Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8 “Little Women, Big Changes”

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8 Kellie Freeze

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8It’s the season finale of Little Women: Atlanta! But before you start humming Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road,” never fear, there’s a reunion special next week, (but more on that later). Let’s get started.

Oh hey, it’s Amanda’s boyfriend, Jordan! He actually gets to say a word in this episode, so good for you, bro! And he’s finally got a job. And now that J-Dog is making bank, Amanda and Jordan want a place of their own. Because of sex.

And then Amanda and Chris arrive home with s@#$-eating grins on their faces. Amanda has gotten Chris’ name tattooed on her wrist. Sadly, the tat reads “E-L-O-Y,” which isn’t how I would spell “Chris,” so hopefully that’s his last name. It looks like it hurt a ton, and it makes me squeamish just looking at its redness. Chris may also have gotten Amanda’s name tattooed on his neck, which will definitely make him employable in almost ZERO decent wage-offering industries.

Sneaky Jordan conspires to get Minnie and Monie over to the house to they can have a surprise knock-down-drag-out-fight conversation and they can all watch. “The only way they’re going to talk is if we force them,” says Andrea. I disagree; those two are looking for any excuse to talk with their manicures in each other’s faces. “We gotta squash the beef,” says Amanda, which sounds both dirty and delicious.

Emily and Bri take a walk so they can chat about Wooda. Bri has moved out of her house and is living with Emily, but she wants to return to her house and get Wooda out. She wants the stability of home for Malik, who is chillin’ in his stroller like a perfect prince. Emily warns Bri that Wooda is going to try and return. Stay strong girl!

Over at Mo’ Monie, Mo’ Problem’s house, Monie is putting her cooking lesson from the twins into practice. Tonight it’s fajita night and Morlin is very impressed to see his ladylove in the kitchen. Monie, I appreciate your efforts in the kitchen, but I definitely question your food-handling safety skills. Nont’ use the same utensils and cutting boards for meet and veg — yuck! While Monie impresses her man with her cooking skills, he tells her that he is thinking about babies. Monie thinks that her man needs to slow his roll.

Minnie, Her mom Tammi, her aunt, and her aunt’s dog go shopping for baby clothes (which is strange, but is also foreshadowing!) and Minnie reveals that he’s reached out to her father. Up until now, Minnie’s dad has refused to be a part of her life; but he’s finally agreed to take the paternity test that Minnie has wanted for years. Minnie’s mom Tammi is glad that her father is agreeing to the test, but she’s been burned by him for so long, that she’ll believe it when she sees it.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8
Pink or Blue?

Today’s the day that Emily finds out the gender of her baby and may learn if the baby is little or average-sized. And guess who is nowhere to be found? Her baby’s daddy. Dr. Robin congratulates Emily for adjusting her eating habits and is pleased to announce that Emily’s blood pressure is back to normal (yay!). Emily joyfully learns that her baby is a boy, which thrills her to no end. But when Emily is told that her son will most likely be average-sized, she’s a little bummed. She was looking forward to sharing her experience as a little person with one of her offspring. But regardless of his size, she can raise a compassionate person who is an advocate and champion for little people, and Emily knows that her son will avoid the myriad of health problems that some little people experience. Emily’s daughter Eva is going to be a great big sister to her little bro.

Minnie arrives for her ambush friendtervention, and reveals to the Twins that she wants to be friends with Monie. As if on cue, Monie arrives, and the ruse is revealed. After Minnie and Monie shoot eye-daggers at each other, Minnie apologizes to Monie and says that she wants to move forward with their friendship. Monie agrees, and hopefully it’s not just because she needs a haircut.
Then, Monie invites the women to a party called, “Minnie turns over a new leaf.” She is joyfully looking towards the future. So are we, friend. So are we.

Bri and Malik return to their home and Bri readies herself to boot Wooda to the curb. (The porch of that house much be huge, because it’s dusk when Emily’s car pulls up, but pitch black outside when Bri enters the house.) Wooda seems okay at the idea of being kicked out of the house, but I’m sure he thinks he’ll be back. Bri is tired of being Wooda’s roommate. And until he moves out, Wooda is cast to the couch.

Minnie and her mom have a heart-to-heart about the upcoming paternity test with the man she’s always believed to be her father. Minnie still feels rejected by him, but thinks that there is always time to build a relationship. He mom supports her no matter what the test shows, or how he reacts. We get to see some cute pics of vintage Minnie, but the most lasting image is of her mom’s hugs of support.
The Twins and their men enjoy a fun date-night of trampoline jumping. This is the perfect place for Amanda to tell Andrea that she and Jordan are moving out. Amanda doesn’t take it well. Amanda hates to see her sister cry, because she says she can feel her twin’s pain (OMG-really?!? Twin powers are amazing. Oh, not really? Shoot).

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8
Open wide!

It’s time for Minnie to take her paternity test and re-BFF Monie, comes along for support (Side note: When I worked for The Jenny Jones Show, our paternity tests were as simple as a cheek swab that we FedExed to a lab; there weren’t’ any fancy-schmancy places that you could go to for the tests.) Minnie’s test is the same thing, but it’s administered by someone much more qualified-looking than I was.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8
Those are tears of happiness, right?

Amanda and Jordan are excited to be moving into their own place, and Amanda is sad that her other half is moving out. Monie and Morlin lend a few extra hands to the move, and lends support when Andrea breaks down in tears as her sister pulls away.

Party time! Everyone is dressed up in her finest for Minnie’s bash. Minnie is nervous, but knows that she has the support of her friends and family regardless of the outcome. I can’t imagine how terrified Minnie must be feeling! I am glad to see that Pastor Calvin and Wendy are invited to the party, their support has made the cast make significant life changes! (I’ll ask again; when are they getting their own show?) And Ms. Juicy arrives to bring her flair. Hopefully, Monie will keep Juicy’s hair dry. And in a minor shock, Juicy and Monie apologize to each other for the events at Minnie’s birthday party.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8And then in a moment worthy of Maury Povich, Minnie opens the results of her paternity test. And she breaks down in tears. After a commercial break that lasts an eternity, she reveals that the man who she’s always assumed was her father 99.9999% confirmed as her father. It’s news that Minnie and her mother expected, but now her father has no reason to deny her. Now, hopefully, he will step up and act like her father. He says that he wants to see the results for himself and Minnie promises to send them to him. She’s disappointed that her father doesn’t believe her and cries woefully. But love and support from friends and family has her laughing again.

Postscript to the episode:
Minnie hopes to eventually develop a relationship with her biological father. In the meantime, she’s going to continue to focus on herself. And hopefully find love.”
Monie and her boyfriend Morlin are living their happily ever after. Monie’s voiceover career, however, is still a work in progress …”
Emily and Lontel’s relationship issues continue to improve, and they plan to raise the baby together. Lontel Jr. is due in April.”
Bri and Wooda remain food friends and continue to split custody of their 2 year-old son, Malik. She’s still twerking but finds it’s not the same with only one cheek.”
“Despite living apart, the Twins still see each other every day. Luckily they live close enough to ride bikes, because they haven’t passed their driving test. Their rivalry with the Cheeks is a thing of the past.”

Next week, we’re getting the gang back together for a Little Women: Atlanta family reunion! The show’s producers have promised that all of the swirling questions regarding this season will be revealed. I don’t wanna miss the explanation of Minnie’s baby, so I will definitely tune in!
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