Face Off Season 10 episode 10 recap: Keep One Eye Open

Eyes Face Off Season 10 episode 10

Face Off Season 10 episode 10 has the artists selecting an eyeball to create a cyclops character.

Eyes Face Off Season 10 episode 10

To complete the look of these characters, the show has arranged for 6-7 foot tall models. Mel’s gonna need a ladder to work on her model. (Actually, most of them could’ve used a ladder. Mel just got the most crap about it.)

This is a focus challenge, so it’s only a 2 day challenge. They’ve got to sculpt & mold their faces today.

In this episode, we learn about eyeforms – a sphere with some screws in it that the artists use to hold the place of the pretty eye. The cement of the cast will grab on to the screws in the eyeform, making that shape a part of the cast. I love learning!

Because this is a cyclops, the artists have to figure out where exactly the eye goes on the face. They also have to figure out how their model is going to see. Will they sculpt some gills they can see through? Folds? Some other form that still makes sense anatomically speaking.

Mel selects the most human-looking eye, but she decides to go with a dog-human-cyclops hybrid. Mel, Mel, Mel. Why are you over complicating this? Mr. Westmore specifically says ‘don’t do the dark dog nose.’ We’ll see if she heeds that advice.

Yvonne is stressing out about making an expression on a cyclops face. Rob is stressing out about symmetry, so much so that he’s the last one in the mold room.

A couple of artists finish with time to spare, so they take time to practice their painting techniques. Mel experiments with using a bald cap and her hair to see if she could use her model’s hair for a mohawk.

Mohawk Face Off Season 10 episode 10

Melissa helps Rob clean out his mold when the power washer stops working. Thanks Robert.

Mel’s not in love with her sculpture, again, so she’s hoping she can save things with her paint job. Walter can’t get his bald cap to stick to his model. Melissa’s going with a python paint job while Yvonne wants classic devil.

Rob is painting his model based off a poison dart frog & it looks really cool. Walter wants to go above & beyond this focus challenge by painting the body. That’s usually not a good idea, Walter.

Mel keeps working her paint, which makes things worse. Walter’s bald cap has shifted, and he’s got no time to fix it.

Our guest judge this week is Douglas Smith, who played a cyclops in Percy Jackson.

Yvonne should’ve varied her color palette & added more depth, but overall she gets ok marks.

Yvonne Face Off Season 10 episode 10

Walter shouldn’t have done body paint – he should’ve spent more time on his face. He also had some wonky form in the structure of his face sculpture.

Walter Face Off Season 10 episode 10

Rob used gorgeous colors & created an interesting character. He also probably used the step stool to work on his model.

Rob Face Off Season 10 episode 10

Melissa totally role-playing game geeks out with her character. His name is Gornak. He’s a berzerker barbarian, level 10. He’s also got a plus 5 armor rating, due to his draconian father and a minus 10 dexterity because of his cyclopian vision, which hampers his depth perception. Awesome.

Melissa Face Off Season 10 episode 10

FYI – spellchecker hates me for that last paragraph. And again, step stool.

And poor Mel. Too much white in the eye & it’s not into a socket. Too weird with the dog forms. The judges didn’t ask, but I will – why did you paint the nose black Mel? Why? Mr. Westmore told you not too! Not that that detail would’ve saved things, but…

Mel Face Off Season 10 episode 10

And it’s Melissa & Gornak for the win! Not surprising. Rob was a strong contender, but her level of detail was exceptional.

In the bottom are Walter & Mel, with Mel’s journey coming to an end.

But it doesn’t! Mel’s the artist that has won the special immunity. I’m not surprised – she’s done some strong work. Here’s hoping she doesn’t freak out & put too much pressure on herself next week.

What did you guys think? Should the judges have used the save on Mel? Should Walter have gone?