Shameless Season 6, episode 10 recap – “Paradise Lost”

Karen Ruud

Last week everything seemed to finally be coming up roses for most of the Gallagher clan, Shameless fans. Does that still hold true for this week? Given the episode title is “Paradise Lost,” this sounds a little doubtful — and we are talking Shameless here. Here’s the Shameless Season 6, episode 10 recap.

Fiona & Sean: Things are full steam ahead with the wedding planning. Sean is moving into the Gallagher house and Fiona is all about having a traditional wedding. Flowers, church, reception hall — the whole nine yards. She also gets blessings from Will (Sean’s son, who oddly enough hated Fiona an episode back) and his mom, so it sounds like nothing can stop this finally-happy-Fiona marriage train. She only gets a little flack from V as she digs up Monica’s wedding dress from her and Frank’s first marriage (apparently they were married twice and the first only lasted a week since Monica locked him a trunk for a few days. It happens.).

As Svetlana does Fiona’s fitting for the dress, the girls all seem to have different ideas what marriage means to them — but Fiona is really stuck on wanting to do a nice traditional wedding with all her friends and family there.

She also tells Sean no sex before marriage, and there’s no budging on that.

Part of a traditional wedding means a bachelorette party, right? Of course! V plans an epic night out at the strip club, which will include a special show just for Fiona. I’m scared to see what this can possible entail and my fears prove correct when Kev, Tommy, Kermit and some other old regular from The Alibi come out and do a little strip show for them. Luckily not full-monty style. Oops. Kermit thought it was going to be by way of which we learn he has certain genitalia pierced. Ha! Didn’t see that coming! All the ladies in the club seem to be digging it as well. Ewwwww.

Frank, Queenie & Debs: Frank is finally adjusting to commune life, especially now that he knows about all the beautiful poppy plants. His new favorite place to mill around is the greenhouse. As he comes across a cat-scratched Chuckie, he tells him he’s lucky that the cougar couldn’t aim. As Frank bosses the others around, Jupiter comes in to tell him to go turn the compost because HE runs the greenhouse. Frank debates that. He thought they shared everything, just not certain parts of Queenie. Then he gives Jupiter some unsolicited love advice.


Debs, on the other hand, is now in labor, and finding out this may not be the wonderful paradise she thought it was. Getting moved into the un-sterile-looking “birthing” tent, she looks horrified as she sees the wooden tub that Queenie explains is filled with old afterbirths. Like one, big, glorious chain. Queenie is then whisked away by Jupiter and Debs is left with the midwife who tells her that she hasn’t delivered a baby since the 1980’s. That will calm those nerves!

Frank, trying to find Debs to talk about baby names, is approached by Queenie and learns that Debs has been moved to the birthing tent since she may be in labor. Queenie has other news for him: he has been challenged to a dual by Jupiter. Explaining what this is about, she says that’s what they do to cut out any growing grievances there may be before they escalates into something more. They will duke it out in “The Pit.”

Joining an underwear-clad Jupiter in a pit full of mud, Frank accepts his challenge. As the ram horn is blown, the commune comes to see what this challenge is about. The only rules are there are no rules and afterward, the grievance must be left in the pit. Frank immediately gets his face crammed in the mud and Jupiter tells him to say “Uncle.” Not giving in that quickly, Franks retaliates by grabbing Jupiter in the gonads and getting him to surrender. Frank — now the victor — finds all the ladies want to get with him. And so does Jupiter.

SHAMELESS_610_2941.R SHAMELESS_610_3073.R SHAMELESS_610_3085.R

You’re welcome. Or sorry.

As Frank jumps from tent to tent, a fight breaks out among the new ladies. Queenie gets all heated up too. Frank makes them take it to “The Pit.” He’s loving every minute of this sexual attention. (see below for a deleted-scene photo of this outcome!)

