Face Off Season 10 episode 9 recap: Bottled Up

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Face Off Season 10 episode 9 starts with a Norse mythology Foundation challenge. A selection of models have been decked out with magnificent wings. They are the Valkyrie – the winged warrior Goddesses.

Foundation Face Off Season 10 episode 9

This Foundation has a guest judge – makeup artist Douglas Noe.

He gives the artists a good piece of advice – will their Valkyrie tell a story without saying a word. A piece of advice that would work for any Face Off challenge. The winner of this Foundation challenge wins immunity for this week’s Spotlight challenge.

Of course Robert sings some Wagner. He’s creating a Valkyrie. I think it’s a law in Germany or something. Yvonne and Melissa are our guest judge’s favorites with Melissa taking the win. So we know Melissa is safe this week, no matter what she does.

Melissa foundation Face Off Season 10 episode 9

So now it’s time to get on with the Spotlight Challenge. This week the artists have to select a vessel. A vessel which holds – a mischievous genie! The vessel, of course, has to inspire the ultimate genie design.

Spotlight vessels Face Off Season 10 episode 9

There’s a lot of animal-genies in this group, which are odd choices to me.

Rob decides to go Aztec/Mayan:

Rob vessel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

All Robert’s genie wants to do is party.

Robert vessel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Mel is having a hard time creating an antelope face sculpt for her genie. Mr. Westmore tells her to create a pattern instead of focusing on the antelope on her vessel.

Mel vessel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Walter is having a panic about his cowl mold. He was in the middle of creating the mold about 40 minutes from the end of the day. He barely gets it washed out before the end of the day. In the end though, things turn out.

Walter vessel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Melissa, well, she’s safe so she can do whatever she wants!

Melissa vessel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Yvonne sees elephant shapes in her vessel, so she goes full-on elephant.

Yvonne vessel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Robert decides to forgo the cowl & make a good face appliance only. But he’s creating a cat-genie, which to me is weird. I know genies can be anything but the animal obsession with this group is a little nutty.

We get another guest judge – makeup artist Bill Corso.


Melissa Face Off Season 10 episode 9

& Yvonne (be careful about repeating the same pale simple sculpt…)

Yvonne Face Off Season 10 episode 9

are safe, leaving the other 4 in the best & worst. The best are:

Rob (cool, but is it a genie?)

Rob Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Walter (is this a genie or a witch?)

Walter Face Off Season 10 episode 9

In the bottom are:

Mel (square pointy jaw)

Mel Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Robert (I got nothing. No idea what the hell is going on here)

Robert Face Off Season 10 episode 9

None of these are particularly genie-like to me.

This week’s winner is Walter – his first this season.

The person going home tonight is Robert. Our favorite German is headed home. He’s happy he’s created some of the most bizarre makeups in Face Off history. Not sure about that, but you sure have been memorable, Robert.

What did you guys think about this week’s genies? Did you see anything mischievous, cause I sure didn’t. Let’s talk!


  1. Hi Ruth! This is amazing. You did a fantastic job of summing up and putting enough photos, and keeping them well-placed.
    I really appreciate it!

  2. I really liked Walter’s and Robert probably shouldn’t have been eliminated but he tripped other times, so I guess the judges just had it with him, and he hasn’t grown as much as Yvone has, so I knew they weren’t gonna use the save on him, it probably will be used next episode

  3. I feel like the judges’ need for exaggeration met new heights this week with their praise of Walter and condemnation of Robert. Walter’s screams genie, but Robert’s doesn’t? We get it, someone has to go home, but you don’t have to kick them on the way out. I’ll miss Robert’s humour from the show, it can be exhausting how serious everyone takes themselves.

    • Yeah, I don’t see genie in any of them. Walter’s was a good makeup, but not genie to me. And Robert’s was a decent makeup too. Just really not genie.

      I do love how seriously contestants take the challenges and how helpful they are with one another. It’s a refreshing change from other reality competition shows. But having someone like Robert who’s just an unabashed weirdo (and I mean that in the most awesome way) breaks up the never-ending “OMG! My cowl! It’ll never dry!”

      • I wished they’d saved Robert. He was talented – I mean, they’re all talented, but his humour is refreshing and his makeup wasn’t bad. Just not fitted for the challenge.
        My least favourite is Ivonne’s elephant. The sculp is very similar to the one she did before and the color choice is odd. It doesn’t really fit with her vessel.
        Anyway, I love your recaps of Face Off and I agree with you.

        • Thanks! yeah, I’d say none of them actually met the challenge. They were an odd assortment of makeups for genies.

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