Shameless Season 6, Episode 9 recap – “A Yurt Of One’s Own”

Last week on Shameless Frank got busted dipping into the delivery, Carl is still on the path to being out, Sean lost it on Fiona for Will finding one of Carl’s guns. Here’s what happened on this week’s Shameless Season 6, Episode 9 – “A Yurt Of One’s Own”



Frank, Queenie & Debbie: Frank is ripping out his new do and hiding from T-Dogg’s crew, who is hunting him down to kill him. Debs is going to Queenie’s commune, soaring consciousness ecosystem, for a supportive environment. Of course not without some heckling from Fiona for dropping out of school. Debs argues she is getting unschooled and learning real world things, like how to bowl pasta. If anything she will just get her GED like Fiona did. Frank is busting Queenie and Debs leaving, and decides to tag along – the fresh air will do him good, and he won’t have to dodge bullets. Arriving at the commune, Frank is rambling on that this is just what they needed. Queenie immediately comes across Jupiter, one of the founding fathers of their ecosystem, as he embraces Deborah right off the bat (stating that he hoped she would come), wraps her in a blanket and is taken inside the tent. Frank, meanwhile, is blabbing about how cold he is and is just given the cold shoulder. Chuckie, meanwhile, is worried about mountain lions. After a weird little morning spiritual chant and the welcoming of Deborah, who just has this look on her face like what the heck did I get myself into, she is led to the private sanctuary of the maternity tent. Seeing that she gets this beautiful calming sanctuary to herself and learning that no male energy is allowed, her spirits seem to be turning around. Meanwhile, Frank and Chuckie get the guided tour from Jupiter himself. Finding he has to do his part to keep this ecosystem going, he is taught how to turn the compost, which he learns is vegetable scraps and remains from the latrine, otherwise known as “Black Gold.” Chuckie does his part by rolling around in it, ewwwww.


After doing his part, Frank professes to Queenie that he is loving the great outdoors and is wondering what their sleeping situation is and if Chuckie is going to be stuck with them. Queenie tells Frank that Chuckie has his own tent. Chuckie on the other hand is still freaked out about seeing a mountain lion. Queenie sets him straight that they are barely out of the city so he’d be lucky to see a squirrel. Frank, now excited to get down to business with his lady love in their tent, finds two other guys in there and is miffed that they have to share. Nope, they are just there for sex. Not digging the idea of having to get it on with some patchouli-smelling hippies, he just questions how no one around there smokes weed. Queenie just tells him if he doesn’t want to partake, he can just wait outside. Racing out of there, he tries to go crash with Debs, who just beats his hand away with the maternity idol. Frank just rambles on that he guesses it’s back to the foursome with Pete Seeger and Willie Nelson.

The next morning Queenie wakes Debs with some breakfast and some advice on how to maybe get some better sleep so she hooks her up with a vibrator. Frank, meanwhile, not wanting to deal with any “crap” chores, agrees to riding a bike that is used to charge the batteries that make the generator run. After his shift, he can’t take this hippie commune anymore and would rather get shot at than stay there one more minute. Debs, on the other hand, wants to stay. Queenie, in an effort to get Frank to stay, shows him the commune secret. A huge greenhouse full of poppies. Yep, they are cultivating the plants for opium in an effort to make money to buy land in Hawaii and really live in paradise. Duh, that’s what all the “Black Gold” and bike riding is for! Like they need all that just to grow turnips.

Oh, I almost forgot, Chuckie DID encounter a mountain lion, unless he got into that tea …