Debs, meanwhile, is in a great deal of pain as the hippie ladies try to calm her into letting nature take its course. Which she doesn’t care about. Debs wants drugs and she wants the kid out! Getting an eyeful of the tools that will be used for delivery, she finally has enough. Waking Frank in the middle of the night, she begs him to leave with her. Not wanting to leave his newfound paradise, he finally gives in to her. Aw. That Frank does have a soft and caring side to him.

Racing her home as fast as he can, so she can have the baby at the house like every other Gallagher, Debs tells Frank he’s the only one that has ever been there for her through the whole pregnancy. Oops. Frank is kidnapped by G-Dog’s cronies and Debs is left on her own as her water just breaks in the street. Screaming for help, the family races her inside and are frantic about how to deliver a baby. Luckily, thanks to the internet and several women in the room who have already given birth, they manage.

It’s a girl!

The family has a wonderful family bonding moment over new little baby Francis (named after her grandpa Frank, of course) before the ambulance finally arrives to take the pair to the hospital. Fiona really wants to ride along, but Debs says no. That Fiona was right — she really needs to do this on her own. I have 2 takes on that: either she is really going to do this baby thing on her own OR she is indeed going to give it up for adoption.

I am guessing the latter as the family just looks all sad as Debs rides away in the ambulance.


Frank, on the other hand, is about to lose some of his manhood … or some fingers. As he’s taken to a completely soundproof room so no one can hear his screams and as the blowtorch they are about to torture him with gets closer, he tells them that he knows how get a lot of opium. This gets their attention enough to stop.

They drive Frank out to the commune to go get this “opium” and all they see are plants. Frank asks them if they even know where opium comes from. Just then, Jupiter storms in with a shotgun, threatening them to get out of his warehouse. As guns are drawn by both parties, Frank sneaks away and hauls butt out of there as a shootout goes down. Guess we’ll have to wait  see how that one turns out. Apparently there will be some “Paradise Lost.”

Carl: Having breakfast with his “girlfriend” Dom and her father Sgt. Winslow, he is read the the riot act about whether the two are having sex. Trying to be a respectable young man, Carl grabs the bill to pay for it and is again drilled with how he got the money. Working the corner? Carl tells him he has a job at the restaurant washing dishes. Dom is upset that her father keeps drilling Carl and not giving him a chance. To make her happy, he offers for Carl to ride along with him that day. After she walks away, he tells Carl no matter what happens he still is not going to trust him. Carl tries to convince him that he’s straight as they bust some innocent looking guy who ends up having some rock. He did this just to prove to Carl nothing gets by him.

Then they get a real call and the chase is on,  Carl is told to stay in the car. Of course he doesn’t, and chases down one of the perps. Sarge is not too pleased that Carl didn’t listen to him; Carl, on the other hand, is loving being on this side of the law. After the old man’s shift is done, he drops Carl off at home and tells him that he was hoping he would have gotten shot. He still thinks Carl’s a piece of crap (that’s putting it nicely as to what he really said)  and if he ever finds out that him and his daughter have been bumping uglies (again nicely to put to what he really said) it on he personally will take him out. Ouch! Carl better start running… Again!

Ian & Caleb are together at the clinic, where Ian is getting an HIV test, but is more worried about his EMT test later. Being a little shy about ‘fessing up how many partners he has had in front of Caleb, Caleb gets the hint leaves the room. Done with the test, Ian tells Caleb he has the all clear and races out to go do his EMT test and doesn’t really acknowledge that Caleb is a little mad about him not wanting to tell the truth in front of him.

Ian also passes the EMT test with flying colors. Upon receiving the paperwork to get his license, he freaks out when it asks if he has ever been in a psych ward or has psych problems. Upset that he won’t be able to be an EMT now and telling Caleb about his past in the psych ward, Caleb handles his meltdown wonderfully and just tells him to lie. Ian is conflicted about Caleb’s double standards on lying , like how it’s OK for him to lie on these papers but not to Caleb about his sexual history. Caleb sets him straight that it’s not their business and how it’s only a job and that he’s his boyfriend — two totally different scenarios.  As for the sexual-partner thing, he almost challenges Ian that there is no way he can beat his numbers. So Ian spills it all about the club he used to work in and that he did a porno. Totally forgot about that. Well, looks like Ian’s the winner! As if it were a competition…

Caleb seemingly is ok with what Ian just told him, grabs his papers, marks no on them, tells him to sign it & they are going out to celebrate! Hopefully that little white lie doesn’t come back to bite him.

