Better Call Saul Season 2 episode 5 recap: Kim hustles, Jimmy struggles and Mike makes a new “friend”

Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC
Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC

Welcome back, Better Call Saul fans. And thanks to those of you who are helping me scrape off my considerable Breaking Bad rust. I’ll do my best to shape up, swears. Accept this Beanie Baby as my make-up gift.

We start tonight’s episode, “Rebecca,” at with a persistent electric hum and Chuck with a lightbulb — a lightbulb! — in his mouth. His mouth. It’s a jarring sight to say the least. Is this flashback Chuck? His eyebrows do look a dab darker.

It’s flashback Chuck — changing a bulb in the chandelier that now goes unused in his home. He has a stylish haircut, an expensive stereo system … and an elegant, apron-clad woman making hoity-toity dinner in the kitchen.

She is a musician. They talk about her symphony woes and the mystery woman says she is pretty certain the talent is there but morale is awful. Chuck gets it. “God knows the hoops Howard jumps through to keep the troops humming along,” he sympathizes. Some things never change.

Turns out, they are having a dinner guest — one whom Chuck describes as “an acquired taste.” And in case she doesn’t acquire said taste, she merely has to pull her earlobe a la Carol Burnett and he’ll end the evening early.

Pretty sure we can guess who’s coming to dinner.
And there he is. Charming Jimmy, a sixer of Old Style in hand.

The woman is Rebecca — presumably the Rebecca Bois whose sheet music Chuck was toiling over several episodes back. She’s a violinist of serious caliber. In fact, Yo-Yo Ma came to hers and Chuck’s wedding.

About that. Jimmy is sorry he didn’t make it. But he’s here now — working in the HHM mailroom for a whole entire week. He really likes the copier. The stamps mangled his tongue, but he knows about the sponge now. Met some nice people — one gal especially. So anyway …

Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC
Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC

Jimmy compliments the food, learns what risotto is and says Chuck is a lucky, lucky man. The conversation lags.

Then Jimmy tells a lawyer joke. Gets ‘em from his mailroom cohorts, he explains, but no one delivers them like Jimmy. Chuck starts yanking his earlobe, but Rebecca is enjoying the comedy routine She knows a joke, too! Something about sperm and a 1 in 3 million chance at becoming a human being — Jimmy supplies the punchline. Whether she genuinely enjoys his company or is trying to make her husband feel better is up for debate. I lean toward the former. Things seem awful earnest in the home of the elder McGill.

Later, in bed, Rebecca opines that Jimmy is just great. No need to sweat that one any further. They make small talk about work, then Chuck tells a lawyer joke. Rebecca doesn’t get it. It ain’t a bad joke; it’s iffy delivery.

Cut to Jimmy in the now, hunting and pecking away in his Davis & Main office. He dials Kim and gets voicemail. Again. Jimmy leaves a message saying he thinks he’s found a way to make things right.

Turns out he has company. It’s babyfaced what’s her name … Erin … who has a bone to pick about his recycling habits. Also she has a few notes on the deposition he turned into Cliff. Why is a second-year associate giving notes to a fourth-year, Jimmy wants to know. Well, because … she knows the House Style. Oh, Lord, Jimmy, mama feels your pain. If he doesn’t wanna smack her, I certainly do.

Jimmy tries to make an escape, but she thinks they should just “git ‘er done” tonight, while they’re here. He tells her he’ll grab his favorite pen and meet her in her office. She heads up. He heads out.

In the cornfield, Kim slaves away at her document review, shaking her head at her perpetually ringing phone. The two other peons with her point out that it’s past midnight; she says they don’t have to stay on her account. She’s right behind them. Except she’s not. She turns off their rap music, kicks off her shoes and keeps at it. The phone keeps on ringing.

Jimmy pulls up out front. Just Waldo lets him in again. Jimmy finds Kim and throws legal papers in front of her. See, she should sue HHM. Chuck. Extortion. Right? Wrong? Kim says it’s not extortion, it’s how Chuck handles things like this. Same as with the Kettleman case (Aw! Chuck! Betsy! Camping!). Besides, Chuck and Howard are not behind this; Jimmy is. And she told him it would happen. She’s going to get through her punishment and learn not to be so trusting.

Well, then, says Jimmy, he shall quit Davis & Main. Because Chuck is behind this, believe her him, and that’s the result Chuck’s really after. Kim is not impressed. Wow, she says, staring at him wearily. Her knight in shining armor, offering to quit a job he’s been trying to tank since Day One.

Kim does have a request though. Could Jimmy please prove he can go one day without breaking any laws of the bar or pissing off his bosses? And for the love of God, stop pretending he’s doing any of it for her. It’s insulting.

“You don’t save me,” she says. “I save me.”
She asks him to leave and he does.

Back at Davis & Main and toting his cup from Kim, Jimmy discovers that Erin awaits in his office … and she doesn’t care to hear about his GERD or his unfortunate onion rings in the least. Yikes. Time for Jimmy to tackle Kim’s challenge, one pixie ninja at a time.

Meanwhile Kim has launched her plan to save herself. Setting up camp in the stairwell, she makes call after call, hoping to drum up new business — and finding out just how well her contacts are faring. Which is really, really well. Back to the cornfield with Kim.

Meanwhile, a battered Mike is in his tollbooth, taking on the phone with Stacey. Hers and Kaylee’s new place — a hotel done up in fall colors and boasting a pool — is working out great, his daughter-in-law says. Kaylee loves to swim … and she misses Mike. Mike says he doesn’t want his granddaughter to see him like that. Turns out he blames the bruises on a car crash.