Fiona & Sean: Fiona writes a letter to Sean’s ex in order to try to take blame for Will finding Carl’s guns. Sean is being really cold to her as she is trying to apologize her way out of the gun thing, and he is just pretty much treating her as an employee and blowing her off. She then gets a surprise visit at the diner from her husband Gus. Showing up with a booze peace offering as an apology over his behavior when she was trying to buy the house, he is really there to just talk divorce. He says let’s just leave with what we came in with, except he wants his grandma’s engagement ring back. Oops, that would be at the pawn shop. Of course she doesn’t tell him that part– just see you tomorrow for the simple “you don’t need a lawyer, papers are already drawn” divorce. Going to the pawn shop – while briefly noticing an ad for a lawyer – she tries to get it back. She’s in luck that it is still there but since it is over three months, the contract is now expired so now the price to get it back is 6 G’s, rather than the $1,900. Telling the pawn guy the backstory of the ring and pleading to get it back gets her nowhere. He at least settles for the $500 she does have to hold it for a couple of days. On the way out, while again passing the ad for the lawyer, this time she stops to take note of it. Going to meet with the lawyer, she just wants a little backup so she can’t be sued for the ring. Seeming like a bit of a shady lawyer (who is played by Oscar Nuñez, better known as Oscar from The Office), he tries to convince her that maybe she should go for more. Now getting on the phone with Gus’ lawyers office, he puts out there that when he gave her the ring, at the time there was never any discussion of having to forfeit it down the line and also asks for a list of all his assets. Confused by what just happened, he tells her this is routine and it will be OK and he will see her tomorrow. Seeming like she wants to talk this out more, he reminds her that he bills on the quarter hour so she blows out of there.


Later trying to get ahold of Sean, she is still being blown off. Instead she gets an angry call from Gus about the lawyer’s demands. Trying to tell him that she isn’t after his money, he just sternly declares that if this is how you want it. Finally fessing up to him that the ring is in a pawn shop and she is trying to get the money to get it back, she discovers she was talking to dead air since he hung up on her. Now she’s got two guys mad at her. Since Sean is ignoring her, she goes to his apartment to try to talk. Being aloof to her and surprised to see her, he mentions he was about to head out for a meeting and that he talked to Nicole, Will’s mom, and of course she freaked out. Asking if there is anything she can do, he just says he will let her know. Getting back into her me me me world, she starts to tell him about what’s going on with Gus. Cutting her off, he says he has to leave if he’s going to make that meeting. Wanting to talk things out with him, he throws some NA jargon her way that when agitated you need to pause, so he’s pausing. Confused as to if they are ever going to talk things through, he said sure they could, but it wouldn’t help either of them.

Next day at work, he sees her heading out and was wondering what she’s up to. Telling him she is on her way to the lawyer’s and still wanting to get a conversation out of him, he just keeps stressing he’s not ready. Still pushing his buttons, he finally snaps and mentions he can’t stop seeing Will with that gun and if he loses custody because of her he will never forgive her. Wanting to know if that’s it, they are just done, then he also throws into her face the whole Liam and coke incident. So what, she has to accept that he is a heroin addict and killed someone but she can’t have her couple of demons? Realizing she has a good point, he tries to stop her. Nope, she realizes that yeah she does just jump from relationship to relationship and that’s why she’s in this mess. So she’ll now focus on herself, and he can focus on Will.


At the divorce meeting, the gold digger lawyer finds how rich Gus is and wants to go after it. Seeing that Gus is really going to play hardball since the ring was sold, she gives into going after him after all. Blood in the water, and the lawyer is a shark! Sean then shows up at the lawyer’s office with the ring and professes that he can’t lose her, and with all watching he proposes to her and tosses Gus his ring. Aw ….

Carl: At school the game of cat & mouse with Dominique has seemed to change tides as when she asks him if he can record her for music camp, he just kind of blows her off, which she seems a little confused about. He just says he has stuff to do and wishes her luck. Apparently his stuff to do is working at the diner as dishwasher. How nice of Sean to stay true to his word. Getting his first check for two days, he is a little put off by how little money it is, to which Sean reminds him at least he is still alive and not in jail.


Dominique finds out Carl works at the diner and goes to pay him a visit. He’s a little surprised to see her, and they have a little heart to heart about why he just walks by her now after trying so hard all year to get with her. Carl just says that if she didn’t want him when he had money, why would she have him now? Telling him that the whole wannabe gangsta thing didn’t do it for her, now that he is being real she demands him to put his hairnet back on, gives him a kiss and then convinces him to record her.

When she comes over, she looks like she has other plans. Of losing her virginity to him. SURPRISE! He is losing his, too!

Lip & Ian: Lip wakes to a chick in his bed after what looks to be a major rager in his room. He starts his day with a little snip of the bottle and a cig, meets up with Ian for some grub and tries to convince him to come to the sorority that night for their Mardi Gras party. Thinking about it, he passes, but he does give Lip a little comment about the beer he is chugging. To which he responds that with all the crappy student papers he has to read, he needs something to dull the pain.


