How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 14 Recap: There’s My Baby

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Mitch Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS

More secrets are out on How to Get Away with Murder this week as a Shonda-sized bombshell involving Wes’ family tree is dropped.

Before getting there, we are back to Annalise fearing for her life as Philip has her pinned to the ground. She manages to get away and goes to the police station. Eve and Wes meet her there. Wes never got the chance to ask Eve about her connection to his mother.

(ABC/Mitch Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS
(ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Next we see a flashback to 10 years where Annalise and Eve listen in to police questioning Christophe on Rose’s death. This was the scene that closed out last season. Annalise is fighting to help the boy, knowing what really happened. A lot of her reasoning is out of guilt.

In present day, Annalise is back at the house and tells the gang that nobody should go anywhere alone. Nate breaks the news that Caleb is missing, and Michaela blames Annalise.

Making matters worse with the whole situation is A.D.A. Denver wants to question the Keating members who were in the footage at the mansion the night Emily Sinclair was murdered. They are calm, cool and collected. Annalise would have given them an A if the assignment was surviving interrogation. Asher is also called into for a session, which freaks him out because he wasn’t seen in the video. Denver is suspicious after a secretary saw him in the parking garage of the courthouse the day Sinclair was killed and the day of his father’s death. Bonnie is there to help get him through the situation.

(ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Speaking of our “Bon Bon,” she and Frank talk about her finding out about him killing Lila. Thanks to another flashback, it seems Sam helps Frank get the job with Annalise and changing his life’s trajectory. So there is the reason he feels indebted to Sam.

A decade earlier, Annalise is visited by Wallace Mahoney, who is wondering what she will do now that the key to his son’s freedom is dead. Annalise is thinking about why Rose was so afraid. She later tells Eve to say Rose was threatened by the Mahoney family to help Christophe and explain the suicide. When Eve refuses, Annalise decides to do it herself. She calls the office to let them know she is coming with information. Annalise’s car is t-boned while she is on the phone. She wakes up in the hospital. The doctors do a C-section, but she loses the baby. Then comes the most heart-wrenching scene with Annalise holding her lifeless son in her arms. Just hand Viola Davis the Emmy now. After getting the bad news in the room, he meets Eve and tells her to inform Mahoney she is off the case.

In present time, Bonnie confronts Annalise about why she cares so much about Wes. Annalise, drinking heavily at this point, is set off by this and kicks the whole crew out of the house — except for Wes.

Annalise tells Wes she feels responsible for his mom’s suicide. She let her ambition get the better of herself. Wes doesn’t believe that is it and that there is more to the story — otherwise she would have just told him in the first place.

Boy is he right! We revisit the scene with Mahoney and Annalise. Annalise puts the puzzle together and comes to the conclusion that Mahoney was raping Rose. The crazy revelation is Christophe is really Mahoney’s son! Wes then goes on to do an internet search. So it appears Wes is planning some sort of reunion with his dad. Maybe Maury can arrange this?

(ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

The rest of the kids leave the house and head to the club. They have some drinks and do some awkward dancing. Speaking of awkward, we see Asher and Michaela bonding. The alcohol gets the better of them. They kiss and engage in bathroom sex (and I thought Wes and Laurel hooking up was out there). Bonnie goes to Frank’s place to talk. She then realizes his motivations for Lila’s death weren’t for Annalise, but rather for Sam.

They want to keep this under wraps. However, Laurel feels otherwise and goes back to Annalise’s residence looking for answers for Wes. She is frustrated and lets it all out including about Frank offing Lila. Annalise has had enough. She packs some clothes and leaves for her momma’s house. This means more Cicely Tyson, and something to look forward to during the upcoming season finale. Get those O-M-G gifs and memes ready!

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