A&E’s 60 Days In: Would you go to jail just to be on TV?

A&E 60 Days In Ryan Berenz

I give credit for A&E on this one. I haven’t seen a docuseries quite like 60 Days In. This unscripted series, premiering Thursday, March 10, at 9pm ET/PT, follows seven non-convicts who enter the dangerous world of incarceration at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Ind., in an effort to expose internal issues and what really happens behind bars. As a result of the facility’s recent corrupt history, Sheriff Jamey Noel has devised a program where the participants will live among the facility’s general population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates or staff knowing their secret. The show’s producers vastly upgraded the jail’s security cameras, and the volunteer inmates were compensated for their participation. Not sure how much they were compensated, but it would have to be a crap-ton of cash for me to do something like that.

Before an episode even airs, A&E has already picked up 60 Days In for a second season. No early release for good behavior, I guess.

Several of the participants have a history in the military or law enforcement. One of them is a military wife and mom who wants to see if prison inmates have a higher standard of living than her husband. One of them is Muhammad Ali’s eldest daughter, a social worker who has been active in anti-gang programs. One of them is a young man who wants to know what his incarcerated brother is experiencing. One of them is a mall cop with aspirations of being a corrections officer who is probably better off remaining the poor-man’s Paul Blart. One of them is a teacher and youth mentor who is an imbecile (or plays one on TV?) and thinks 60 days in county jail is going to be a two-month-long all-inclusive stay at Sandals. If this man is an actor planted in the cast, he’s not a very good one. If he’s not an actor, he should not be teaching or mentoring anyone. I will enjoy watching him be made someone’s bitch.

A&E 60 Days In

And here are various scary people who will be doing the aforementioned bitch-making:

60 Days In

60 Days In

60 Days In

60 Days In



  1. I live in newburgh indiana,I would take on 60 days if I got compensated for it ,I’m raising two children on my own extra income would be great.

  2. I would love it if Sherriff Joe Arpaio would do this. I would volunteer in a second.

  3. I would like to volunteer on the show and go through this experience. How do we sign up ??

  4. Where do I sign up? This show is something that I’ve wanted to do for years. I was in an abusive relationship for years, and the guy once told me he whooped on me to go to jail, which, seemed insane to me.
    I’ve always wanted to be apart of the process to see if inmates really do live the way t.v and people portray.
    I’m 32yr old wife and mother of two. I work for Delta Airlines. I feel like I can and WILL complete 60 days in and be able to leave with ample knowledge.

  5. I kind of miss the “Beyond Scared Straight” show they used to air, but I can understand why they probably had to end that. However, this “60 Days In” show seems to pick up where Beyond Scared Straight left off. I think they tried to continue with “Rookie Year” or whatever that show was, but it wasn’t really that great. “60 Days In,” however, wow!

    • From Beyond Scared Straight, they probably should try that jail they used to film in Chicago or that Fulton County one in Georgia. Those looked even more extreme than this one in Indiana.

  6. If they release a DVD of this show, I might be inclined to buy it, if they show stuff to extreme for regular TV, such as the F-POD. They probably can’t but they really could sell a lot if they stashed hidden cameras in every cell in F-POD. Especially at night. There are some hot girls there.

    • Maybe they could work out a deal to put a lot of money on their commissaries to participate in full surveillance, including the showers, wherever they are. They really could be on to something huge here. Release a DVD with “too hot for TV” behind the scenes R-rated type stuff. Some of those girls are really hot.

      • And this is Indiana. Maybe each season they’ll film in a different state jail/prison. Imagine how much hotter the girls might be in, say, a Florida Jail. Or something. Or Las Vegas Jail.

  7. But, if I had to spend the entire 60 days in isolation/segregation, I definitely could do the program, easily. I thrive and love isolation. I’d rather be in an isolated cell than those overcrowded pods. The isolated cells you have your own toilet and they feed you 2 or 3 times a day. No problem. I could do that easily. The overcrowded pods — hell no. No amount of money would convince me to go there. Heh.

  8. It does look much “easier” in the female pod. But the male pods — good grief. They try to take away your teeth over tater tots. Yikes! Plus, the male pods look extreme. Overcrowded that hinders basic bathroom usage. Yikes! From watching TV and such, not all jails are overcrowded that badly but this one is horribly overcrowded.

  9. I would be more than qualified I am 47and have not been in trouble since the age of 21 when I was young and stupid my crime was p.c459 and escape. I have since been married for 26 years have 3 grown kids and run my on business. I would make a great canadade

  10. I want to participate in the 60 days in program. I’m retired Army. Have been to jail quite a few times. I fit in well and would be a perfect candidate for this!

    • They would have to alter the rules. Right now: you have to have never been to jail before.

  11. I’m interested. Not just to be on TV, but to see firsthand what it would be like to be challenged in a way unfamiliar to myself. I’m a veteran and a writer. This would test me in new ways. Background in law. Think it would be a blast.

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