WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 8: Peace of Cake

This week on Total Divas, WWE announcer Renee Young expresses her enjoyment in riding a scooter around town to the Bella Twins, which interests Brie. It turns out she and Bryan only have one car and are interested in purchasing some new wheels. Nikki doesn’t think that mode of transportation is a good option, and Brie should stay away from a scooter. Brie tells Nikki she wouldn’t get one, to ease her concerns.

Bella Twins-Renee YoungBrie then proceeds to go with Renee to look at a scooter she found on Craigslist. Imagine putting an ad online … and having WWE performers show up?

Anyway, Bryan joins Brie and Renee for the meet-up with the scooter guy to go for a test drive. The Danielson family become proud scooter owners. Renee and Brie go for a ride —like Thelma and Louise, only on mopeds.

The Bella family comes together for brunch. It’s where Nikki sees Brie on the scooter for the first time. She is fuming. Brie and Bryan believes Nikki is being controlling. Bryan says he doesn’t like how Nikki is telling them how to live their lives. Nikki comes to the conclusion that she has to put her opinion aside and let Brie do what she wants. If Brie wants to ride a scooter, so be it.

Paige’s mother and fellow pro wrestler Saraya Knight comes for a visit. Paige is still having issues with Kevin. Since Saraya has already bonded with him, Paige is having a tough time telling her mom what has been going on. When Paige starts to come clean about things, Paige feels like Saraya is already pointing the finger of blame at her. Paige confides in her mom about feeling a lot of pressure and stress. She just wants to have fun. Saraya speaks highly of Kevin once again.

Saraya and Paige

Ultimately, Paige and Saraya talk in the park and Saraya explains her reasons about why she is so worried about her daughter making bad choices. They share an emotional moment. It’s breaking Paige’s heart to see her mom cry, but she finally delivers the bad news that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Kevin. Saraya accepts it and remarks how proud she is of her. Paige responds by saying how much of an example her mom is for her. Now that everything is out in the open, Paige knows she shouldn’t have waited so long to tell the truth and that Saraya would support her no matter what.

Paige cuts romantic ties with Kevin and starts packing up her stuff. She moves into her new place and begins the next phase of her life. She does give Kevin a call to check in on him. Paige feels terrible about hurting Kevin, but she wants to focus on herself and maybe give up on guys for a little bit.

So Paige is back on the market. However, she isn’t ready to shop just yet.

Bobby and Rosa

Rosa Mendes is having food cravings and feels fiancé Bobby is judging her about the way she is eating. He set up cameras throughout their residence with the baby in mind, but Rosa takes it as Bobby trying to keep track of what she eats. She is self-conscious about the way she looks after gaining 30 pounds during her pregnancy.

Rosa does lunch with Eva Marie, Mandy Rose and Mandy’s boyfriend, Michael. They hear what’s been going on at Rosa’s house. Mandy brings up the idea for Rosa to mess with him by eating more with the cameras rolling her in the house. Problem is, Bobby never saw the footage.

Rosa tells Bobby what she did and why she did it. Bobby believes he projected his own feelings on Rosa. He is actually the one who is self-conscious about his own appearance. He says he gained 20 pounds during the pregnancy, tempted by all the sweets in the house. They put a plan in place to help the situation. The couple goes to the doctor for Rosa’s 20-week checkup. The doctor says it would be a good idea to cut down on the cake and sweets for the sake of the baby and to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Renee and BrieIt was nice to see Renee prominently featured on this week’s episode.  I wouldn’t mind if she evolved into a regular cast member, because she would bring another unique perspective to the show as an announcer. Paige’s mom, Saraya, looks great, too. It was fun watch her. Hopefully, a sign of things to come on Total Divas.

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Photos Courtesy: WWE