Recap: Little Women Atlanta Episode 7 “Savannah Showdown”

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7 Kellie Freeze

It’s nearly the end of Season 1 of Little Women: Atlanta, and we know what that means: ROAD TRIP!!! It’s a rite of passage for all reality series, and for Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7, we’re heading to Savannah.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7But first, we’ve got some TV drama to set up. First, Monie and Morlin go flower arranging so she can spill the tea on last week’s disastrous music video shoot. It was a s**t show from start to finish. I might have made a more professional-looking video with an iPhone and the stuff in my cube. And I have a whole lotta garbage in here with me.

Pregnant Emily isn’t gonna work the glubs in her “delicate condition” but has booked an appearance for Bri and the twins. Because — why not? — she’s turned the trip into a ladies-only getaway at a beach house. Since the last time The Cheeks and The Tiny Twins worked together resulted in a knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling fight, Bri isn’t interested in a repeat. But she’s hoping that everyone can be professionals and work together. And nothing could be worse than the video shoot.

Monie has asked the twins for a cooking lesson since Morlin is playing the bills and has teased Monie about her lack of kitchen prowess. On the menu: Chicken fajitas. Chicken Fajitas might be the world’s easiest dish to make, second only to oatmeal.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7
Monie channels Julia Child.

Chef Monie offers this safety first gem: “If you cut your hands, I don’t have insurance, but I can offer you a Band-Aid and some ice.”

We never see how the final meal turns out, but Monie drowned the chicken in oil, so I’m sure it was terrible. And I think the women were distracted by a plot point phone call from Emily, telling Amanda and Andrea about the gig in Savannah and inviting Monie to tag along. The Tiny Twins are happy for the gig, but don’t like Emily acting like their manager.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7
The girls should definitely note the stairs in their Tripadvisor review.

The drive to Savannah shows the two warring factions of the group. Car #1 is Minnie, Emily and Bri and Car #2 is Monie and the Twins — Andrea and Amanda. At the beach condo, Bri and Emily claim the largest bedroom; Minnie claims another large room; and Monie and the twins are relegated to a set of bunk beds. Yup, bunk beds. And don’t forget to cue the tuba music, because the girls have to lug their suitcases up a flight of stairs.

After unpacking, the group heads out for drinks and food. Monie apologizes for the disastrous video shoot and then takes Mini to task for going off on the shady director. Minnie gets emotional and reminds them that her role was to have her back. And the drama points back to Monie and Juicy’s fight. Monie is just flogging the dead horse now and then she throws out her other beef, the lie involving Pastor Troy. I feel like I could invent a pretty potent drinking game where we drink every time Pastor Troy’s name is said. I should wanted over to my fridge and grab another beer. I have a feeling we haven’t hear the last about P-to the-T tonight.

The next morning, tensions are still high and what was supposed to be a trip to bring the group together has instead, widened their rift. Minnie is sad to be losing her place as “Momma Bear.”

As darkness falls, the group reunites and decides to take a pedal bar to the night’s gig. But since everyone is a little person, none of their legs reach the mobile tavern’s biccyle pedals! They enlist the help of some drunk randoms and the group is finally moving in the right direction. And more importantly, they’re smiling again. But once their tall helpers leave, they’re stuck walking to the night’s destination.

While the group glam-ifies, Minnie pulls Amanda aside to talk about the twins distancing themselves from her. Minnie says that she now feels awkward around the group and Amanda says that the tension between Minnie and Monie is really strange and has to end.

At the club, the women realize that they’ve been hired to work at trashy bar. It’s not the kind of club they’re used to (the kind with tres chic swings hanging at the bar), but who can turn down beers in paper bags and bright red shots? While a female redneck grinds on the twins, Monie ditches the party.

The next morning, Monie is ready to go. When Andrea and Amanda confront her about leaving the party, she claims she was tired and wanted to get rest before the long drive home. They tell her that she needs to talk with Minnie and end their feud now.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7Minnie and Monie head outside to chat. But the chat turns into a fight (as chats so often do). But it’s not a good fight, it’s just kinda meh and takes forever long. And they stand waaaaaay far apart. And for giid measure, Pastor Troy’s name comes up again. Drink.

A few highlights:

  • Minnie and Monie put their manicures to the test, because there is a whole lotta hand talking going on!
  • Monie is still mad because Minnie lied and is still looking for a prize for throwing a drink on Juicy’s head.
  • A frustrated Minnie tells Monie, “Talking to you is like talking to the tree.”
  • Monie mutters “Cry Baby” to the back of Minnie’s head.
  • The fight ends unresolved, with Minnie and Monie’s friendship in pieces.

Next week, the episode gets real. Morin wants to make babies with Monie; Minnie tests her DNA; and the gender of Emily’s baby is revealed.

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