Lip: Trying to piece his life back together is still on a downward spiral thanks to his growing need for booze. First, getting ridden by Professor Youens to get him his mid-term grades by the end of the day. Saying he will get them done they talk about the paper the professor is getting published later that day and how Lip needs to start preparing for his internship interview and start getting his act together.

Returning from his internship interview, which seemed to go well, he gets a notification about Professor Youens paper being published only to discover he ripped him off of his ideas and took credit for it. At the same time he is getting bombarded by the Den Mother of the sorority that he needs to move out immediately since he is fired. Having no idea why, she tells him about his drunken actions at the party the other night: Taking all the pictures off the wall and circled all the girls he has slept with, then urinating on the carpet and all the other group photos Yep that deserves being fired. Trying to validate his bad behavior by explaining the crappy couple of weeks he has had she doesn’t care. She tells him the final straw was that he urinated on her. Oops, definitely getting fired and has to go meet with student counseling over his alcoholism.

Meeting with student counseling on how he broke the schools alcohol policy he argues that most of the school does. She doesn’t care, he is there for HIS actions. Trying to blow it off that he doesn’t have time for these meetings he learns he faces expulsion if he doesn’t comply. So meetings it is.


Done with his alcohol counseling for the day, he goes to Professor Youens office in hopes he can crash there. Nope. Youens is mad that Lip doesn’t have his mid-term grades done yet and while they may be drinking pals he is after all his only boss that hasn’t fired him yet. Not caring at all about all the stuff Lip has just been through tells him to grow up. So the two having it out over who is pretty much the bigger drunken loser and about how he ripped off Lip’s ideas. Lip finally storms away with some pretty harsh words for the professor. I declare him winner since he still has time to shape up and is not a has been who sleeps off the previous night in his car. I’m also guessing he just lost that job too.

Kev, V & Svetlana: Kev comes across the girls passed out on the couch and is wondering what the heck is going on. Learning they were up late celebrating Svetlana’s divorce from Mickey, or as V now calls her now Lana – her loving pet name for their “dyke” relationship. Kev stops V in her tracks and is upset that they are still going through with the green card marriage thing. He is all up in arms about how marriage is a sacred constitution or some crap. Well why doesn’t he divorce his other wife and really marry V then? Claiming he will come up with an alternate plan by the end of the day he begs them to stop their plan.


His new plan is meeting up with a guy he found on Craigslist to get her a new identity but not without getting some flack from his regulars first. Paranoid now that the guy is a cop, he gets over it and talks business. Buying the fake social security card he figures this plan will work and now V doesn’t have to do the marriage.

Excited about this he shows the new ID at  Fiona’s bachelorette party. They pretty much laugh and tell him that he was ripped off since this card has 10 numbers and Social Security numbers only have 9. Kev tells them he will get a better one, but the girls tell him not to bother. They already took care of it  via a quickie wedding at the courthouse. As Svetlana puts it, it was in-and-out. Like a drive-thru: the McLesbian wedding. Kev is super po’d about  V going behind his back. While it’s no big deal to her, it sure is to him.

So yeah, lots of “Paradise Lost” on Shameless this week. As the season is starting to wind down (only 2 episodes left) it seems like there has to be some ramifications coming down soon on a few things.

Will Fiona REALLY have that fairytale happy ending wedding with Sean?
Is Carl REALLY out of the game?
Who won that opium shootout?
Will Lip finally get his act together?What’s up with the baby?
Does Ian really find happiness with someone who can handle him?
Where the heck has Liam been?

Oh and here are a couple shots of Frank’s women taking it to “The Pit”

SHAMELESS_610_3220.R SHAMELESS_610_3209.R

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