favor of the Pod Boss — the teacher’s pet of the pod who cooperates with the officers so he can get away with more shenanigans. Zac plays cards and shoots the bull with the other inmates, and he volunteers to microwave others’ ramen noodles for them. Zac is a swell guy. I wonder how Ashleigh’s doing.

Tami’s pretty good at this, too, but I’m starting to think some of the F Pod’s alpha females might not like some of her sass back. One of them, Jennifer, starts testing Tami’s patience when she steals her shower shoes. We don’t get to see Tami’s full response to the Shoegate Scandal, but Tami will have a decided advantage in any combat that involves hair-pulling.

And here’s how Robert begins his 60 days in jail:

Robert, please never stop being Robert. I mentioned last week that I think Robert might be an actor planted in the show to give it some entertainment value. If he is an actor, than he’s a damned awful one because he can’t keep the details of his cover story straight, and even the dopier-looking inmates are sharper than him. Or, maybe he’s a brilliant actor and he intended to flub his lines for our amusement. Either way, I’m entertained. Bravo, Robert!


Robert’s really awful at this. He can’t even stand up to a little light questioning from his cellmates. He tries to distract them with humor: “I used to play guitar. I don’t anymore. Too many strings attached.” [Rim shot!] When asked about what kind of car he was driving when he ran through the stop sign on the interstate, Robert says, “The one with wheels.” Thanks! He’ll be here all eight weeks! Drive home safely!


The other inmates think that Robert is a cop, but their reasoning is a little flawed:

Robert does have one buddy in jail. DiAundré likes Robert, though I don’t know if he like likes Robert, capiche? Maybe DiAundré’s just happy there’s now someone even less popular than him in the pod. While there’s scuttlebutt among the inmates about scuttling Robert’s butt, it’s DiAundré who’s going to get his meal interrupted with a sucker punch to the side of the brain.

Oh, and there’s a big, delicious plot twist: Some of the 60 Days In participants will be put into the same pod together with no knowledge of each other’s true identities. With all the females in F Pod together, it will be interesting to see if Tami, Barbra and Maryum get along or if there’s going to be friction. We’ll soon find out which pods Jeff and Isaiah will be assigned to. I’d love to see a Robert/Jeff/DiAundré love triangle develop.

This show has suddenly become Big Brother by way of Oz, and I can’t wait to see who’s kicked out of the big house first.


  1. You mentioned (as did the 2nd episode) that Tami, Brenda and Maryam did not know of each other being volunteers, and are all in the same pod together. They were all in a meeting together before filming started though. So…they did know of each other. Right?!

    • I’d have to watch the first episode again, but I think they held separate training meetings for people who were going to be in the same pod.

      • You could be right! They definitely looked like they had never seen each other when they were inside the jail, but I swear they were all in a room together.

      • You could be right! They definitely looked like they had never seen each other when they were inside the jail, but I swear they were all in a room together. Gotta watch it again

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