Lip doles out shots at the party to the guests, including Ian, who did decide to go after all. Ian then gets a call from a frantic Mandy. What?!?! Glad to see she is making an appearance but given the looks of her on the other line it doesn’t look like things are faring well for her. She tells him she is in Chicago at a hotel and she needs some help as she is in trouble but can’t get into it over the phone. She begs him to come to the hotel to help her and also mentions to stay low-key and to not tell Lip. Ian leaves, telling Lip that he is going to meet Caleb; he just says he got his shifts mixed up.

Getting to the hotel room, Mandy tells him she is all messed up on crank. Ian wonders if that’s why she called; she says no and opens the bathroom door to a guy who is dead on the floor and tells him that’s why. He asks who he is; she doesn’t know — she met him through her “service,” and he wonders what the heck she means. Mandy tells him it was an escort service. Helping her to dispose of the body, they stop for a moment so they can talk about how nice she looks as a blonde now. Realizing there is no way to get him out of the room without being spotted, Mandy sees the only option is to push him out the window. Struggling to get him out on her own, Ian stops her and and convinces her to just call the police. Once the EMTs get there, they will see that he just died of a stroke and think nothing of it.

Letting her crash at the house, the next morning they have a quick little catch-up session. Ian is studying to be an EMT, dating a hot black guy that he doesn’t think will last since he is so messed up, and that he does in turn miss Mickey sometimes. Aw. Mandy questions how Lip is, so Ian gives her the quick rundown of him — you know, the dating the professor thing but he’s otherwise fine. Sounds like Mandy’s new gig is going well — she has money, a nice apartment and is treated well by her “boyfriends.” Also mentions that just because they were born there, doesn’t mean their life has to be there.

Meanwhile, Lip, left to his own devices at the party, is just trying to get all the girls drunk. He spots one he has an interest in, but she doesn’t seem to feel the same since she wants to be with someone who cares. He said after the 3-way he thought things were good. Oops, that wasn’t her, and he didn’t even have her name right. Apparently Lip is hitting the booze too hard, as he has her completely mixed up with another girl. Eh, why not just pour some more down the gullet then. Guess that wasn’t a good idea since he finds himself waking up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. He freaks out that he doesn’t know how he got there, and the nurse tells him there was a 911 call from Breena, the girl he had mixed up before. He’s trying to get out of there, but the nurse says it will be few hours yet and that he’s lucky to be alive. Returning back to the sorority, he runs across Breena right away and goes off on her for the newly acquired hospital bill he has rather than just letting him sleep it off. Guess she was just worried that he was passed out on a bench. In the cold. Soaked with his own urine and not waking up. But hey, he just says to mind her own business. Ouch!

Lip, returning back to the house, sees Mandy sneaking away and chats with Ian about her in the kitchen, while slamming a beer. Guess no lesson learned there. But hey, Carl comes down and asks them for some condoms since he has a girl in his room. All having a brotherly moment, Ian throws him a couple as they realize this just may be his first time.

Kev & V & Svetlana: Svetlana, being her usual rude self to a customer, just gets Kev lots of questions from a customer. Kev tells him that Svetlana is an illegal and that he pays under the table; meanwhile, the guy seems to be taking notes on this. Turns out he was just there to unwind but is really from Immigration. Since she was so nice to him and Kev ratted her out, he wants to have a conversation with her. Kev & V, not faring so well handling the place without her, discover she is all packed up and taking off to Kentucky so she doesn’t get deported. Kev tells her to divorce Mickey and get a new husband, and asks the bar who wants to marry her. Of course everyone raises their hands. Svetlana then says they must learn everything about her to convince the immigration office for two years, live with her and still pay for sex, and asks now who wants to. Crickets. Kev says he’ll marry her then. V nicely reminds him he already is married. Of course not to her but some other chick he never filed divorce papers for. Svetlana, realizing those two aren’t married, chimes in that gay marriage is legal in Illinois. Kev at first is like no way but V argues that if he was going to do it, why can’t she? Good point, so he just throws his arms up and is like why not. Studying up on each other, Kev discovers things about V that he doesn’t even know, so he puts a kibosh on this whole plan.


So now what? Fiona finally settles down? Carl settles down? Frank settles down? Ian settles down? Debs, having the baby in a hippie commune, settles down? All these scenarios of settling down has me a little unsettled. This is, after all, Shameless — not so fast on all these happy endings!

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