Jane the Virgin Chapter 37 recap: Pablo’s Curse

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I know we took a weeklong break from Jane the Virgin but dang! Jane is only six weeks away from marrying Michael?! And it looks like she’s actually going through with the wedding this time. Jane has all her wedding plans set except for one thing: Rogelio’s RSVP to the wedding. She tries calling him again and Lola answers. Finally, Jane realizes that something must be wrong if he doesn’t respond to her after knowing she’s marrying his bromance partner.

Lola has other plans for Rogelio which include a webcam and suicide. This can’t be good.

Since the wedding is only weeks away, Michael’s parents stop by for a visit. Michael thinks everything will be perfect because his parents love Jane so much. Think again! The family business they needed to discuss with their son includes telling him to not marry Jane because he’s making a huge mistake. Definitely didn’t see that one coming.

So Petra and her Frozen babies were sent home by the doctor. It’s obvious Petra is freaking out about being a mother on her own because she’s already hired help. Does she not realize that Rafael is there and begging to help out?

Alba is convinced that Pablo’s curse is already upon them before he even sets foot in the Villanueva household. Michael’s parents are upset about the wedding and Jane’s new advisor is extremely difficult to please when it comes to Jane’s romance genre. Alba has a point, but I think I’ll need some more evidence before I believe in this Pablo curse.

Jane The Virgin Chapter 37 DerekJane calls Michael and asks if he could check up on Rogelio, because she still hasn’t heard back from him and is worried. When Michael goes to check out Rogelio’s place, he sees Lola holding a gun up to Rogelio and has him in chains. Luckily Rogelio spots Michael through the window without catching Lola’s attention.

Without trying to make things seem odd, Rogelio asks Lola if his death scene can be outside for a more “flattering light.” That’s when Michael sneaks up behind the psycho and steals the gun out of her hands before putting her in handcuffs. I can only imagine how strong Michael and Rogelio’s bromance will be now that he saved his life.

Looks like Pablo’s curse can’t ruin everything. Jane was able to convince Michael’s parents to attend the engagement party after they said they wouldn’t go. Sure, she had to drive more than 100 miles to get to their house and interrupt Michael’s mother’s book club meeting, but it worked! Work that charm, Jane.

Rafael’s half-brother Derek pays a visit to the Marbella. In fact, he even has lunch with Rafael at the hotel in an attempt for Rafael to “learn” more about Derek. The conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so Derek tells Rafael to ask the question he really wants to know. Turns out they both had no idea their mother was a crime lord. Rafael goes against what Michael said and goes with Derek so he can show him where he disappeared to once their mother was exposed. No cell service and out on a boat in the dark? I don’t like this a bit.

Rogelio’s agent calls Jane just as the engagement party is about to start and lets her know that Rogelio is having a difficult time. Being a good daughter, Jane rushes to her dad’s side. Rogelio wants to do this important interview, but tells Jane that every time he tries to explain what happened, he starts to cry. Jane helps out by letting Rogelio tell her what happened in a mock interview and that’s when the tears begin to flow. Poor Rogelio! In the end, Rogelio manages to do the interview like a true hero.

Jane The Virgin Chapter 36 Pablo AlbaI guess the reason why Derek took Rafael out on the boat in the middle of nowhere is because that’s truly where he was hiding. Out on the water in the boat. He was so worried because everything was being taken from him, so he fled. I think Rafael believes he could actually develop a healthy relationship with his brother. He even calls Michael and tells him that Derek can’t know anything because he just told him the truth. The cops can investigate all they want but Derek isn’t hiding anything. Yeah, we’ll see about that.

Alba agrees to one date with Pablo. She comes clean about her superstitious thinking that he’s cursed and he laughs at it. However, while the two are dancing the night away at the Marbella, there’s a major water leak at the Villanueva household.

Okay, so maybe there is a curse connected with Pablo.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Michael’s parents are out of line for being so harsh on Jane? She did break their son’s heart and move on to another guy right away, but the girl has her own needs too. Do you think we’ll see Lola ever again? Why do you think Petra isn’t connecting with the babies? She seems to put work before anything. Do you trust Derek and his story he told Rafael? I’m not buying it just yet. What are your thoughts on this Pablo curse? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I think that Petra is going through a post partum phase coupled with the fact that she really never quite ththought out her devious plan. Petra is not “mother material”. She did all of this to get Raphael back and she doesn’t appear to even remember that. Despite the aforementioned, she could come around and be a good mother yet!

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