Jimmy and Erin pull up. Jimmy inquires about Mike’s face, makes a Fight Club joke and a Rocky joke and introduces “his babysitter” to “his grandpa.”

Hoping for a zippy-quickie court date, Jimmy tries to sweet talk the clerk whom we met way back in Season 1 (and who is currently dressed kind of like the Rock Flower dolls I loved in second grade) and, when that doesn’t work, by bestowing a Beanie Baby in need of a new Mommy. Erin snatches the bribe … er … gift away. So much for Kim’s challenge. And next month it is.

“I’m not trying to get you in trouble,” Erin protests. “I’m trying to keep you out of it.”
Jimmy pleads Mens Room. Erin will not be given the slip again.

Oh, hey, Bathroom Bill. Long time no see. Jimmy’s former ass-pain compliments Jimmy on the Davis & Main gig and asks about the accouterments. it should also be noted that Bill has pretty low standards for what it would take for him to kill his mother. But for now, he’s gotta run. Brain-dead suck wad to defend. Hopefully one that can hold his stomach.

Accompanied a Spanish version of My Way — and even more post-it notes — Kim continues to work the phone and toil in the cornfield. So much HHM blue in her wardrobe. So much iron in her backbone.

Finally, the phone rings and for once it’s not Jimmy. Her persistence has finally paid off. She shrieks and does a happy dance in the garage.

The next day, Kim’s contact Paige shows up with a sturdy gent named Kevin. Kevin is a multi-generation banker. Howard knows just how to schmooze him. The meeting is a success. It’s a million-dollar account. But it doesn’t win Kim back her standing in the firm.

It’s a rending moment.

Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC
Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC

Howard appears at Chuck’s with a toast: Mesa Verde on retainer. Imagine that! But he didn’t do it. Kim Wexler brought them in. Out of the dog house, wonders Chuck. We’ll see, says Howard. Chuck doesn’t bat an eye. Howard looks thoroughly troubled. We can sort of imagine what’s transpiring in his mind. I’m hoping for Patrick Fabian to have one hell of an episode coming up here, soon.

Next day, Chuck arrives at the firm bright and ultra early, where he discovers Kim still here from the day before.

Chuck tries small talk. Kim’s not about it. Well then would she make him some coffee real quick? He’d do it, but the electricity and all. She stares at him, but finally agrees. Go head and make herself one while she’s at it.

Now. Let’s try that chat again. Chuck’s gotten no better at telling a joke, and Kim asks him point-blank if she still has a future at this firm. Chuck dodges, says Jimmy left them both holding the bag. And Howard, oh Howard, blames Kim.

He doesn’t answer her question, but he does wonder if Jimmy ever told Kim about their dad, for whom Chuck is named. A corner-store owner in Cicero who was the personification of good. Couldn’t see bad in anybody. Could not see sin. He made his little corner better, and his dream was to be his own boss. See, Chuck was at college when Jimmy went to work in the corner store, side-by-side with their dad. Turns out, Dad’s business savvy didn’t quite match up with his people skills, so Chuck came home to right the ship.

Here’s what sunk the ship — Jimmy siphoned $14,000 from the till, Chuck’s sure of it, but Dad wouldn’t hear it. Chuck couldn’t bail him out and the store was sold. The elder McGill died 6 months later and Jimmy cried hardest at the funeral.

Then Chuck softens. “My brother is not a bad person,” he tells Kim. “He has a good heart. It’s just that … he can’t help himself. And everyone is left picking up the pieces.”

It’s a moment … but hardly a long one. Chuck wonders if there is more coffee. Oh, and he’ll talk to Howard. Kim’s really being wasted in doc review.

Like I said — great hopes for Patrick Fabian. Great, great hopes.

Cut to Loyola’s where Mike is lunching and reading the paper when an old man in a fedora shows up and asks to join him. Oh hey, Hector. Oh. Hey. Hector. Tuco’s currently hale tio, who has an offer we know Mike can’t refuse. At least not in its entirety. Another connection link in the chain is in the offing and it’s a scary one.

Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC
Better Call Saul _ Season 2, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/ Sony Pictures Television/ AMC

Hector introduces himself and says that his nephew should have shown Mike some respect, and for that he and his family apologize. Tuco should go to jail to learn some respect for his elders. But not for 8 years. And not for gun possession. Mike get what he’s getting at?

So what say Mike goes back to the cops and says the was actually his. Tuco just snatched it in the scuffle. That’s how Tuco’s prints got on the gun. Ain’t that right, ex-cop? What say Tuco serves time for battery? Nothing else. Best-case scenario for everyone, if Mike gets his drift. And for his troubles, Mike scores an extra 5K.

Mike assesses his new and knowledgable companion.
Hector throws a bill on the table and leaves.

So what say you, Saul fans?

  • Is anybody else worried that Rebecca gets electrocuted or am I reaching hard with that one?
  • Does she really like Jimmy … or does she really like Chuck?
  • Whose mettle is Howard testing more — Kim’s or Chuck’s?
  • Is Kim’s exile about to end? By whose doing?
  • What’s with everyone and the soy milk?
  • Are you happy to see Hector?
  • Will Mike make a deal? What does it mean for Stacey and Kaylee?
  • Are you missing Season’s 1’s lighter tone or are you happy we’re crossing over to the dark side?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

New episodes of Better Call Saul premiere Mondays at 10/9CT on AMC.


  1. I for one am loving the dark side! It’s fun to see what character’s pop up next. I almost want to go back and re-watch BB because I think there alot of little easter eggs I am missing.

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