Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd


  1. Absolutely amazing how Nyle can dance so in step and not hear. God bless him. Thank you also Peta.
    You have all my votes.

  2. Nyle and Peta going to win dancing with stars Nyle you are my favourite dancer and dance with your heart

  3. Nyles gave a great complement to Val, what’s wrong with wanting to dance like the best? SoMuch canc be lost with an much can be lost with an interpreter That was TERRIBLE FOR LEN TO SAY WHAT HE DID, YOU COULD SEE his comment was not appropriate So wonderful to see he has confidence, HE BETTER NOT BE eliminatedTONIGHT, HE IS A VERY GOOD DAHe is definitely one of the top TOP THREE, SHAME ON U LEN, FURTHER MORE the the SECOND FEMALE DANCER IN YELLOW HAD HER BUM STICKING OUT, LEN Said nothing to her if he is if he If he is eliminated tonight after watching since inception, I won,T watch any longer

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